Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: The Pride of Nation – by Saria Benazir

All eras coming ahead,
Life coerces to bellow out,
O yes! I’m not too vulnerable,
Not much bleak,
For there lies a trust,
Obscurity never perseveres,
A sunup is still to come,
To inhabit the face of the orb…
Same here,
Though, a anecdote of blood,
Describing it entails superfluous guts,
A sensitivity, valor enough to bear,
And of course, eyes with adequate gap,
Yes! Space to hold the shreds…
Gosh! My leader was taken away,
Too viciously,
So callously was she assassinated,
For the stab was to murder democracy,
To slay the symbol of confederacy,
The insignia of peoples power…

Though, epochs are hard-hitting,
And of course, survival’s must,
For I get to recollect my Bibi’s last few words,
How many Bhuttos would you kill,
From every house, a Bhutto would come…
Those words seized enough genuineness,
Enough profundity to sum up details,
To bring the realities on a slip of paper..
Still, the soreness of losing you lingers,
But with a hope…

People went with a goal,
Held determinations to eliminate the name,
The name of a blood filled heritage Bhutto,
To throw out the so called emblem of democracy,
My beloved Pakistan Peoples Party,
But to all the adversaries,
The first defeat, though too perplexing,
The moments still in agony,
The sky, in prostration to her decorum,
Of course, the countrymen chanting,

Instants later,
The voice of PAKISTAN KHAPPAY strikes my ear,
And I’m almost back in life,
When directs later,
I hear a juvenile Bhutto,
Calling out his mother’s words,
Though, remembering those minutes,
Its not less throbbing,
Still, the world is a bystander to his audacity,
The legacy is continued by Bilawal,
Who converses in the words of his mom,
Democracy is the greatest reprisal…

In precedent years,
I see his buoyancy,
Belief in his mom’s doctrine,
Having apprehension for every worker of the party,
Even for a layman,
I found in him a new Benazir…
For both the expressions,
Bilawal & Benazir are meant to be the same,
I heed him calling for Bhutto-ism,
And the slogans Jeay Bhutto,
It makes the world memorize the Hero of the Muslim World Z A Bhutto…

In his utterance,
I feel the words of my cherished leader,
His eyes,
Filled with the agony of missing his mom,
Still, an optimism for all,
His personality,
I find in it my Bibi’s dignity…

Happy Birthday ♥

by Saria Benazir.



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