Dare to hear the facts before you criticize Bilawal -by Sara Benazir

Criticism is not only defined as the judgment of merits and faults of the work or action done by someone but also defined as the study, evaluation and interpretation. Goal of this criticism is to understand thoroughly. Normally when we criticize we forget the fact and figures we just remember to point out, this behavior of prejudice have made us loose and will again make us loose. I strongly believe criticism is not always the solution lets go beyond this, towards the research, belief and strong support.

What forced me to write is the prejudice of few towards upcoming future of Pakistan, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. I collected some facts just to share the reality which many are trying to hide.

Benazir Bhutto “Daughter of the East”:

When I was expecting my first child, Bilawal, in 1988, then the military dictator dismissed the parliament and called for general elections. He and his top army men believed a pregnant woman could not campaign.

On August 6, 1990; the president undemocratically dismissed my government. My husband was arrested and my mother suggested that I send my children abroad. It was heart-rending for me to be parted from Bilawal, who had turned two in September 1990, and Bakhtawar who was not yet one. Back at home I had nightmares where I heard my children cry for me.

By 1991, Bilawal had started attending a pre-kindergarten school Bakhtawar was still one year old. I decided to take Bakhtawar back with me. Without words being spoken, it seemed that both children knew what was to come. I shall never forget as long as I live the sight of Bilawal sitting in his white shirt, blue stripped trousers, white socks and black shoes on the floor of the corridor with his back against the wall. He was staring at me silently and stoically with the saddest brown eyes in the world as I took Bakhtawar with me and left him behind. No mother should ever have to leave her two-year old sun behind. No child should ever feel his mother has taken one child with her and left the other behind.

Some more Facts:

After getting primary education at Islamabad’s Froebel’s School, Bilawal accompanied his mother to Dubai when she went into self-exile and studied at a school there.

As a 16-year-old at high school, he told the Press Trust of India in an interview in 2004 that he felt justice and democracy held the key to resolving Pakistan’s problems. Asked if he would one day enter the whirlpool of Pakistani politics, Bilawal, a taekwondo black-belt and horse-riding enthusiast like his father, was quoted as saying: “We will see, I don’t know. I would like to help the people of Pakistan, so I will decide when I finish my studies. I can either enter politics, or I can enter another career that would benefit the people.”

Bilawal accepted the leadership of the PPP on December 30, 2007 and immediately vowed to fight for democracy as revenge for his mother’s assassination.


Can you bring back the childhood to Bilawal which he lived all alone searching for his mother’s love and care when she was busy serving her country, serving the children of Pakistan. Many start as he have never been here but do they share why he was not here, why Benazir was exiled, why she was stopped from coming back to her beloved land which she loved the most, Why his father was jailed when he needed him most.
Bilawal is the one who spoke for the minority rights when all were sleeping; oxford graduate is ready to leave his career only to fulfill the promises of her mother. Bilawal is the one who at the age of 19 saved Pakistan claiming “Democracy is the best revenge”, a young boy entered the world of politics just to save the federation called for democratic elections.

Bilawal is the innocent soul struggling as his mother struggled after the death of her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.



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