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  • The discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan and the role of Abdul Nishapuri and social media: A brief historical account

    The discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan and the role of Abdul Nishapuri and social media: A brief historical account

      Shia Public Affairs Committee is a community organisation based in New York City.  ShiaPac would like to recognise the efforts of the Let Us Build Pakistan portal in highlighting the systematic and tragic targeting of vulnerable communities of faith that include Sunni Barelvis, Sufis, Shias, Ahmadis and Christians in Pakistan.  LUBP bloggers have undertaken […]

  • ہماری ماروی سرمد اور ہینڈ سم نیشا پوری – از شازیہ نواز

    ایل یو بی پی بلاگ (لیٹ اس بلڈ پاکستان) کے سارے لڑکے مجھے تو بہت پسند ہیں. میں ان میں سے کسی کی بھی اصل شناخت نہیں جانتی. مگر میں ان کو ان کے تحریروں سے جانتی ہوں مرے ذھن نے ہر کسی کا ایک خاکہ بنا رکھا ہے. جیسا کہ ذہن کرتے ہیں، میرے […]

  • Abdul Nishapuri – by Shakeel Arain

    Not many would relate to this, they just cannot. Abdul Nishapuri was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of the cyber world of Pakistan. He gave us a voice to speak up and made sure we express it more assertively and more candidly. Not unlike Z.A.Bhutto, one may find great many flaws in him but the thing is […]

  • PejaMistri is dead! Death of social media activism in Pakistan

    As evident from the title, this is pejamistri’s last post and last activism through social media (twitter, facebook, criticalppp, pkpolitics and many other blogs and websites on Pakistani politics). PejaMistri has died after severe heart attack on account the reason that will be explained in this post. But before that let me share a brief […]

  • Abdul Nishapuri’s resignation from LUBP

    Abdul Nishapuri’s resignation from LUBP

    We have now received formal resignation from Mr. Abdul Nishapuri, founder-editor of LUBP. On his wish we are publishing the same as his last post on this blog. “I am forced to resign from LUBP because of serious threats to the safety of my extended family. I have already lost a member of my family […]

  • LUBP blog and the liberal betrayal – by Asma bint Marwan

    In this essay, I have used the conceit that the LUBP, currently under assault from Takfiri `Lawfare’ as well as being the object of faux-liberal ire is the `Gadfly’ and hence deserving of support from all those who hold the freedom of expression dear.My use of the term `Liberal’ refers to the fake, the counterfeit, at […]

  • Four years of LUBP in Pakistan social media

    Dear LUBPians, Once again, a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support to the LUBP project. This post marks LUBP foundation day (21 May 2008). Four years ago, on 21 May 2008, I was approached by a couple of impassioned, critical, independent supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) who complained that their voices were […]

  • LUBP agenda, visitor stats and the way forward

    Dear LUBPians, First of all, a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support to the LUBP project. Here is an update on LUBP visitor statistics which you may find reassuring. In the last two months alone (Oct-Nov 2010), we have received about 100,000 absolute unique visitors to our website. The total number of visits is […]

  • Pakistani bloggers’ blackout on Shia killings

    While Pakistani media, politicians, civil society and most of the bloggers remain focused on the Long March, NRO, political battlefield in Punjab and perhaps on certain other regions such as Gaza and Kashmir, the plight of Shias of Pakistan remains grossly ignored. While blogging is an alternative, powerful media, I wonder why does the dominant […]

  • Abdul Nishapuri’s Interview with The Pakistani Spectator

    تعميرپاکستان The following interview was conducted by Ghazala Khan of “The Pakistani Spectator” regarding my journey as a blogger on “Let us build Pakistan”. Source: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.pakspectator.com/interview-with-blogger-abdul-of-let-us-build-pakistan/ Interview with Blogger Abdul of ‘Let us build Pakistan’ Abdul, Sarah and Ahmer Asif are the three brains behind the “Let us build Pakistan” blog. The Pakistani Spectator invited […]