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5th July: Kaana’s Orphans and Democracy in Pakistan By: Ali Sher Mussali: A Kaana Fauji with support of rightwing Islamist parties and individuals intellectuals (self reliance leftist leaders with no peoples’ support) had sentenced the democracy and democratization process in Pakistan on 5th July 1977. The democracy was nipped in its
BaySharam Leagues (FCS, SLOP, PLM-N) and Wikileaks: Wikileaks leaked CJ’s restoration fake movement by FCS and LUBP’s stance proved rational. This democratic government of Pakistan now can declare past Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan as Supreme League of Pakistan (SLOP) and the freed, independent Chief Justice
LHC bars President Zardari from politics: Another great decision by SLOP: Related article: Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhry: The new monkey in Lahore Supreme League of Pakistan SLOP’s provincial head’s another great decision in which the full quorum of SLOP’s provincial body directed Mr. President to surrender office of PPP’s co-chairperson