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A comment on Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri’s sit-ins in Islamabad – by Pejamistri: Back in 2007/2008 when the Lawyers or Judicial Movement was in full swing, there was a novice but vibrant social media. It was very exciting campaign against the mad dictator of his time and that too in a new and
Criticism of Tahir-ul-Qadri and the loss of sense of proportion – by Pejamistri:   With the arrival of Chabi wala baba aka Qaid-e-Inqlab Shaikh-ul-Islam Professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, twitter was a abuzz with the “liberals” and “seculars” tweets showing how much “liberal” and “secular” they are. From “پیشہ ور دلال” like Nusrat
Magnificent delusions and current peace talks with Taliban – by Pejamistri: “Magnificent delusions” is the most appropriate term for describing the psychology of Pakistan military, also known as establishment by many. Husain Haqqani, the former ambassador and “traitor”, wrote the book with the same title, which goes in depth explaining
Marvi Sirmed, Raghib Naeemi and the doctrine of Khair-ul-Makireen – by Pejamistri: I don’t want to break my resolution to have break from social media. But I could not resist to write these few lines after watching this little clip of my favorite Marvi Sirmed. If I had watched this clip
Sunanda Pushkar loved Shashi Tharoor to death – by Dr Shazia Nawaz: Sunanda Pushkar loved her husband to death. No pun intended. In fact, death doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? Sunanda, the deceased wife of Indian minister Shashi Tharoor, supposedly committed suicide after finding out about her husband’s alleged affair
To those who don’t ‘value’ their life: A comment on Bilawal’s speech in Garhi Khuda Bux – by Pejamistri: If there is any family who could deserve the bravery award not as individuals but as a family, it is the Bhutto Family. Generations after generations they are faced with life threats and death. But still they bravely speak
Hasan Muawiya, brother of Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi, behind witch-hunting of Ahmadis in Lahore – by Pejamistri:   This guy, Hasan Muawiya, is the brother of Pakistani (fake) elitist liberals’ favorite Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi. He registered a case against 72 year old Ahmedi Muslim who was not allowed even to have muslim like names. On
Pro-Taliban lobby in Pakistan establishment is after General Musharraf – by Pejamistri: I don’t have any sympathy for Genera Musharraf, the mad dictator of the 21st century. He was the Don, the Chief and the main culprit. There can not be any two opinions about his crime and punishment to set
Qudratullah Shahab and the impressionable Pakistani youth – by Pejamistri: Qudratullah Shahab was probably the biggest thugs of his category. One of the greatest misfortune of Pakistan’s youth is to read books of such thugs in their young impressionable age, eg Shahab Nama. I remember when I was being
پاکستان میں شیعہ مسلمانوں سے نفرت میں فرحت ہاشمی کا کردار: ایک سچی کہانی – از پیجا مستری: انیس سو اسی کی دہائی میں امی ہمیں روح افزا شربت کی بالٹی بنا کر دیتیں اور ہم محرم کے دس دن وہ بالٹی لے کر گلی میں بیٹھ جاتے اور ہر آنے جانے والے کو شربت پلاتے- بتاتا
Presidential elections: Supreme Court or Sharif Court? – by Pejamistri: No channel even cares to discuss today’s Supreme Court decision. This decision is another black spot on the face of checkered history of Supreme Court. This decision is against both letter and spirit of the constitution of Pakistan. Article
PejaMistri is dead! Death of social media activism in Pakistan: As evident from the title, this is pejamistri’s last post and last activism through social media (twitter, facebook, criticalppp, pkpolitics and many other blogs and websites on Pakistani politics). PejaMistri has died after severe heart attack on account the
A critical reflection on Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Long March: Over the past 5 days during the long march of Tahir-ul-Qadri or “Chabi wala baba” as his known amongst his critics, I have come across comments and analysis from many of my twitter and social network friends which forced
Rapist of History and Jinnah: There are two people in Pakistan for whom I would advocate the punishment according to the Sharia Law (though I oppose all those barbaric punishments given in the name of Sharia). But for these two people I am okay
The real story about CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry – by Peja Mistri: The story is very simple though. IMC a criminal by nature Iftikhar Muhammad Chauhdary (IMC) proved to be a thief and criminal minded person. My late father used to say that never judge a person if he steals a
A Citizen’s Petition: I was going through the text of infamous petition of Mr. Nawaz Sharif , that “My Lord” has taken an immediate notice.  I realized if this was written by Nawaz Sharif himself and were “آئنی” and not “فرمایشی”, then
Chohdary Court vs Dogar Court: “Justice” Abdul Hameed Dogar of “Dogar” court was just an addition to the long list of jokers who were always available to dictators in Pakistan.  Abdul Hameed Dogar was no worse than “Justice” Haleem, “Justice” Irshad Hassan Khan or “Justice”
Chief Justice of Pakistan: A monumental failure – by pejamistri: Big successes often turn into monumental failures and this is one such case. It does not matter whether IMC was hand in glove with Kyani in order to get rid of Pervez Musharraf, the point is people started putting
Pakistani heroes of Bangladesh – by Hasan Mujtaba: بنگلہ دیش اور اس کے پاکستانی ہیرو بنگلہ دیشی حکومت اور عوام کی طرف سے ان کی حمایت کے لیے مانے اور جانے والے اس وقت کے مغربی پاکستانی سیاسی رہنماؤں اور دانشوروں میں جو نام ہیں وہ ہیں
On General Musharraf’s betrayal by General Kayani – by pejamistri: In a recent interview General Pervez Musharraf has admitted that he was indeed betrayed by no other than his own generals. Saleem Safi (Geo TV) asked him out of the politicians he acquainted with during his era whom he
The real story- by Peja Mistri: ISI routinely hires Pakistan’s right wing journalists to feed the stories in order to improve the image of military mafia. Such stories are usually very abstract and are written by the ISPR  ”master minds” in such  a way which
Keep everything secret! Under the oath of course – by pejamistri: One thing I never understood is the obsession of certain quarters and personalities to keep things secret using the lame excuse of oath (yes the same oath for which they have absolute no regard when it comes to being
‘Criminal negligence’ and the economical truth: It is sometimes frustrating and at other times disappointing that the honorable judges of supreme court of Pakistan know exactly what they are supposed to do, however either intentionally or unintentionally they don’t do the right things. Yesterday at
We borrowed it from South Africa?… No Sir!!: One of the questions that CJ and some other judges keep asking from the petitioner’s counsels is:  Does  parliament have a say in judicial appointments in other countries? Mr. Akram Shaikh in his arguments tried to mislead the court
Please make the proceeding secret… we have a lot of dirty linen!!: Mr. Akram Shaikh has completed his arguments and Supreme Court will now be hearing the case again on Monday. As I said earlier this case should have been thrown out by the registrar office, it has again been proven