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مسلم لیگ نواز کے حامی لبرل قلم کاروں کی چیتھڑا صحافت کا جائزہ – عامر حسینی:   نوٹ: اس مضمون کا بنیادی خیال سید ریاض الملک حجاجی کا ہے جس کے لئے میں ان کا شکر گزار ہوں مسلم لیگ نواز اور اس کی لیڈر شپ نے اپنے دائیں بازو کی انتہائی رجعت پرستانہ طاقتوں
Cyril Almeida and NFP continue with their Chumcha giri for the PML N:   Cyril Almeida and Nadeem Farooq Paracha (NFP) are some of the sorriest PML N courtiers around pretending to be journalists and “social critics”. With Cyril, it is understandable as he was a pretty compromised, pro establishment hack from
سوشل میڈیا پہ دباؤ بڑھانے کے پس پردہ کیا ایجنڈا کارفرما ہے ؟ – عامر حسینی: پاکستانی چند ایک پرائیویٹ ٹی وی چینلز جن کے مالکان کے درمیان پاکستان کے مین سٹریم میڈیا کی مارکیٹ پہ قبضے کی جنگ اب کسی سے پوشیدہ نہیں رہی ہے اور وہ مارکیٹ پہ قبضے کی اس جنگ میں
Messenger 40 – Muslims develop technology to promote religious unity against radicalism:   As radicalism and hatred continue to empty their venom onto the world: sowing discord, enmity, and self-righteous arrogance, a group of Shia Muslim entrepreneurs from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq and the US, imagined a technology which would
Asking questions, discussing issues & Facebook friends – by Shoaib Mir sahib:   Maybe a few national issues are a little too serious, sensitive to discuss. Maybe certain important questions are a little too discomforting, blasphemous to answer. Maybe some respected people are a little too patriotic, faithful to have a
ضمیر کی مان لی – علی اسد رضوی:   امریکہ میں اپنی پاک سر زمین سے دور رہنا چاہے تعلیم کی عرض سے ہو یا کسبِ معاش کی کسی بھی حب الوطن کے لیے آسان نہیں۔ پس کچھ یوں ہی ہوا اور دیارِ غیر میں تحصیلِ علم
’ریاستی اور دہشتگرد تنظیموں کے گٹھ جوڑ کے ثبوت موجود ہیں‘: پاکستان کی سینیٹ میں حزب مخالف کی سب سے بڑی جماعت پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے سینیٹر فرحت اللہ بابر نے کہا ہے کہ کرپشن اور شدت پسندی کا آپس میں گٹھ جوڑ ضرور ہوگا لیکن اس گٹھ جوڑ سے
ایم کیو ایم کے خلاف سوشل میڈیا پر جاری جہاد: ایم کیو ایم کے خلاف سوشل میڈیا پر جاری “جہاد” کے سلسلے میں ایک پوسٹ بہت زیادہ “ہٹ” ہورہی ہے جس میں اپنی دانست میں اردو سپیکنگ حضرات کی “حمایت” کرنے اور یہ باور کروانے کی کوشش کی گئی
انٹر نیٹ، سوشل میڈیا انتہاء پسندوں کی آماجگاہ: پاکستان میں انٹرنیٹ اور ٹیلی کمیونیکشن کی نگرانی کے لیے پی-ٹی-اے (پاکستان ٹیلی کمیونیکیشن اتھارٹی) نامی ادارہ قائم کیا گیا، حال ہی میں سائبر کرائم بل بھی زیرِ بحث ہے، جبکہ ایف- آئی-اے نے سائبر کرائم سِل بھی بنا
“Anti establishment” PM Nawaz Sharif bulldozes draconian cybercrime bill – Riaz Al-Malik Hajji:   “Anti Establishment” Nawaz Sharif league standing up for Freedom of Expression in the same way that Daddy General Zia ul Haq Shaheed used to. Whats that? Nawaziafta liberals take out a protest rally holding candles made from Nihari
اردو سوشل میڈیا سمٹ: اردو سورس اور جامعہ کراچی نےآج ایک پرہجوم پریس کانفرنس میں پہلی بین القوامی اردو سوشل میڈیا سمٹ کا باضابطہ اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ یہ سمٹ 8 مئی 2015 بروز جمعہ جامعہ کراچی کے ایچ ای جے آڈیٹوریم میں
تکفیری پس منظر کی حامل ذہنیت – از عمار کاظمی: ججمنٹ پاس کرنے سے ہمیشہ خوفزدہ رہتا ہوں۔ لیکن اگر کوءی بات بار بار مشاہدے اور تحربے کا حصہ بنے تو اسے دوستوں سے بانٹنا اور ان کے مشاہدے کی کسوٹی پر پرکھنا ضروری سمجھتا ہوں۔ ایک عرصہ سے
سوشل میڈیا سے خوف زدہ لوگ – از بابراعوان:   Source:
سوشل میڈیا پر قادیانی اور شیعہ انتہا پسند نقلی لبرلز کے خلاف جماعت اسلامی کے اصلی لبرلز کا جہاد:  محترم شمس الدین امجد جماعت اسلامی کے سوشل میڈیا اور انفارمیشن ٹیکنا لوجی ڈیپارٹمنٹ کے انچارج ہیں ان  اصلی لبرل حضرت کی بنگالیوں، شیعوں اور احمدیوں کے بارے میں نفرت سے بھرپور گفتگو ملاحظہ فرمائیے – تعمیر پاکستان ویب سائٹ
PPP does NOT tolerate any form of abuse! Also no official “media” appointment has been made: Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari: PPP’s central leadership has denied that it has appointed anyone as social medial coordinator of the party. On 13 July 2013, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari clarified on Twitter that she was “not aware of any ‘official’ social media posts.” In
