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How narratives killed the Syrian people – Sharmine Narwani:   On March 23, 2011, at the very start of what we now call the ‘Syrian conflict,’ two young men – Sa’er Yahya Merhej and Habeel Anis Dayoub – were gunned down in the southern Syrian city of Daraa.
An open letter to ISIS and other Salafi and Deobandi extremists, from the World’s Muslim community: This is an open letter addressed to ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and all other violent Islamist extremist groups ( Salafi, Wahhabi, Deobandi, ISIS, Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba); their members, followers, and supporters… We, the other Muslims of the world, would like
Saudi Crown Prince’s stinging riposte to those mourning the Wahhabi afflicted terrorist attacks in Brussels: THIS AL-AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND AL-MAN” – Riaz Malik Hajjaji:   Dozens are once murdered in the tragic attack in Brussels by Saudi/GCC sponsored Wahhabi terrorists. After coming under pressure, Saudis revert to their favourite lobbyists – CNN and BBC journalists, Hamid Mir and some other Pakistani “liberals” to
مڈل ایسٹ کو ” آزاد ” کرانے کی مغربی خواہش خام ہی رہی ہے ہمیشہ کی طرح –رابرٹ فسک – ترجمہ وتلخیص : عامر حسینی: نوٹ : رابرٹ فسک نے اپنے اس آرٹیکل میں تاریخی حوالوں سے یہ بتانے کی کوشش کی ہے کہ کیسے مغربی طاقتیں اپنے تئیں ہمیشہ سے مڈل ایسٹ کو ” آزاد ” کرانے کی مہم جوئی کرتا رہا اور
ISIS have fired chemical weapons at the Iraqi town of Taza:   In 2013, when the Al Qaeda dominated Free Syrian Army conducted a heinous false flag operation by launching a chemical weapons attack on Syrian children in Ghouta, some Pakistani liberals were howling in protest…… against Assad! Since then,
The dishonest Sunni vs Shia binary applied by propagandists to misrepresent the situation in Syria:   Peja Mistry:  I keep insisting that BBCUrdu is full of Islamist journalists with Deobandi/Wahabi leaning funded by Saudi Arabia. They ensure that they hide the identity of Wahabi/Salfi Islamist whenever they report about Islamist terrorist, they deliberately propagate
Obama: my take on Putin, Netanyahu, ISIS:   President Barack Obama defended his decision not to intervene militarily in Syria’s civil war in an interview published Thursday detailing internal clashes among high-level U.S. officials. Obama said that he was “very proud” of his decision not to
یہ ہیں ہماری مسلم دنیا کے حالات – از حیدر جاوید سید:
Syria Dispatch: Most Syrians support Assad, Reject phony foreign ‘Revolution’:   A newly opened fruit and vegetable stand in Homs’ Old City. In April 2014 I first visited Syria, going to Homs and Latakia, in addition to Damascus. On each of my three subsequent trips to Syria, speaking moderate
Syria civil war: State-of-the-art technology gives President Assad’s army the edge – Robert Fisk: You can see the Syrian army’s spanking new Russian T-90 tanks lined up in their new desert livery scarcely 100 miles from Isis’s Syrian “capital” of Raqqa. There are new Russian-made trucks alongside them, and a lot of artillery
Syria before the War:   Since 2011 Syria experienced one of the most devastating conflicts in recent history. More than 250,000 lives were lost and also the damage to the infrastructure of Syria is horrible. In 2015 Syria received the last place in
Accept the uncomfortable truth: It’s itme to support Assad:   As the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis metastasize, we need a new approach for these unfolding human tragedies. To date, the Obama administration has mostly sat on the sidelines, in part because of war fatigue, but mostly
Pakistan joins Russia, condemns any attempts to topple Assad in Syria:   Pakistan opposes any efforts to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Pakistan’s foreign secretary said on Wednesday. “Pakistan is also against foreign military intervention in Syria and fully supports the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Aizaz Chaudhry
Doubts about Saudi Arabia’s antiterrorism coalition: One of the greatest weaknesses in the American-led fight against the Islamic State is the lack of competent regional forces to join in defeating the militants, especially on the ground. Saudi Arabia’s plans to organize a military coalition of
Pakistan will not help topple Syrian govt: FO:   ISLAMABAD: After initial opposition from most political parties, parliamentarians and civil society, the government has been compelled to make a major announcement in which it assured Syria that it would under no circumstances topple the government of Syrian
Let’s deal with the Devil: we should work with Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad in Syria: In the last couple of days, young people have been coming up to me in the street and asking in an accusing way: “Oi, Boris, why did you vote for war?” And I try as ever to explain that
We wouldn’t dare call any of these world leaders terrorist sympathisers:   Tony and Cherie Blair with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and his wife Asma, outside Downing Street in 2002. His regime has been accused of killing tens of thousands of civilians. Margaret Thatcher and former Chilean dictator, General Augusto
from Iraq to Syria: repeating a debacle: Proof that the British political class hasn’t learned anything after Iraq came with David Cameron’s ludicrous assertion that there are 70,000 moderate rebels fighting in Syria. It was an outright fabrication to rank with Blair’s sexed up dossier on
ISIL Created by US Interventionism, Saudi Money & Wahhabi Ideology – Assad: Commenting on the origins of the Islamist terrorism plaguing the Middle East, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad noted that terror groups including Al-Qaeda and ISIL have been able to find fertile soil in Iraq as a result of US interventionism,
How i moved from opposition To Assad before 2011 to defending him from Imperialist and Takfiri attack – by Steven Argue: [Photo: 2014 Syrian protest organized by women supporting the Syrian Arab Army against takfiri and wahhabi rebels.] Before 2011 I did not like Bashar al-Assad’s: 1. Oppression of the Kurds; 2. Human rights abuses; 3. Neo-liberal economic reforms that
When it comes to spinning Syria, the Pakistani establishment has nothing on the current US administration: Welcome to the Good Al Qaeda vs Bad Al Qaeda binary where the US media is currently (attempting to) spinning Ahrar ul Sham as the “moderate” “secularly-inclined” Al Qaeda (lite?). Yes, the very group that lashes those who miss
The dirty war on Syria: barrel bombs, partisan sources and war propaganda – Prof. Tim Anderson: War propaganda often demands the abandoning of ordinary reason and principle, and the Dirty War on Syria demonstrates this in abundance. A steady stream of atrocity stories – ‘barrel bombs’, chemical weapons, ‘industrial scale’ killings, dead babies – permeate
Truth in media : origins of ISIS:   Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by
A useful prep-sheet on Syria for media propagandists – Gary Leupp: State Department talking points on Syria for cable news anchors: * Keep mentioning the barrel bombs. Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the U.S.
