Internet censorship enters new phase: banned in Pakistan

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The Government of Pakistan has banned the website (access denied in Pakistan) that provided the timeliest, most accurate and complete information on the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan. This has happened while lifestyle liberals are busy scratching each other’s backs in the fake Social Media Summit in Karachi, and neo-Nazi burgers and terrorists are serving as cheerleaders in Imran Khan’s Peshawar jalsa.

While the Shia Killing website may be accessed through proxy servers, mere access is not an issue at all. It is the attitude of the state towards 25% of its 200 million people that must be questioned.

Banning the website that provided information on killings of Shias in all parts of the country proves that the state is responsible for the killings of thousands of Shias in Pakistan as it continues to harbor and facilitate the Jihadi-Deobandi terrorists (Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, currently a part of ISI-sponsored Defence of Pakistan Council) that kill Shias in all parts of the country with impunity.

This step that banned the Shiakilling website should be seen as a part of a consistent strategy on the part of the state which has marginalized and persecuted Shias in all walks of life and killed them through its proxies where possible.

Banning of portends an ominous sign that not only will the state continue with its policies of support for terrorists that kill Shias, it will also silence all those who raise voices against this injustice.



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