Benazir, a never-ending struggle – by Maleeha Manzoor

Have heard from ancestors that: once who bereaves, never comes back! But there are some meritorious people who pass away just in the eyes of world but leave behind a never-ending life – The martyr of democracy “Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto” is one of them. She’s the one greatly admired lady who had really made history by her innumerable efforts. Some say that Benazir has been departed and now there’s no existence of her vision and legacy, but I believe that she exists! She exists through her remarkable struggle / She exists through her each and every momentous effort that had been made by her for the advancement of Pakistan and for the assurance of democracy / She exists as a vision among all those who had utter belief in her! Yes, she exists and will always exist and dwell among the hearts of trillions because the the only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind, and she has left behind everything that a sincere leader could have left for his nation. When you glance into the history – you will find Benazir as the master of intellectual and creative thoughts, when you take a brief look of the past events – you will discover her as one of the most forceful personalities of the world and when you visualize future – you will perceive Benazir in the eyes of every young Bhuttoist.

Vision is something to be articulated, passionately owned and relentlessly driven to completion. Benazir is a vision – and a vision can never be executed. We rely that BHUTTO is neither a name nor a cast, but a legacy and a platform under which a struggle appears in every decade. Just like this, Benazir is neither only a name nor any epitaph, but a perception which has to be followed by the up coming generations. She’s the one who inspired the power and energy to get it down. Benazir, through her vision, was successful in conveying the philosophy of “Benazir’s Pakistan” and its main routs of future. Benazir is a teacher who teaches us to keep eyes on the stars and feet on the ground via her exemplary passion to bring the people of her homeland to the highest places of the world. She oxygenated those who had been almost killed when their political guide had sentenced to death, she rose to become her slain father’s political successor, halted people from being hopeless and appeared as the most promising representative of poor people who had always been ignored by the mean officials of the state. As a Muslim woman, she became an iconic figure in the West. She fought with extremism, terrorism and dictatorship so hastily that her opponents could not find any other way to pay out except being defeated by that courageous lady. In short, I would state that she was the reflection of her ‘SHAHEED BABA’

Today, when Pakistan is at crossroads, it’s enemy, from outside and from within, have capability, capacity and the reputation of painting their desired pictures in rosy colours as well as in horror schemes, some forces talk about to bring a revolution, but the real revolution had appeared when Benazir despite being departed, left her soul among her heirs / left behind true followers who are still ready to shed the last drop of blood in her love, the real supporters who used to pay her tribute by donating their precious blood every year to mark her anniversary so respectfully, the authentic believers who can forfeit their lives but can never make any sacrifice on their martyred leader’s legacy. It won’t be wrong if I say that she’s alive! She’s alive among us! She lives and rules through her profound legacy and philosophical vision to make a democratic Pakistan. Today, her legacy is guiding principles for the current political dispensation. She was the living embodiment of courage, determination, perseverance for her people, and so the nation pays her tribute via tears. Has someone ever thought that why people still miss her? Why her absence is being felt by the whole nation? Why our hearts torment when we see the PPP meetings but cannot find her chairing all the sessions? We do miss her because her legacy don’t let us to forget her.

Now in 2011, when political climate is changing unfavorably/conflictingly, rumors spread that Pakistan peoples party’s government would be dismissed, the government that has come into power after sacrificing the leader, how it can be dismissed! How can we let our leader’s blood waste! Seriously, I don’t understand that why PPP’s tenure depends upon the directions of winds flowing across? Because of such conspiracies, again the party workers and supporters are required to remain vigilant, cautious and watchful. The torture and stress of endangering the Govt; adds the implication of causing unbearable pain for the workers! We didn’t lose our leader to see such pity acts against us! If we have got a government, then it does not mean that the revenge has been taken from the evil-doers! If PPP is in power, then it really does not mean that Benazir’s struggle is over! Benazir’s struggle would come to an end when we have a BENAZIR PAKISTAN and to achieve so, we should stain the dust out and would have to weed out this menace! While marking the fourth death anniversary of our beloved leader, let’s make a promise to her that; “We will never abandon our struggle for a home you dreamed for us“

Benazir has left her vision among us and now it depends upon us that how we grasp and hold her vision! Benazir will prevail..

Long live BIBI – Long live Bhutto


Maleeha Manzoor.



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