PejaMistri is dead! Death of social media activism in Pakistan

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As evident from the title, this is pejamistri’s last post and last activism through social media (twitter, facebook, criticalppp, pkpolitics and many other blogs and websites on Pakistani politics). PejaMistri has died after severe heart attack on account the reason that will be explained in this post. But before that let me share a brief history of PejaMistri.

PejaMistri’s Birth
PejaMistri was actually conceived back in 2000, when his creator moved to California from Pakistan, Shaheen Sehbai at that time used to run a website “”, PejaMistri’s creator was in his prime youth and was an enthusiast political activist during his college and university days. He started posting comments on SouthAsiatTribune and BBC Urdu against the dictator’s regime.
PejaMistri’s creator is basically a coward and characterless person, he is the “man from the underground” of Fyodor Dostevsky, Between year 2000 and 2007, PejaMistri had several premature births but always died of fear of being caught by “establishment”.
It was the fateful year of 2007, when PejaMistri was finally born and started taking part on several Pakistani political blogs including PKPolitics, Pakistaniat, Teeth Maestro and on his own blog

What is in the name?
Many people asked me the reason of the name PejaMistri, PejaMistri is indeed the nick for Pervez Musharraf the 21st century mad dictator. The name Peja Mistri was borrowed from an anecdote I read somewhere about the son of a mistri (مستری) who after becoming a gangster kills the family of village’s chaudhary (چوھدری) and becomes a chaudhary himself. Initially I used it as slander against the mad dictator, but later on I realized that Peja Mistri actually is synonymous with the poor, illiterate and common men of Pakistan whom a lot of “liberals” and educated right wing “mullahs” hate and condemn. During my discourse with many “social media activists”, I would notice a scorn for the handle “pejamistri”, as if a mistri (مستری) is less capable of expressing his opinion amongst the “educated lot” on the “internet”. And then I developed a strong affection for “PejaMistri”.

Who was PejaMistri
As I said PejaMistri is the “man from underground”, he does not trust anyone, and is a coward. He won’t risk his or his family’s life even for “the most beautiful and sublime”, he would claim to die for “the idea” and love to preach for “higher truth”, but when it comes to save his own “cup of tea” he would let the whole world burn. PejaMistri will always be extra cautious in keeping himself safe and will never share his identity. When he was young, once he went to paste a flyer (printed from cyclostate) against the mad dictator’s regime in 1988, a policeman shouted from behind, from that day he never went to his “comrades” gathering again. The advent of 21st century social media activism on internet gave new birth to people like PejaMistri, who wanted to express all their radical thoughts but also remain “safe”. 

Who are Social Media Activists
For PejaMistri, social media activists can be divided into three categories namely “Professional Activists”,“Amateur Social Activists” and “Activists“.
“Professional” social media activists are the most prominent brand of social media activists in Pakistani social media. Just like any professional sportsmen they have a clear objective and work really hard to achieve and maintain their spot in the highly competitive market. “Professional” Activist have an “Association of Professional Social Media Activists” that safeguards and promotes the “Professional” social media activism in Pakistan. Becoming a “Professional” social media activists require a lot of hard work and training. There are several success stories including “Adil Najam“, “Teeth Maestro“, “Raza Rumi” and many many others which I won’t name here (of course out of fear).
“Amateur” Social Media Activists are the one who want to become  ”Professional” but they lack the “talent” and “hard work”. Majority of social media activists that you will find on twitter, facebook are “Amateur”,everyone of them will click at  ’Professional’ activist’s avatar and will sigh when will I have “so many” followers. 
The third brand of social media activists are likes of “PejaMistri” but why talk about them?

Why PejaMistri Died?
As I said PejaMistri has died, this is his last post. PejaMistri suffered a fatal heart attack when one of his fellow “activist” died in a “haka” operation. PejaMistri did not know “AbdulNishaPuri”, for him “Abdul” was an handle on Twitter and a nick on internet. But in him PejaMistri saw his future. PejaMistri had strong disagreements on many counts with “Abdul”, PejaMistri won’t buy his theories. But “Abdul” was enthusiast and bold character. Abdul got trapped from two sides, and then one day he receives a tweet (we’ve located you), “ھم نے تمھیں تلاش کرلیا ھے” and “Abdul” deleted his twitter handle, wrote his resignation and went into wilderness. While “PejaMistri” suffered a heart attack and went into ICU and expired. As I said PejaMistri is a coward, he would never like to see a tweet mentioning the whereabouts of his family back in Pakistan.

Death of twitter handle “@AbdulNishaPuri” was death of social media activism in Pakistan. He was an “activist”, not a “Professional” or “Amateur” activist, the poor guy deleted his handle and ran away for his life. PejaMistri however is smart enough, he won’t go that far, he will seek forgiveness from all the molvis whom he condemned and used bad words, and will bow out “gracefully”. 

In his second re-incarnation, “PejaMistri” will never share his identity even with God.

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