On General Musharraf’s betrayal by General Kayani – by pejamistri

In a recent interview General Pervez Musharraf has admitted that he was indeed betrayed by no other than his own generals.

Saleem Safi (Geo TV) asked him out of the politicians he acquainted with during his era whom he found the person with “character” and who “disappointed” him most.

After a long pause and thinking, Pervez Musharraf answered: “kuch … kuch… faujioon nay” (some generals).

It would be worth listening him

Fast forward to 26:00 minute.

I am a firm believer in the untiring and unmatched struggle of people of Pakistan against the worst dictators in the world history.

However, in 2007 people of Pakistan surprisingly found unexpected associates in their struggle against the worst dictatorship of 21st century. These unexpected supporters were media and judiciary of Pakistan, the two trusted allies of the dictators through out Pakistan’s history. It was really hard (and in fact impossible) to identify the true motives of these two factions, and indeed there was no reason to suspect them. Electronic media became the most lethal weapon against the dictator and his allies while CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry became the surprised leader of the struggle.

The “Judicial movement” of Pakistan in 2007 was indeed the best success story people of Pakistan had against the dictators. Media provided the platform and the logistics to spread the message of hope. It was a great success when in the elections the two parties (PPP & PML-N) who were thrown out by the military came back with 2/3rd majority in the Parliament.

Despite this I could never digest the fact that the elements who are probably the first and last defenders of dictators and their cronies were fighting against the dictator alongside the common men. How was it possible?

And surely things became clearer as the time passed and those elements returned to their formal positions.

There is no doubt that Pervez Musharraf was betrayed by his own generals , the same generals who like him will not hesitate “selling their own mothers” to save their skin and keep their hold on the people of Pakistan. General Ashfaq Kyani and his cronies played their cards very well to oust the mad dictator.

I always point out to the fact that it was Kyani who was present in that fateful meeting on 9th of March 2007, and he spent few hours with CJ IMC alone. The cronies of military mafia in establishment used to get instance by instance report from no other than the Kyani/Pasha.

The mad dictator was back stabbed by his own generals and in fact my theory is that he might be trapped to become a scapegoat and perhaps get executed under Article 6. As this way military mafia will be able to please the Taliban faction of the army & right wing urbanites.

I am glad however that Pervez Musharraf admitted the fact that the generals of this army are characterless. Pervez Musharraf can pay somewhat for his crimes against community if he come out in open and tell the true working of this mafia which has kept the whole country hostage for over 60 years.

Otherwise there are two hundred and fifty thousand wikileaks and 3000+ of them originate from US embassy in Islamabad, only 56 of them have been released so far.

10 responses to “On General Musharraf’s betrayal by General Kayani – by pejamistri”

  1. Thanks, Peja, for pointing to this very important section of Musharraf’s interview, and also for clearly explaining the role our establishment played in the “historical” tehreek-e-bahaali-e-chief-justice.

  2. For sure looks like army betrayed Musharaf.But i seriously doubt it had the welfare of bloody civilians on mind.
    The Americans wanted to dump Musharaf and our Army was willing to oblige.No?

  3. @zia m
    absolutely right. It was the fight among to factions of the mafia , I however believe that Americans never wanted to dump Pervez Musharraf, it was the more powerful faction in the military mafia that wanted to get rid of the mad dictator. However America and mad dictator himself was in their way, hence they had to go through such a long route.

  4. I have never read any biggest BS then this one! Well let’s go to 2008-09 After musharraf left office in aug 2008 to early 2009 he lived in COAS house, in Kiyanis house, meaning he was living in Cheif of Army Staff’s house, now what would you guys say about this, Just to let our readers know that Musharraf left his COAS position back in the end of 2007 and he was living in the house of COAS house from 1999 till 2009 yes even after he left his position of COAS and President of Pakistan, now my statement should be googled and then judged! These stupid people will write whatever will come to their head. ENJOY http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/south-asia/musharraf-decides-to-vacate-army-house_100173571.html

  5. and some generals he was talking about were like hamid gull why dont you show his recent interview where people asked him which foji and he said like hamid gull