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Tum kitne Bhutto maro gey – by Hasan Mujtaba‏: ‘تم کتنے بھٹو مارو گے‘ نظم حسن مجتییٰ جو قریہ قریہ ماتم ہے اور بستی بستی آنسو ہے صحرا صحرا آنکھیں ہیں اور مقتل مقتل نعرہ ہے سنگ ستاروں کے لیکر وہ چاند چمکتا نکلے گا ’تم کتنے بھٹو
She laid in the divan of roses -by Saria Benazir: At daylight of December 27, 2007, I perceived the change in the shade of the blue – then; the world gave a vision of the mountains, stooping in veneration and in admiration of someone. Later, all the gesticulates of
Benazir, a never-ending struggle – by Maleeha Manzoor: Have heard from ancestors that: once who bereaves, never comes back! But there are some meritorious people who pass away just in the eyes of world but leave behind a never-ending life – The martyr of democracy “Shaheed Mohtarma
‘Crimes’ of Asif Zardari – by Shiraz Paracha: The military eliminated all Bhuttos because Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Murtaza and Shah Nawaz Bhutto did not accept dictation but Asif Zardari, a non-Bhutto, is no different than Bhuttos and this is the reason of generals’ annoyance with Zardari.
Enough is enough – by Shiraz Paracha: You have ruled us enough You have ruined us enough You have raped our beloved country enough You have destroyed our future and shattered our dreams Enough is enough. Your concepts are weird, your plans are insane You are
Memo at the altar of justice – By Shoaib Mir:   FLASHBACK, Lahore, 1977: The early days of the 1977-88 martial law regime, as Pakistan’s first democratically elected prime minister and chairman of the Islamic Summit Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is in the dock on a “murder” charge as the
PPP’s Founding Day: President and PM urge the party workers to unite against anti-democratic forces: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is celebrating its 45th Foundation Day today. The President Asif Ali Zardari‚ and the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani‚ in their separate messages on the occasion have urged the party workers to unite against forces
Amar Sindhu’s article on Begum Nusrat bhutto: Appeared in Pakistan Post, NewYork امر سندھوجامشورو نصرت ،ریاست ،جمہوریت اور قافلہ شہیدوں کا وہ مٹھی بھر خاک جسکا خمیر سرزمین اصفہاں نصف جہاں میں جڑا تھا، حبس و گھٹن کے اس صحرائی دیش میں باد نسیم بنکر چلی
Searching for the real “Awaami” leader – by Saria Benazir: It’s not at all bad to dream – but yet, when one takes the lead to convert the nightmares into reality, without for even once feeling mercy over the circumstances of the deprived population, which has been facing the
Maligning Shaheed Benazir Bhutto on Nusrat Bhutto’s death: My attention to Murtaza Razvi’s piece on Begum Nusrat Bhutto was drawn by a fellow Tweep (@Darveshh) who referred to the article (A remarkable life story) published in Indian Express with the following comment: “No, it’s not Ansar Abbasi,
maan tujhe salaam: Four excellent articles on Begum Nusrat Bhutto: Editor’s note: We are pleased to post four excellent articles about Begum Nusrat Bhutto, her relentless struggle against tyranny and oppression, and sacrifices for the cause of democracy in Pakistan. While Begum Bhutto was mentally and physically tortured by
Tribute to Begum Nusrat Bhutto (1929-2011) -by Shoaib Mir: Tribute to Begum Nusrat Bhutto (1929-2011) خاک اصفہان جب مل گئ مہر ا ن میں نصف جہا ں کی خو شبو پھیل گئ چا ر سو نشا ن ا متیا ز ہے ما د ر جمہو ر یت جس
Pakistan is poorer without you: Rest in peace Begum Bhutto – by Marvi Sirmed: Islamabad, Oct.24 (ANI): She had been ill since long. In fact after 1996, when her son was killed, none of us ever saw her or heard from her. Yet the news of Begum Nusrat Bhutto’s passing away came as
Gaddafi’s bloodied body will haunt imperialists! – by Shiraz Paracha:   A dear friend of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and a supporter of the people of Pakistan, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was killed in the most violent way by NATO and its Al-Qaeda mercenaries. The U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and
Why I wrote about Pakistan and why anti-American sentiment sabotages anything good that could come of it – By Rusty Walker: My Pakistani friends I write to you in hopes of shedding light on the need for more understanding between the US and Paksitan relations. Building bridges between the US and Pakistan would be hazardous work for civil engineers; imagine
Carving out new federating units for stronger federation: What is Federalism John Kincaid, Professor at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and director of the College’s Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government gave a useful definition of federalism: Federalism is essentially a system of voluntary
Reverting to the Quaid’s Pakistan – By Wajid Shamsul Hasan: There is every reason for over a million strong Pakistani Diaspora in UK and Pakistanis wherever to celebrate their country’s 64th Independence Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. It will be their fourth Independence Birth anniversary under a democratic
A Pakistani renaissance -By Mian Raza Rabbani: The 1973 Constitution given by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was democratic, federal and parliamentary. It had a vision of Federalism in terms of fiscal devolution, ownership of resources, participation in policy formation and collective decision making. This was a
Asghar Khan, How much can you hate ZAB? – by Amna Piracha: Surrounded only by evil and deception, puny men with high sounding titles and ill begotten wealth, small and craven minds, devoid of class or culture like scum floating on a cess pool, I seem to have recoiled into an
If you want to live like Bhutto, learn to die like him -by Saria Benazir: “Bhutto” is no longer the name of an individual or of a family, but it is the name of a birthright and is the crest of a crusade, which always elevated its influence against despotism and prejudice, against paucity
