Qudratullah Shahab and the impressionable Pakistani youth – by Pejamistri


Qudratullah Shahab was probably the biggest thugs of his category. One of the greatest misfortune of Pakistan’s youth is to read books of such thugs in their young impressionable age, eg Shahab Nama.

I remember when I was being impressed by likes Fyodor Dostoevesky, Maxim Gorki, Dickens, Tolstoy, Faiz, my friends used to be impressed by Qudratullah Shab, Mumtaz Mufti, Ashfaq Ahmed, Wasif Ali Wasif… and their brains were permanently damaged by these thugs. A lot of my Doctor and Engineer classfellows who read these conservative, refined bigots keep posting the Ahadees, Quranic verses and praise of Taliban…. Such is their damage to the educated lot.

Irony is that there is no one to challenge them… majority of the university students in Pakistan revere them and believe in all the bullshit they have written. Next generation will be saved I hope, Internet has changed the whole scenario. Young minds are always inquisitive and it is impossible to contain them when there is an access to knowledge.




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