The throb of every empathy: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – by Saria Benazir

Unwrapping the eyes, after a sinister night,
A plain scrutiny of heavens,
Birds humming with merriment,
Harmony in the atmosphere,
I heed up to each of the influence,
Then have down pat,
Aah! It’s September 21,
A day, too extraordinary in the life of Pakistan,
In the continuation of Pakistan Peoples Party,
Of course, nothing else than the origin of an anticipate,
So likely, a baby, who was fated to be “Benazir”,
A kid with example less individuality,
An illustration of his beloved mom,
None else than the only one,
The throb of every empathy,
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari….!!!

Moments budge with their swiftness,
Without concern for better or worst,
The specifics, either ruthless or superior,
Life goes on,
The cruel world keeps watching with sprite eyes,
Staring with opened blood filled jowls,
A kid _ No!
He’d been a dupe to anguishes,
With mother, carrying oversize tasks,
Of raising the children,
Proving the incorruptibility of captured husband,
And attending to the ailing mother….
The father,
At the rear of prison gates,
And the relations,
Living in exile,
Far apart on the Arab Lands,
Or in the European Continent,
Millions of miles away,
From their own native land…..

Hardly a year, the family had been together,
The soreness of losing the mother,
That was too hard to stomach,
For the scratches were monster enough to remove,
Life of the precedent years,
Too hard to gain,

Where the universe was bleak,
But the audacity of a teenager,
“My mother always used to say,
Democracy is the greatest revenge”,
From the day,
Thereby started a new-fangled faction,
A new struggle to materialize Bibi’s apparition,
The humankind saw a new Chairman in Bilawal,
Whose words amused every being,
Flair, too atypical to find,
“It was not handed over to me,
Like some piece of furniture,
The party asked me to do it and I did”…!!!

The world heard Bibi Shaheed’s voice,
Whenever he spoke,
Wo sar mangein gey, hum sar dein gey,
Wo khoon mangein gey, hum khoon dein gey,
Wo jan mangein gey, hum jan dein gey…….
Laikin mein apney Nana aur maan key nazriaat ko nahin chor sekta!
The world can’t stop from chanting,
Long Live Bhutto-ism!!

The cadence echoes right of the young Bhutto,
I wish Zia had lived,
I wish he’d lived to witness our revenge..!!!!

Long Live Bilawal Bhutto Zardari _ the True reflection of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto!!!!

Happy Birthday!
Live Long!



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