PM Nawaz Sharif has started attacking free media by banning Pakistan’s popular political blog LUBP

PM Nawaz Sharif has started attacking free media by banning Pakistan’s popular political blog LUBP


Within 24 hours of taking oath, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already started enforcing and implementing a Saudi Wahabo-Fascist agenda in Pakistan. LUBP readers from Karachi Pakistan have been confirmed that a few posts including this one (White Paper on CT Chief Minister Najam Sethi’s Performance in Punjab) are currently blocked:


While the so-called “anti-establishment” Nawaz Sharif could not even prevent the Army Chief from delaying him for his own inauguration in Islamabad, he and his “fake liberal” promoters were quick to ban some posts on LUBP, Pakistan’s popular and most visited political blog. Many LUBP readers reported that they could not access a few recent posts that were critical of Nawaz Sharif and his media ally and preceding Punjab CM, Najam Sethi.

We at LUBP were heartened that the Amnesty International (Mustafa Qadri) and pro-rights NGO Bolo Bhi (Sana Saleem) took notice of the growing protest on social media regarding this censorship. This gesture shows their maturity that they could set aside any differences of opinion with LUBP for the sake of principles on this instance.

Similarly, it was heartening to see LUBP’s growing list of supporters that come from diverse political backgrounds who also took notice of this incident and supported LUBP. These include PPP, MQM, ANP, PTI, Baloch nationalists, Shia, Ahmadi, Sunni Barelvi and Christian rights activists etc.

This is a very positive trend as it shows that the youth in Pakistan are heading towards becoming politically mature as shown by their political liberalism in supporting a blog that has supported and criticized their respective parties and organizations.

On the other hand, there is both derision and silence from the old, establishmentarian group of life style liberals. In recent past, some of them had threatened to use their powerful influence to censure LUBP and are probably behind the current ban. The rest of them are followers of the rising sun. When PPP was newly elected, many of them lined up to take favours and create mythologies of life-longed friendship with Benazir Bhutto. Now, they are all sucking up to PML-N and have rediscovered Quaid-i-Azam the Second in Nawaz Sharif, the Statesman. The object of their current sycophancy, Nawaz Sharif, has learnt well from his Saudi masters. His suppression has started with a few critical posts from LUBP. This can only go further.




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Those who support ban on LUBP

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50 responses to “PM Nawaz Sharif has started attacking free media by banning Pakistan’s popular political blog LUBP”

  1. Sethi wants to remain a neutral anchor despite his love affair with LEJ. CIA needs him to feed Pakistan with their crap. The post that exposed sethi has been banned cuz it will bring down a man in whom CIA invests a lot.

  2. Just keep raising your voice. Rest assured as long it carries truth will prevail.

  3. Kudos to LUBP – truth is uncomfortable for those who profess to be righteous and patriotic – thank you for exposing these bogus leaders who have the temerity to claim to stand on Jinnah’s shoulders.

  4. Lets not forget what Nawaz did to media during last two terms,remember what he did to Editor of the frontier post? ,it was something expected from hypocrite lohar nawaz.
    So lets see what he will do to GEO and others.
    ”Let Us Build Pakistan” continue your great work,we will support you on every media forum.

  5. حکومت کا انتہائی قا بل مذمت اقدام – میں ماروی سرمد اور رضا رومی کو نہیں جانتا لیکن اس گھناونے اقدام پر ان کے تبصرے پڑھ کر ان کو جاننے کا موقع ملا ہے

  6. Democratic credentials of PML (N) Governments of the past are quite known to everybody in this country. The LUBP observations that its readers could not get access to its blogs must certainly be based on some misunderstandings or due to some technical problems. The Government has not blocked any blog or site nor is intended to do so in future. It may be added here that Nawaz Sharif has repeatedly stated that he would accept criticism from any quarter with open mind and enlightened political wisdom as he and his party believes that accountability and criticism are the essential features for the proper functioning of the democratic government and for maintaining a democratic society in the country. Thus the question of blocking any site or blog is never accounted for.

  7. Actually, I came here to raise a voice of strong protest against the banning of LUBP. Any attempts to curtail our basic freedom to express ourselves will lead to a quick demise for PMLN. If it’s hearts and minds the Punjab party wishes to win, it would do better to leave us all in peace. Otherwise there’s no telling what the consequences might turn out to be.

  8. This load shedding is a great menace, and Sharif’s have been promising to end it, but now they have forgotten all the promises and trying to keep busy elsewhere. What else they can do. They have found a target to take avenge against, and that target is LUBP the Voice of the people of Pakistan. They can not do this in this dan age of IT. The freedom of Press has been established in this country. Any attempt to derail the freedom of Press by them will be met with tooth and nail.

    They have done enough of damage in the first five days. They have not learnt a lesson from the past. They are autocratic rulers. Democracy does not suit then.
    Time and again they have committed the same fault, but to no avail.

    People are sick of these liars, tax evaders, and loan defaulters, and creepy characters. They can not touch our Paper which is a place of freedom of independent
    We condemn this partial ban and Nawaz governments intimidation. It is an open and blatant attack the free press.

    Media conventional and non – conventional must stand together to protest and oppose such censorship

    Javaid Bashir

  9. Tips to escape or counter banning:

    1. Use Twit Longer or Long Tweets to copy-paste the entire blog post on Twitter.

    2. Copy-paste entire blog post on facebook page.

    3. Cross-post selected posts on numerous friendly blogs.

    4. Educate LUBP readers via blog post as well as Twitter/facebook to use proxies to circumvent PTA blocking.

    5. Build pressure on PML-N’s leaders on Twitter, facebook and mainstream media to discourage them from full ban on LUBP. Use consistent hash-tags (#WeRejectBanOnLUBP) etc, tag @MaryamNSharif @CMShehbaz and other LUBP leaders, write petitions, contact Net Freedom groups etc.

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