BaySharam Leagues (FCS, SLOP, PLM-N) and Wikileaks

Wikileaks leaked CJ’s restoration fake movement by FCS and LUBP’s stance proved rational. This democratic government of Pakistan now can declare past Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan as Supreme League of Pakistan (SLOP) and the freed, independent Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftakhar Choudhri as Chief of Choudhris (COC).

COC in veneration of pioneers of SLOP the Sharifs should resign immediately after the leaks about his commitment to vacate Chief Justice’s seat after restoration. But after all we are not accepting from shameless FCS and advocates who were frequently used as Buraaqs/Khachars by COC will demand for COC’s resignation for their face saving. How those holy Buraaqs can do a fair demand for COC’s resignation actually they were gifted by Sharifs for his special ride towards unconstitutional restoration. Among those Buraaqs first price of performance should go to Aitzaz Hassan for his best courier services for linking CJ-COAS-FSC to pressure a democratic constitutional government for unconstitutional order.

Yes we can not accept any sensibility from shameless FSC who showered roses on political CJ and Qadri a murder of great leader the sitting governor of Punjab. FSC, Mulla, Media, Military and Nawaz League always ditched Pakistani people by their phony critic on USA.

We remember that PPP and PML (N) had signed a charter called Charter of Democracy COD in which it was agreed from both sides that PCO judges would have no place in the Judiciary [see the clause] “3. (a) The recommendations for appointment of judges to superior judiciary shall be formulated through a commission, which shall comprise of the following: i. The chairman shall be a chief justice, who has never previously taken oath under the PCO”.

But Nawaz League ditched PPP, people and democracy. Nawaz League used Buraaqs (advocates and FSC) who did donkey work to lift him on their shoulders. More democratic FSC had supported a PCO judge and praised Nawaz Leagues which breached COD.





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