Abdul Nishapuri – by Shakeel Arain

Not many would relate to this, they just cannot. Abdul Nishapuri was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of the cyber world of Pakistan. He gave us a voice to speak up and made sure we express it more assertively and more candidly. Not unlike Z.A.Bhutto, one may find great many flaws in him but the thing is as long as he was in the ring he fought our case with great passion and trueness. The onus is upon the new team and all LUBP editors and authors to carry on with the good legacy and also attempt to improve upon any lacking issues with the previous policy. Actions as they say speak louder than words. At the same time, one cannot but notice the sad union between the right-wing and certain liberals in silencing Abdul’s voice.

Why Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto loved us – by Ali Sher Mussali

I have visited some areas of Pakistan as required by my profession. I have seen my people “racially black” in around all field sites and found them in majority compared to relatively white, i.e, those with fairer complexion. Pakistan is clearly divided in black and white races plus a mix of both. People of mixed race now, however, empowered and successful to enlist themselves as middle class. Retrospectively the racially white troops for example Arabs, Turks, British etc had invaded economy, tradition, culture of us (blacks) and enslaved us. Their remnants are ruling us in India (a secular state) and Pakistan (an Islamic state) since long. Pakistan was created as nation state to classify all Muslims as one nation. Our patriotic and nationalist hero believed that all blacks and white are equal citizen and being Muslims they all are brothers to each other.

It is a fact that Pakistani nationalists and ethno-nationalists in all four provinces and other areas do not believe that Pakistan is a multi-racial state. Our landholding and ruling class (racially white) ruled Pakistan since its independence.  I think we black people are majority population of Pakistan but could not find anyone in forums controlled by middle class and white elite. Once I tried to figure out people available on urban street where I estimated that racially blacks were in majority that people of mixed race or whites. So then I tried to find them on TV channels but hardly found any from us. Once I was watching 23 March’s event on PTV where elected people were enjoying music. I was happy to see some black singers but no one among the rulers.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) had recognized us in all provinces of Pakistan and he encouraged many among us to fight against rural and urban white elite. I was surprised that my people in all provinces are still stuck with ZAB and Bhuttoism.  Blacks in all provinces are in slavery like state but we remember ZAB till date because he gave us recognition and courage for to be citizens of Pakistan. It is fact that General Zia had nipped us in bud and followers of his Sharia theology, white elite, always suppressed us. They wanted us to continue to be bonded laborers on their Deras (farmhouses) and brick kilns.  They are raping our women using their ruling masculine caste names for example Jatoi, Mastoi etc they in shape of Supreme Court are protecting their rapists. They are continuously killing us, gutting our homes, convicting us on name of blasphemy.

Go and see police lockup, jails or court rooms of Pakistan you will see my people in large number but you will scarcely find any in parliament, judiciary and other forums. I have heard Imran Khan showering racial hatred against us on mainstream news channels. I have heard anchors discussing and exploring caste identity (whether low caste or high caste) of Rehman Malik, Qamar Zaman Kaira and others who are eventually part of power politics by PPP. Blacks in Pakistan perceived as genetically impure while whites believed as pure.

Many of us are convert Muslims but we are not accepted or allowed to assimilate as pure Muslims. We are treated as non-citizens or third class citizens by pure ruling elite of Pakistan. Our state in Pakistanis worst than our kinfolks called Roma, Sinti in western world who fled away during Ghazni’s brutal invasions in India. Our status in Pakistan is worst than OBCs and Dalit Hindu and Muslims in India who are recognized as a minority and they are entertaining state’s prerequisite.

I think ZAB loved us not because he hated white elite but he loved us because white elite of Islamic State of Pakistan hate us.



Dila teer bija: Jiye Bhutto, Jiye Benazir




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