Benazirism Archive

Jamhooriat, qurbani aur mufahimat ka naam Benazir Bhutto -by Munir Ahmed Khan: Source: Daily Jang
Benazir Bhutto’s words scared the boots more than the enemy’s tanks – by Saria Benazir: For the masses she was no less than a saint – she was the Bhutto’s daughter! Zulfikar Ali Bhutto – who was the founder of Pakistan. After five years of her assassination, I am constrained to whittle in blood
Benazir – The rationale of my continuation – by Saria Benazir: “I know death comes. I’ve seen too much death, young death”. Benazir Bhutto is no less than an idol of worship to me – the name engraved on my compassion and psyche from my evolution and the very rationale
It was a vindictive December … – by Saria Benazir: The month of December initiates, And fetches with it, A saga of struggle, Of inimitable dedication to the land, Of consummate binder to the earth, Of a gallantry, as “Benazir” as she was, A throbbing keepsake of a “Benazir”
Benazir, a never-ending struggle – by Maleeha Manzoor: Have heard from ancestors that: once who bereaves, never comes back! But there are some meritorious people who pass away just in the eyes of world but leave behind a never-ending life – The martyr of democracy “Shaheed Mohtarma
October 18, 2007 – Benazir’s homecoming with a Benazir vision – By Saria Benazir: Times, going too swift – roving all around & considering the golden sun glimmers of October 18, 2007 – Ah! A scrutiny of the ambiance all about – Either gazing at the sky, were those the crests of Himalayas
My Benazir lives -by Saria Benazir: BENAZIR – I screech out to top of the volume, as much as my larynx could afford. Engraving the name “Benazir” – it fills my eyes with tears & breaks my heart into trillions. I ramble here and there,
The throb of every empathy: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – by Saria Benazir: Unwrapping the eyes, after a sinister night, A plain scrutiny of heavens, Birds humming with merriment, Harmony in the atmosphere, I heed up to each of the influence, Then have down pat, Aah! It’s September 21, A day, too
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: The Pride of Nation – by Saria Benazir: All eras coming ahead, Life coerces to bellow out, O yes! I’m not too vulnerable, Not much bleak, For there lies a trust, Obscurity never perseveres, A sunup is still to come, To inhabit the face of the orb…
sar chahiye? sar den ge hum – by Saria Benazir: A day in the existence of Pakistan, when the sun rose with a fresh anticipate _ It was September 21, 1988 , when a new Bhutto came in this world _ All out, that turned to be a ruby
And this is the fact – By Saria Benazir: The words, quoted in my tears – the tears of a supporter of democracy…..these excruciating, but most retarding moments of my life compel me to realize that life is nothing, more than a game of whist – We have