5th July: Kaana’s Orphans and Democracy in Pakistan By: Ali Sher Mussali: A Kaana Fauji with support of rightwing Islamist parties and individuals intellectuals (self reliance leftist leaders with no peoples’ support) had sentenced the democracy and democratization process in Pakistan on 5th July 1977. The democracy was nipped in its
The fable of the gold mines -by Saria Benazir: Balochistan is the largest among Pakistan’s four provinces, comprising 43 percent of land area of the country. Balochistan is fundamentally a clannish society possessing its own history, culture, behavior and norms. Balochistan became part of Pakistan as a consequence
British double standards–by Shiraz Paracha: Last week, hundreds of the BBC World Service employees gathered outside the Bush House in London to demonstrate against the detention of one of their colleagues, Urunboy Usmonov, in Tajikistan for his alleged links with an extremist militant group,
My Benazir lives -by Saria Benazir: BENAZIR – I screech out to top of the volume, as much as my larynx could afford. Engraving the name “Benazir” – it fills my eyes with tears & breaks my heart into trillions. I ramble here and there,
‘Where is bin Laden?’ Asked Benazir Bhutto—by Shiraz Paracha: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had enemies in the Pakistani military, Saudi Arabian ruling classes and the U.S government.  Benazir had equipped the Pakistani military with missile technology, which she had successfully obtained from North Korea, and supported
LUBP Interview with Amna Paracha: Related : Revisiting Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s trial – by Amna Paracha Amna Paracha was Begum Nusrat Bhutto’s political secretary through the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s trial. Her husband (late) Saleem Zulfiqar Khan was on the original defence bench. Mr Khan was
The prerequisite after bread, clothing and shelter -by Saria Benazir.: It is difficult to argue with the inference that the purpose behind the creation and development of human life is essentially the march of human society towards high pedestals of civilization, through a continuing process. Human history thus far
Pakistani mindset, the real problem–by Shiraz Paracha: Americans roam in Pakistan and treat the country as their colony because nearly 65 years ago the founder of Pakistan saw the United States as a saviour and defender of his new State.  Just before the division of the
Sanam Bhutto’s reply to Ghairat Brigade – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
A tribute to R.I.P Hakim Ali Zardari: Hakim Ali Zardari, father of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, died yesterday after a protracted illness at the age of 81. He breathed his last at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad where he had been under
Unsafe nukes? Should Pakistan use it against Saudi funded militants or against India?: Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme when he was a federal minister for fuel, power and natural resources during Ayub Khan’s government. He continued the nuclear programme as President and then Prime Minister of Pakistan
Dare to hear the facts before you criticize Bilawal -by Sara Benazir: Criticism is not only defined as the judgment of merits and faults of the work or action done by someone but also defined as the study, evaluation and interpretation. Goal of this criticism is to understand thoroughly. Normally when
The forces of democracy and justice always triumph – by Saria Benazir: In an attempt to go through the reminiscences of an egalitarian process & the anguishes it met in Pakistan, one would perceptibly feel a profound scorn for many – including those, who vended the entire opulence , including the
Pakistan: Bhutto’s (Judicial) Murder -by Inam R Sehri: In Pakistan, general elections were held on 7th March 1977. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) emerged as the victorious Party. At the behest of Gen Ziaul Haq, the then Chief of Army Staff (COAS), all the opposition parties in coalition,
Setting the Record Straight: Who was part of Military Regimes? – by Sikandar Mehdi: Once again I will start by demonizing the people who speak for Bhutto and his party commonly known as “spokespersons”. They are bunch of retards trying to defend the great party and its workers and are doing one of
ZAB retrial: Mother of all cases – by Abbas Ather: The PPP government has requested the court to reopen the Bhutto case to rectify the history and expect justice from the independent judiciary. According to Kamrab Rehmat: The 1974 murder of Nawab Mohamed Ahmed Khan, a dissident of Bhutto’s
Why Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto loved us – by Ali Sher Mussali: Related posts: A brief history of PPP: mauj mela, madari, maqtal – by Hasan Mujtaba Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto slaps General Zia and Ziaists from his grave – Hasan Nisar What is the difference between ZAB, Benazir Bhutto and other
Bhutto Reference. Why it should be opened? – by Sikandar Mehdi: I have written few times about people who are spokesperson for ruling PPP. They should be well versed, they should be smart, they should know the PPP & its history, along with all the turmoils that it has gone
We beg you to open the Pandora Box, Mr. CJP – by Imran Qadir Butt: I kept reading and kept on laughing. No, I was not reading any comedy, surprisingly I was merely reading a very serious story quoting one of the most important personality in present day Pakistan.  Yes it was about Mr
Bhutto retrial: Catharsis for PPP haters – by Danial Lakhnavi: حکمران جماعت پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی نے اپنے اتحادیوں کی مشاورت اور کابینہ کی منظوری سے ایک آئینی شق کے تحت طاقت اور اختیارات کی تقسیم کے موجودہ بندوبست کے ایک اہم ساجھے داریعنی جوڈیشری سے ذوالفقار علی بھٹو پر چلائے