She laid in the divan of roses -by Saria Benazir

At daylight of December 27, 2007, I perceived the change in the shade of the blue – then; the world gave a vision of the mountains, stooping in veneration and in admiration of someone. Later, all the gesticulates of the oceans stood tranquil-The marvels were quite conspicuous, though, the day was to bring something too ruthless, yes, too hard to acknowledge and believe. It was all but a ghastly instant, as the timer touched 5 but Gosh! What was happening…??? Yes!!! It was the day, when my Benazir was snatched away from the living world. The world lost its Champion of Democracy and the people of Pakistan lost their hope and Saria lost her world that had been intact all along. Those minutes of my existence are too horrific to remember. So many days have gone by but my hands can’t stop to engrave about her. My eyes can’t stop to shed tears for her, Mentality I can’t stop to imagine about her and of course, my being and my world remain incomplete without her.

The tone of Jeay Bhutto rang in every ear and engaged the ambiance. The prospect became crammed with the red, green and black flags of the Pakistan Peoples Party and every flash held with it, an inimitable facet in the cosmos. The world, for that time, forgot everything other than the heroism of the Daughter of Destiny Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir, who was entirely Benazir in verve, Benazir in valor, Benazir in the final moments of her life as well. The ocean of support for Peoples Party and Benazir – for the Bhutto bequest was too unfathomable to contain the whole world in it – the world of democracy aficionados – the world of peace and justice – the world free from altercation, but democracy and reconciliation – yes! The world free from starvation, scarcity and malady-the world, free from redundancy- the world of Benazir’s apparition- Yes. A Benazir world!

My existence had taken a new twirl, when I witnessed my leader – full of optimism and audacity – struggling to accomplish the delirium of her father and having guts of fighting every encumbrance in her way .A sudden distress got me paralyzed, as soon as I heard the voice of bullets after such a gargantuan public support for Benazir. And then, blood – O No!!! Later, too shoddier a catastrophe .A tragedy – the greatest adversity that I had ever observed. My Benazir had lain down her life.

The day had brought with it, lots of anguishes, torments for democracy, for humanity, for impartial justice, for true depiction of Pakistan and Islam, for Benazir was certainly, an incarnation of high virtues. The next instant, I do see the roads being washed to hide my Bibi’s blood and later, adding offense to the injuries, alteration in statements, about the reason of death……..The second day, even averring people accountable for the assassination and the other, start declaring themselves, extremely untainted beings .This was their realism, who even failed to grant security to the former Prime Minister of a state – mercy on them and their disreputable misdemeanors.

My eyes do hold back to the bereavement – yes! I see December 28, when I screech out my Benazir is alive .Thereby; I see the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto, taking in itself, another Bhutto, who had been martyred – who had struggled all her life for providing Bread, Clothing and Shelter to the people of her country. I too, can’t forget or ignore this very remarkable moment – Benazir was not buried under the earth, but she was laid in the divan of roses – she rules the world – yes! She rules the essence of her people, this day too from her grave.

Benazir-ism – an everlasting rule – an enduring inheritance! To this day, I see my favorite Benazir in President Asif Ali Zardari. When I look at Bakhtawar, Aseefa and Bilawal, my heart coerces me to acknowledge that Benazir Bhutto is at all times with me in their appearance, she’s always with us and directs us. Her phantasm is always with us and we can even peril our own lives to realize it.

Har gar say Bhutto niklay gaa,

Tum kitnay Bhutto maro gay…..

Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai…!



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