Lovely Marxist debates sponsored by U.S. consulates in Pakistan – by Abdul Majeed Abid: “Organised in Karachi by PeaceNiche, in collaboration with the United States Consulates in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, it was supposed to be a gathering of social media enthusiasts from India and Pakistan. It was an invite-only affair and most
PM Nawaz Sharif has started attacking free media by banning Pakistan’s popular political blog LUBP: Within 24 hours of taking oath, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already started enforcing and implementing a Saudi Wahabo-Fascist agenda in Pakistan. LUBP readers from Karachi Pakistan have been confirmed that a few posts including this one
We resort to ad hominem and abuse when we lose arguments – by Mohsin Sayeed:
PPP doesn’t run any social media cell nor it has nominated anyone as its social media coordinator: According to Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and other PPP leaders, the party has not nominated Farhad Jarral or anyone else as social media coordinator. PPP doesn’t run any social media cell nor it has nominated anyone as its social media
The smaller infinites of our thoughts – Qurat ul ain Haider Zaidi: Tweets and Facebook posts; thank god instagram is still away from all this shorbazi which seem quite interesting now a days.On one hand, the Young blood is doing a good job in front of computers/laptops and on the other
A Silent Moment In Pakistan – by Umer Raza Bhutta:  We are in the generation of Facebook. Facebook has its users from the age as small as 8 to as high as 80. According to a research        Radio took 50 years to reach a market audience
Link TV’s report on social media activism on #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – by Michelle Stockman: Michelle Stockman of Link TV has compiled a useful report on the gravity of Shia genocide in Pakistan by Deobandi militants of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Since the beginning of the year (2013), more than 350 Shia Muslims have been killed
In Pakistan, Shia and other rights activists are being monitored by Deobandi militants and fake liberals: Related post: Raza Rumi unleashes ISI-ASWJ touts to harass and harm anti-establishment bloggers The following notice has been published by a leading Shia web portal (Karbala-e-Quetta) to warn Shia and other human rights activists to be mindful of
If you are not on Twitter and Facebook, you are not getting the full story – Lyse Doucet: How Twitter won the social media battle for journalism by @gordonmacmillan Polis, the journalism think-tank at the LSE, has published an in-depth report looking at the value of social media to journalism, specifically public service broadcasting, and it highlights
پاکستان میں سول سوسائٹی اورآن لائن بلاگرز نشانے پر – از احمد رشید: نوٹ: ہم کچھ اضافہ اور ترمیم کے ساتھ بی بی سی اردو پر شائع ہونے والا جناب احمد رشید کا مضمون پوسٹ کر رہے ہیں ترمیم میں اس بات کی وضاحت کی گئی ہے کہ پاکستان میں شیعہ نسل
Pashtuns and Blogging: 5 reasons why Pashtuns need to blog: 5 reasons why Pashtuns need to blog VOA (Voice of America), Pashto, Deewa Radio recently started a series on blogging among Pashtuns, discussing reasons for why we should blog, what kinds of challenges bloggers face, what we think they
SOCMM12 and the ban on – by Karrar Hussain: The two-day Pak-India Social Media Mela (SOCMM12) was held in Karachi on July 13-14, hosted by the US Consulate General in collaboration with a non-governmental organization‚ Peace Niche. As to what were the requisites for the participation is something
“Get’em through Interpol”, whispers Beena Sarwar to Rehman Malik – by Ismail Effendi: Recently, two Pakistani bloggers who are based in North America have informed me that noted “liberal” activist and coordinator of Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha project, Beena Sarwar, is running a concerted campaign to locate and harass bloggers associated
