Chohdary Court vs Dogar Court

“Justice” Abdul Hameed Dogar of “Dogar” court was just an addition to the long list of jokers who were always available to dictators in Pakistan.  Abdul Hameed Dogar was no worse than “Justice” Haleem, “Justice” Irshad Hassan Khan or “Justice” Shaikh Riaz. The Dogar court judges were weak in every sense of the word, there only chance to succeed in life was to follow the orders of Mad Dictator. They were handpicked by the mad dictator, there job was dependent on his wishes, and they never tried to claim themselves angels or clean. Dogar court was rediculed by every quarter and they did not try to implement their false dignity through the threats of contempt of court.

Chohdary Court on the other hand was restored through the collective efforts of people of Pakistan. The people like Asma Jahangir, Munir Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan, and the lion of Pakistan Ali Ahmed Kurd and hundreds of thousands of illiterate, poor and common people of Pakistan living in remote parts of the country struggled for getting rid of the worst dictator of 21st century General Pervez Musharraf. Hundreds of people of Pakistan were martyred during this struggle including Benazir Bhutto. The elections of 2008 ensured that the people of Pakistan are ruled by the liberal democrats who have fought against the military, mullah and judges for decades. The 2008 elections also meant the restoration of judiciary that was kicked out by the mad dictator. Chahdary himself and the judges like Ramday owed a lot to the people of Pakistan as their job was restored not due to their own merit but due to the struggle of People of Pakistan to get better a court than the Dogar court.

Chohdary Court has proved itself arguably the worst court in the history of Pakistan. From the shameful verdicts like Mukhtaran Mai Case, to the shameful acts of giving extension to fellow judge in returning the favor, this court has proved itself the most coward and spineless than any other previous supreme court. Shamefully putting the case of missing person on back burner, passing obliging remarks for Kayani and Pasha and even going to the extent of praising MQM for their co-operation (as if they provided IMC the burgers which he ate at the Karachi Airport while Karachi was burning).

There is nothing that stops Chohdary Court from taking the decisions that can help country in keeping on the right path. Some of those actions could be:

1. Asking both Kyani and Pash to resign and face the proceedings for helping the mad dictator on November 3rd.
2. Institute the criminal proceeding against the ISI and other agencies in missing person case.
3. Take up the memo case and ask government to investigate if Army at any point  planned any coup against the democratically elected government.
4. Take up the cases against the terrorists and ensure justice is done.

But I am sure Chohdary Court does not have the guts and courage to stand against the military might. My respected Kamran Shafi is wrong when he says that he salutes IMC for his courage to stand up against the mad dictator on 9th March. If it were not Kyani the then DG ISI supporting him, I am sure IMC would not have mustered the courage to say the famous NO to the mad dictator. And I am looking for the lion Ali Ahmed Kurd, whose single roar can get the floor of Court Room Number 1, quite wet.

5 responses to “Chohdary Court vs Dogar Court”

  1. Iftikhar M. Chaudhry is a personal friend of General Shuja Pasha via IMC’s cousin Rana Sanaullah.

    Rana Sana has offered valuable (dirty) services to PMLN by building their alliances with SSP / LeJ and also with ISI.

    That’s is also a reason why IMC has released so many LeJ terrorists from SCP and lower courts.

  2. Chief Justice is the most unjust person in Pakistan. He is openly siding with the military and PML-N to sabotage democracy. Hopefully, there will be many Naeem Bukharis writing open letters against him

  3. the best thing Chohdary Court can do is prosecute PPP for ingoring 6 court judgements

    all the allegations against army are fake
    and things this article credits to PPP, for things achieved by all parties
    comment about MQM is just pure fabrication

    if army planned coup, the coup wouldve already happened ..does PPP not get that logic ???? mullen ignored the memo, he never said anything
    but allah is the best planner and exposed PPP ..let this be a message to all liberal facists, if you work against pak sar zameen with foreigners you will be made an example of