It was a vindictive December … – by Saria Benazir

The month of December initiates,
And fetches with it,
A saga of struggle,
Of inimitable dedication to the land,
Of consummate binder to the earth,
Of a gallantry, as “Benazir” as she was,
A throbbing keepsake of a “Benazir” leader,
Who returned to her land with a “Benazir” hallucination,
With a “Benazir” concern for the underprivileged,
With a “Benazir” mettle and Person,
For she is the “Benazir” of Pakistan,
A “Benazir” Daughter,
A “Benazir” Sister,
A “Benazir” wife,
A “Benazir” mother…

December! Ah! Appalling December,
It begins with the cries of disheartened,
And the rumbles of the scavengers,
It begins with the anecdote of vampires,
Eager to suck the blood of a great bequest,
Intending to shield the land from the rule of autocrats,
And bring a rule of egalitarianism,
Placing an ending to all the divergences,
And bringing the populations together,
Setting away all the chauvinisms,
And raising one influence,
A Voice, aimed to culminate paucity,
End redundancy and ailments,
To sanction the commons,
To value the girl child,
And to protect humanity,
To give rights to the minorities,
To bring the imperative of the people of Pakistan…

The red, green and black crest of democracy,
An icon of concord and brotherhood,
For I could hear the throngs chanting,
Benazir – Saray Sobo Ki Zanjeer,
(Benazir- The icon of unity of the Provinces)
I could catch the smirk of same remarks,
Live Live Bhutto…
With every beam of the sun,
Could listen to the same words,
Resting near a bird’s nest,
Or looking at the beckons of the sea,
Where every being cried out,
Benazir will bring a revolution,
A revolution….
That stipulated a long whip,
A colossal amount of blood….

But the initiatives weren’t that feeble,
The daring wasn’t in need of shoulders,
For the heritage was never to closing stages,
My impervious leader stepped ahead to save her motherland,
A land, for which his father had given his life,
Her young brothers were murdered,
And mother – a dupe to the lashes at the hands of a totalitarian,
It was the Benazir of the Sub- Continent,
Too gutsy to meet every challenge,
Responsive of all the perils,
For she belonged to the family of martyrs…

The month of December comes as a reminder,
Of the Daughter of Destiny’s blood,
It brings moments with it to assure,
We’ve to struggle to materialize her apparition,
And never let her blood fritter away….

It was a pitiless December indeed,
We lost our pride, our pearl,
Our splendor, our anticipation…
The Only Hope “Benazir”…