Setting the Record Straight: Who was part of Military Regimes? – by Sikandar Mehdi

A glum looking ZAB with his "mentor" after the signing of the Tashkent Agreement in Jan 1966

Once again I will start by demonizing the people who speak for Bhutto and his party commonly known as “spokespersons”. They are bunch of retards trying to defend the great party and its workers and are doing one of the ugliest jobs possible.

I get sick to my stomach especially by the Media & Leaguers when they say PPP or Bhutto was off shoot of Ayub khan who was a dictator. Those people for and against the PPP need a 101 lesson in history.

There is one truth and that is Bhutto was the minister in Ayub government, But then everybody moves away from the truth and that is why Bhutto resigned from the Ayub regime

Here are some historical facts

6 – 23 September, 1965        1965 War Pakistan won on the ground

10th January, 1966                Tashkent Agreement forced by super powers

31st August, 1966                 BHUTTO resigns over differences with Ayub for signing lopsided agreement.

30th November, 1967           Formation of PPP. A liberal political force

12th November, 1968           BHUTTO Arrested for anti Martial Law demonstrations

26th February, 1969              Round Table Conference by Ayub Khan which failed

24th March, 1969                  Ayub Resigns and General Yahya takes over

7th December, 1970             General Elections held as announced by Gen. Yahya.

7th December 1970 – 1971   Refused to hand over the power to the elected representatives of East & West Pakistan

16th December, 1971           1971 War with India. Pakistan lost half of its territory.

20th December 1971            BHUTTO was rushed back from UN to take oath as civilian leader of divided & demoralized Pakistan.

Anybody in his sane mind can tell PPP was not created by a dictator nor flourished in his lap. Ayub Khan with all his might opposed Bhutto & his party and did his best to derail Bhutto & his anti martial law movement. As a result Bhutto was arrested too.

Now here is a picture of real mentor with his political off spring. Shah Mahmood Qureshi's father on the left of Zia

Now if we compare Pakistan Muslim league of Nawaz faction.

1981                    Advisor to Zia ul Haq

1982                    Minister of sports Punjab (under Zia regime)

1985-88              Chief Minister Punjab(Under Zia Regime)

1988-90              Chief Minister Punjab. After Zia dissolved Junejo government Nawaz Sharif took control of Muslim league with the backing of Army by throwing out the Pakistan Muslim League President Mohammad Khan Junejo from the Muslim League House in Islamabad. In 1988 Elections which were held after the death of Zia ul Haq, Nawaz Sharif  became part of ISI backed IJI and robbed PPP of its right to form a comfortable government.

1990-93              Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif once again became part of another ISI alliance in 1990 when early election was called. Nawaz Sharif  and his Muslim League was spoon fed by Zia ul Haq and his deputies like General Gilani & General Hameed Gul.

1993-96              Lead of the Opposition

1996-99              Prime Minister. Won “heavy mandate” of two third majority. As it has been claimed by many ISI (Khalid Khwaja who was killed by taliban last year) workers. Nawaz was given mandate for the implementation of Sharia in Pakistan.

History very clearly tells the world who is a remnant of dictator and who is not.



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