Searching for the real “Awaami” leader – by Saria Benazir

A General salute to new pawn.
It’s not at all bad to dream – but yet, when one takes the lead to convert the nightmares into reality, without for even once feeling mercy over the circumstances of the deprived population, which has been facing the brutalities of the dictators ever since the underpinning of Pakistan; or at least bothering to deem that can we do further experiments on an ailing state, which is facing threats, from within and outside alike – a country, which stands isolated on the globe, merely reaping the harvests of the bad decisions of the tyrants who ruled it as a subjugated land and its people, as prisoners of war. Are these so called “Awami leaders” even aware of the meaning of the word “awaam”? Do they even understand the very ideology of “Pakistan”? Or have they ever felt the pain of those, whose families have been victimised?

Let’s roll back in our recent past and yes! One realises how hard these forces have been working on the psyches of our youth and finally, we have seen our students shunning their books to attend the gigs and enter into a fool’s paradise … Ah! A dream . . . That’s merely one tilt of the image, viewing the other is even more dire – threatening to put someone to gallows, looting the state and packing their palaces – Action . . . but isn’t it too brutal or the cost of it amounts to the blood of numerous families?

A couple of days back, the “awaam” witnessed their “awaami” leaders, using the “awaami” wealth to pay for the expenses of the Raiwand. Well, I have never reached a proper definition of “corruption” in Pakistan and appear to be quite helpless, when I find the people blind to open up their eyes to the royal dwellings of the Sharifs and their reserves in the alien lands. Prosperity of Pakistan – oh! By bringing fake medicines for the dengue and publishing fake results – whether you kill them or they commit suicide, both would reduce the population, and the country, prosper in return! Another issue is security – the safety of Lahore means that the entire country is free of terror, whereas while making such claims, they forget that the slain Governor’s son Shahbaz Taseer’s whereabouts remain unknown, even after months! The very liberalism of the regime is evident by the fact that they cannot even allow a Christian Minister to present the budget in the “prestigious” Punjab Assembly and still, we can expect them to protect commoners and victims like Asia Bibi – those, who never took any notice of the Christian or Ahmedi killings , oh, they even turned a deaf ear to the bullets that took Shaheed Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti’s lives! Strategy for fighting corruption is shouting out “Go Zardari” or else you would be hanged – Well, they cannot let their traditions down, for it has been their family’s occupation for ages now! Bin Laden’s dollars work – Love for their ideal Zia ul Haq appears in every of their action and they continue with the heritage – pity on the poor fate of their followers – that’s a Pakistan they yearn for – poor, illiterate, starving and an absolutely deprived one!!!

The new hero of the movie Imran Khan appears – I wonder that the singer with the similar name could bring an even better change or gather a bigger ground! Not at all impressive for me when I saw my leader , my inspiration Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto step in Lahore decades back, during the totalitarian regime of the worst dictator of the country’s history. Right away, bringing a singer to your rally doesn’t make you a liberal, just seems to distract the audience! However, what the poor crowd didn’t realise was that it was not a cricket match – the sixes don’t work in politics, you require being more practical. Speaking against Westernization, if I am not wrong, the former cricketer was a student of the Oxford, and had married “Western women” as well – so which America is he so critical of? Using the social networking sites to earn fame and support of the youngsters, he refutes the fact that it is far from reality, oh, but the so – called Awaami leader never responds to his die – hard fans – awaam remain deprived of their leader’s “valuable” words!!! Well, if anyone from PPP had to address even a small gathering, the security concerns would arise – however, one really got to know the clout – power of the radicals to provide security to the one, who preaches their ideology!

Does Imran Khan have any future in politics or do the people take him serious? Being honest, I find him another clown! Gathering 500,000 doesn’t mean that you own them – realising the fact that the people really need some good entertainment and at a secure place! Comparing him with Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto comes as another act of nonsense – Bhutto is the sky and Imran Khan is still in search of a ground…

Read a hilarious note yesterday “Imran Khan sher hai, bas dam laganay ki dair hai” – two lions in the same jungle – o! Another myth, its PML (N) v PTI, please for God’s sake, PPP is not concerned about it. Our problems are far greater and please, we need to concentrate on them.

Disappointments begin, when our media depicts the gloom only – why not women of power like Farahnaz Ispahani and Sherry Rehman’s cause given enough exposure – merely because they speak of the “real awaam” and yes – the “deprived awaam” and of course, why do they always remain naïve of the real “awaami leader” President Asif Ali Zardari, who has in fact returned 110% to Pakistan – lost everything for the sake of Pakistan and the “awaam”.

Wonders about it, there remains a single conclusion “Aik Zardari, Sab Par Bhaari”.

Bhutto – ism is an ideology that flows like blood in our bodies. You cannot murder a legacy. PPP is the best choice of the “awaam” of Pakistan.



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