Pakistan bans Shia genocide watch website too close to the truth – by Rusty Walker: In the aftermath of increasing violence, terrorism, beheadings, missing persons, brutal killings of members of the Shia community, the Websites that carry factual information are more necessary than ever. The mainstream press either plays down the genocidal constituency of
Social media management strategy -by Naqash Butt: A customer posted a self-made music video on You Tube complaining about how United Airlines mishandled his guitar. There are over 5 million views of this video on You Tube! A single bad experience magnified over social media can
Internet censorship enters new phase: banned in Pakistan: Related post: Ban Shia Killing in Pakistan, #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite – by Ehtisham Rizvi The Government of Pakistan has banned the website (access denied in Pakistan) that provided the timeliest, most accurate and complete information on the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan.
Ban Shia Killing in Pakistan, #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite – by Ehtisham Rizvi: Related post: Internet censorship enters new phase: banned in Pakistan When I first heard Shia Killing has been banned in Pakistan, I couldn’t believe my ears. After decadeds of persecution and attempted Shia genocide, finally a Sunni majority
#SocMM12: Social Media Mela or Twitterati Kitty Party? – by Imaan Sheikh: Related posts: A critical assessment of #SOCMM12 – Social Media Mela 2012 – by Wusatullah Durrani #SOCMM12 in pictures: Punjabi-Muhajir elites and their wannabe middle class flatterers at Social Media Mela 2012 LUBP Editor’s note: Finally, a candid assessment
A critical assessment of #SOCMM12 – Social Media Mela 2012 – by Wusatullah Durrani: Related posts: Some pictures of Social Media Mela 2012 #SOCMM12 #SOCMM12 in pictures: Urban elites and their wannabe middle class flatterers at Social Media Mela 2012 #SocMM12: Social Media Mela or Twitterati Kitty Party? – by Imaan Sheikh Going
Four years of LUBP in Pakistan social media: Dear LUBPians, Once again, a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support to the LUBP project. This post marks LUBP foundation day (21 May 2008). Four years ago, on 21 May 2008, I was approached by a couple of
#IftikharMental: Pakistan social media abuzz with insult for country’s top judge: Related posts: Raja Rental? Pakistan’s new PM Raja Pervez Ashraf is guilty until proven guilty – by Ravez Junejo Five facts which go in favour of Pakistan’s new PM Raja Pervez Ashraf – by Ali Tahir 22 June 2012
Power of social media in Pakistan: سوشل میڈیا کے لیے بھی ضابطۂ اخلاق ضروری احمد رضا بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد آخری وقت اشاعت: جمعـء 15 جون 2012 پاکستان میں سپریم کورٹ کے چیف جسٹس کے بیٹے اور پھر بعض ٹی وی
This is how Jihadi-sectarian terrorists in Pakistan use social media and anti-Semitism to incite violence against Shia Muslims: Author: Tufail Ahmed Source: LUBP Editor’s note: While the post below provides ample documentation of the anti-Shia Muslim hate literature by extremist groups, there are a number of important areas which need to be made clearer. For instance,
Ignoring PPP women in political analysis: One has to appreciate Express Tribune for allowing a number of new writers with a platform on their Opinion pages. Other well established newspapers like Dawn, The News and The Nation have their Op-Ed pages dominated by a select
A critical comment on Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 – by Mureed Bizenjo: Related posts: Social Media Summit in Karachi which never was! Aisha Aijaz and Saad Khan’s My Bit for Ahmadi Phobia I had registered myself as a guest, not as a nominee, in the Pakistan Blog Awards (PBA), obviously not