مشرق وسطی کی سیاست اور جنگیں دنیا بھی بدل سکتی ہے – شفیق طوری: آج روس نے شام میں فضائی حملوں کا آغاز کردیا ہے۔ روس نے ایک ایسے جنگ میں کودنے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے، جس میں تقریباً دو لکھ افراد بچوں اور عورتوں سمیت لقمہ اجل بنے ہیں۔ باؤثوق ذرائع کیمطابق
Letter to Uncle Sam on Syria – Riaz Malik Hajjaji:   Now that you have pinpointed the presence of Water on Mars, please use the same technology to pin point ISIS in Syria. Please don’t let Mother Russia take all the credit. And Do all the bombing. Yes, yes,
Saudi Arabia backed “moderate rebels” of Al Qaeda and ISIS – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: It seems that the World has gone back in time to 1980. Back then, the USSR which was backing a secular muslim regime was lured into protecting that regime with troops on the ground. The regime was threatened by
The silence of the Left on Saudi aggression on Yemen and Bahrain – Riaz Malik Hajjaji: The world has flipped. Sections of the Left are wrong in portraying Salafi-Wahabi and Deobandi terrorists groups like ISIS/FSA/Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban and Al Shabab as “misunderstood” “deprived” and victims of “economic deprivation”. Sections of the Left
What Putin told the UN: the US and allies are to blame in Mideast: Those who hoped Vladimir Putin would lead the way out of the Syria crisis with a detailed new plan on Monday were disappointed. The Russian president used his address to the UN General Assembly for a tour de force
Putin is talking more sense on Syria than anyone else – John R. Bradley:   At the outset of Syria’s brutal four-year civil war, I was an almost unique voice in the British media deploring the push to depose the secular dictator President Bashar al-Assad, especially in the absence of a genuinely popular
پاکستانی دیوبندی خوارج کی ناپاک جسارت: شامی صدر کے خلاف جھوٹے پراپیگنڈے کے لئے قرآن مجید میں تحریف کردی: داعش، النصرہ، طالبان اور القاعدہ کی حلیف پاکستانی کالعدم دہشت گرد جماعت سپاہ صحابہ (نام نہاد اہلسنت والجماعت) نے شامی صدر بشار الاسد کے بغض میں ایک نہایت ناپاک جسارت کر دی، دہشت گرد اعظم طارق دیوبندی کے بیٹے
Sputnik Report: Turkish PM Erdogan and Saudi King Salman agree to support Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS in Syria:   Regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Turkey have temporarily put aside their differences in order to support a new anti-Assad coalition in Syria. The so-called “Army of Conquest” has been ravaging northern Syria in the past couple of weeks with a ferocity unseen since the
Robert Fisk’s interview: Syria update 10 Nov 2014:   Transcript : Emma Alberici : Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed tonight that Australian special forces are moving into Iraq to help in the fight against ISIS. It comes on the back of a US decision to send
There’s only one way to beat ISIS: work with Assad and Iran – by Leslie H. Gelb: The Obama administration has pulled together a coalition as ineffectual as it is unwilling. It’s time to join up with the forces, however unsavory, that can do the job. Earlier this week, outside Washington, the Obama team hosted senior
How U.S. interventionists abetted the rise of ISIS – Rand Paul:   As the murderous, terrorist Islamic State continues to threaten Iraq, the region and potentially the United States, it is vitally important that we examine how this problem arose. Any actions we take today must be informed by what
ISIS draws a steady stream of recruits from Turkey – Ceylan Yeginsu: ANKARA, Turkey — Having spent most of his youth as a drug addict in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Turkey’s capital, Can did not think he had much to lose when he was smuggled into Syria with 10
To crush ISIS, make a deal with Assad – Ahmad Samih Khalidi:   LONDON — LAST week, President Obama virtually declared war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But it is hard to reconcile the seemingly urgent need to confront the threat posed by this organization with the chosen
US should back Syria’s Assad against ISIS – by Bob Dreyfuss:     One key to solving the ISIS crisis is hunkered down in the presidential palace in Damascus, and his name is Bashar al-Assad. Demonized by the United States and by neoconservatives long before he waged a ruthless, take-no-prisoners
After the Sheikhs – by Christopher Davidson, Alex Doherty:   Christopher Davidson is a Reader in Middle East politics at Durham University and the author of, most recently, ‘After the Sheikhs: The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies.’ New Left Project’s Alex Doherty spoke with him about the possibilities
شام کا بحران – از مسلم یونٹی: تمام حقیقت پسند افراد سے گذارش ہے کہ ہمارے پیج سے ویڈیوز اور امیجز ڈونلوڈ کر کے عوام تک پہنچائیں تا کہ شامی فساد کی حقیقت واضح اور اس آگ کو دوسرے ممالک لیجانے کا منصوبہ ناکام ہو جاۓ!