Unsafe nukes? Should Pakistan use it against Saudi funded militants or against India?

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme when he was a federal minister for fuel, power and natural resources during Ayub Khan’s government. He continued the nuclear programme as President and then Prime Minister of Pakistan and signed an agreement with France in 1974 for its further processing.

Benazir Bhutto said in March 2005 that her father as the former prime minister of Pakistan told her from prison bars

“I expect Pakistan to have its first nuclear test in August 1977. I was his conduit to the person who was actually running the nuclear program who is no longer alive now. His name was Mr. Munir and he was chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. He told us that the nuclear test had been delayed to December 1977, and then he told us the nuclear test had been indefinitely delayed.”

The arrival of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan during 1975 enriched our nuclear arsenals; however, the increasing American pressure forced France to withdraw its technical assistance in 1976. The next year 1977 was the year of coup by an army General, Zia-ul-Haq, who took over democracy in the state of Pakistan.

Pakistan Army and the intelligence agencies completely controlled Pakistan after killing ZA Bhutto in 1979 and deliberately invited non-professional politicians on the basis of various ethnicities, sects and castes. At that time, the role of America was acceptable to all religious powers in the world and overwhelmingly in Pakistan.
Historically, people of Pakistan are more liberal and democratic than the establishment of the state of Pakistan. People of Pakistan are better politicians than the non-professional politicians, anchors and opinion makers.

Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan on 18th October, 2007, with a mission, which was against terrorism and to rebuild Pakistan as a prosperous democratic state. But  her procession for democracy was welcomed with blasts and bullets.
Benazir Bhutto’s statements about sharing information with NATO forces about the suspected presence of terrorist groups in Pakistan and her daring offer to IAEA for verification of past and future leakages in atomic energy had actually caused panic among the close allies of terrorists.

But she in actual fact wanted to protect Pakistan from any type of external incursion through a process of democratization in the state. Her welcome in all four provinces of Pakistan and especially in various districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa was a political challenge to militants, military agencies and their partner politicians. IAEA’s director general Mohamed ELBaradi in his communiqué said that Al-Qaida is preparing to attack western countries and Al-Qaida would use nuclear weapons.

Benazir Bhutto had called the 1990 coup an “atomic coup” because Benazir Bhutto openly declared her nuclear doctrine in April 1989, which was, not to put together different components of nuclear device, and that doctrine was not tolerated. The establishment had to remove Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s government.

A suspected meeting of Al-Qaida leaders with Pakistani nuclear experts in Afghanistan before 9/11 and the statement of ElBradi in the first week of 2008 after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto does not mean that Pakistan will remain a safe state. Benazir Bhutto wanted to save Pakistan at any cost and gave her life for this cause to protect the new generation. She never wanted to see Pakistan as a fragile state like Afghanistan and Iraq.
Dr. Abdul Qdeer Khan, now a hero of Imran Khan and the  Mulla, Military Militants had sold nuclear secrtes on  international market as the government Pakistan [not of India] had professed that he had sold to Libya, Niger, Mali, and the Middle East. In early February 2004, the Government of Pakistan reported that Khan had signed a confession indicating that he had sold centrifuge technology to aid in nuclear weapons programs, and said that the government had not been complicit in the proliferation activities. The Pakistan Government officials who made the announcement said that Khan had admitted to transferring centrifuge technology. AQ Khan is not our hero but he sold strategic and political sovereignty.

Indian Army had killed [don’t know actual number] but not more than 10,000 our beloved soldiers plus civilians after 1947 till date but Islamist terrorists had killed more than 35,000 innocent civilians and soldiers in 1965, 1971 and Kargil wars.  We should never forget the role of Jamaat Islami auxillaries who colloborated to conduct a genocide of their own people in 1971.

But we are still determined to use our nukes against India but not against the Arab and other non-state terrorists hiding in safer houses who had killed more than 35,000 humans.

I don’t think that if most corrupt people like AQ Khan were or are savior of our arsenals than our nukes are safe. I am not sure but can say that our there is no doubt that Islamofascist militants will soon play with our arsenals. This is a  warning sign that Fake civil society has to come forward to demand for arrest of people like Imran Khan, Jamiat Islami’s people, anchors who support Taliban the killer of more than 35,000 innocents in Pakistan.



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