5th July: Kaana’s Orphans and Democracy in Pakistan By: Ali Sher Mussali

A Kaana Fauji with support of rightwing Islamist parties and individuals intellectuals (self reliance leftist leaders with no peoples’ support) had sentenced the democracy and democratization process in Pakistan on 5th July 1977. The democracy was nipped in its budding stage but the pioneers of democracy in Pakistan ZA Bhutto continued advocating democracy in the court of peoples. But democracy was hanged on 4th April 1979.

A Kaana Fauji had sent the funeral of democracy from Rawalpindi to Larkana. His fascist liberals and Islamist cronies had celebrated death of democracy. A Kaana deliberately invited non-professional politicians on the basis of various ethnicities, sects and castes. At that time the role of America was acceptable to all religious and left individuals. The Kaana gave birth to his first non-democratic son after death of democracy and Kaana named him as Nawaz Sharif and continued adopting many non-democratic in Pakistan.

After hanging democracy Kaana and his descendants thought that corps of democracy was buried in Larkana so it was end of democracy. They were unaware that daughter of democracy, the daughter of democratic soil of Larkana will challenge a powerful Kaana Fauji and his reared militants groups and reincarnation of democracy will be possible. Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto the daughter of democracy had promised with democratic soil of Larkana to fight against Kaana’s anti-democratic orphans. Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto was well aware about consequences and aims of powerful syndicate of Kaana’s orphans including Pakistan secret agencies, retired Faujis, Mullas and Nawaz Sharif.

We know that Nawaz Sharif got funding from OBL to derail a democratic government and ISI had distributed money under Kaana’s Orphans Support Programme (KOSP) for to get fictitious majority in parliament. So it was second time after 1979 when the democracy was sentenced to death.

Another modernized Fauji or Charlie Chaplin’s clone was trained to hang or shoot to kill the democracy. In between Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto tried to test one Kaana’s orphan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and convinced Sharif to be real democratic and she succeeded and a Charlie Chaplin was send back to his home and a pathway towards democracy was leveled. But Kaana’s orphans once again gathered and assassinated the democracy the daughter of democracy the daughter of democratic soil of Larkana and Pakistan on 27th December 2007.

It was horrifying for Kaana’s orphans when a slogan aroused from democratic soil of Larkana that “Shaheed Raani tayray Katil Sharminda hein Bhutto Ab Tak Zinda hay” this slogan by peoples’ mobs proved that Bhutto is the name of a democratic theory.

After assassination of daughter of democratic soil of Pakistan one Kaana’s older orphan tried to pose himself as democratic or son of democracy but it is fact that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has no capacity and capability to be even as non-pure child of the democracy because he is among Kaana’s oldest and pure orphans who will or had never tolerate Pakistan as peaceful democratic state.

A son of soil Pakistan and the real son of democracy the president of Pakistan clearly shown the real face of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and titled him as “Molvi”.

Now for us it is easy to understand that why Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is titled in 20th century by the head of the state as “Molvi”. Yes he is among the Kaana’s true orphans and he is adopted by another reincarnated Kaana who is renamed as Choudhri Muhammad Iftakhar the Chief Justice actually Chief of Choudhris’ (COC) the head of Supreme Court of Pakistan



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