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مسمی نامہ – انعام رانا: من کہ مسمی ایک متوسط گھرانے میں پیدا ہوا۔ اللہ نے مجھے ذہانت سے نوازا تھا سو کرتے کرتے ایک دن میں سول سروس میں جا پہنچا۔ مسمی ایک ہوشیار اور سمجھدار افسر تھا سو کامیاب بھی تھا۔ انگریز
Controlling Islamism: David Cameron’s tough job – by Peja Mistri: David Cameron has set himself a tough job to eradicate Islam (or Islamism as several people want to call it) from British society. I wish he succeeds in his endeavour, the job is tough but not impossible. Muslims and
The Universal Islamist: This biography of Allama Muhammad Iqbal: When Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked India’s first cosmonaut, Rakesh Sharma, at a video conference in April 1984, how India looked from space, he replied without missing a beat: “Saare jahan se achcha.” Every schoolchild in India recognised the
How pseudo progressives routinely hide the Salafi and Deobandi belief system of ISIS and the Taliban:   With ISIS spilling across the globe, the world can no longer afford vague, sweeping and wishy-washy discourses on the threat of ISIS. Whether it is Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Shabbab and now ISIS, the guiding philosophy
Deobandi seminaries fail to support the humanist values of equality, tolerance, liberty and religious pluralism – Elham Manea (Huffington Post): The fact that Islamic religion has yet to go through a reformation process has made it an easy target for political manipulation — changing according to the political contexts, the leaders and the Geist of the time. With the
Converting Atheism into Islamism – by Peja Mistri: In the late 80’s when I completed my higher secondary school, I was already into reading books, not only the textbooks but all kinds of books. In my small town there was only one public library which had enough
Impact of LUBP’s discourse: Canadian government urges Muslim community to reject Deobandi and Salafi terrorism:     How to wage war on Muslim terrorists without maligning and alienating Muslims, especially those in the West whose cooperation has been found to be essential in combating radicalism at home? That challenge hung over Stephen Harper and
Ubaidullah Sindhi’s Pan-Islamism – Tahir Kamran: Renowned historian Aziz Ahmed credits pan-Islamist Ubaidullah Sindhi as “the only political thinker of any considerable calibre to come directly in contact with Russian communism at an early stage”. He epitomised the plural character that characterised the Ghadar Movement,
Growing oppression of women in Muslim societies directly correlated to growth in Islamofascism – by AZ: Much as Islamists term as ‘Islamophobic’ the criticism of many Muslims’ treatment of their women, standing up for Muslim women is the most pro-Muslim thing to do. The women’s rights cataclysm in the Muslim societies has reached a new
Time to ban Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan – by Mahpara Qalandar: Jamaat-e-Isami: World’s most dangerous fascist entity There is hardly an Islamofascist party or group which is not an offshoot of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Think about Haifz saeed of LeT. All his life he has been a Jamaat activist and planner.
Qatar, Stoking up the Fires in Syrian Inferno – by A Z: In Syria Bashar al-Assad obstinately clings on to power as the number of dead continues to rise and the atrocities by the rebels and the government multiply. In the midst of all this it is startling to note how
Freedom: what freedom and for whom? – by Waseem Altaf: The derogatory term and its connotations, still in use by some; Hindu “baniya” does not in any way reflect the reality. The Hindu shopkeeper or businessman, mostly in charge of business and trade in this part of the sub-continent
Sharia Law – A Moribund Body of Jurisprudence – by A Z: Editors note: The views expressed in this article are of the independent contributor, LUBP does not endorse them. LUBP does not condemn all Islamic laws to be evil. We believe in freedom of expression and open discussion. Here is
Muslim World – Forever Inimical to Women – by A Z: Editors note: The views expressed in this article are of the independent contributor, LUBP does not endorse them. LUBP does not condemn all Islamic laws to be evil. We believe in freedom of expression and open discussion. This item
Is Islam the problem behind the issues concerning Pakistan? – by Raman Seghal: Yes. How and Why – I discuss it below : The main reason of Human civilization evolving to its present form is the ability of humans to question. This questioning gives rise to reasoning which leads to formation of
More of the same — by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: Source: Daily Times, October 7, 2011 This week, I could not agree more with columnist Munir Ataullah when he confessed to being “stumped” as he sat down to compose his column. I share his predicament although the reasons are
Kaddu sharif se Mazrat ke sath – by Danial Lakhnavi:   پچھلے دنوں سوشل نیٹ ورکس پر کدو شریف کے فضائل اور اس سے تیار کئے جانے والےحلوے اور دیگر ڈشز کی تراکیب کے حوالے سے ایک وڈیوزیربحث رہی، کدو کے ساتھ شریف کے اضافے کا شان نزول کچھ
Islamic identity, militancy and modernity: Pakistanis need soul searching – by Shiraz Paracha: We, Pakistanis, are talented and intelligent people but many of us have an unrealistic approach towards life and a naive world view, even so we wish to impose our view upon the rest of the world. The case of
The Pakistan conundrum – by Dr Syed Sarosh: Benighted sentiments must not be used as an excuse by the Pakistani state to shy away from its human rights responsibilities including the protection of religious minorities . The government must make a clear distinction between raw and unruly
Whose ideology is it anyway? – by Nadeem F. Paracha: The following is what Sindhi nationalist leader and scholar, G.M. Syed, said about Pakistan’s future – and mind you, he said this way back in the summer of 1953: “In the years to come, Pakistan will not only become
Fragile democracy and 64-channels media cottage industry – by Chaudhry Ahmed Khan: I recently came across a comment by the President and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, which really struck me for its succinct and bold portrayal of the Pakistani media. The President was countering one of the many false impressions
Viewpoint Interview with Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Military’s predation is an institutional feature’, Ayesha Siddiqa. A dissident’s job is always fraught with dangers. In case of Pakistan, the risks involved in criticizing all-powerful Khakis and their proxy Taliban hardly need an elucidation. Still, dissident voices keep
Canada Terror plot and the doctrine of armed Jihad – by Tarek Fatah and Salma Siddiqui: “Jihad is as much a primary duty as are daily prayers or fasting. One who avoids it is a sinner. His every claim to being a Muslim is doubtful. He is plainly a hypocrite who fails in the test
Ameer-ul-Mominin Ali: The first fighter against Islamism – by Shaheryar Ali: “The Qur’an is a book, covered, between two flaps, and it does not speak. It should therefore necessarily have an interpreter. Men alone can be such interpreters…..” (Imam Ali in Nehj ul Balaga)     On the grounds of
Another Martial Law? – by Omar Ali: Pakistan is in the grip of one of its periodic eruptions of speculation about impending martial law, or at least, it looks like that on TV. For weeks, the largest news channel in the country has been shamelessly promoting
Talibanisation of the heart — by Dr. Abbas Zaidi: Dr. Abbas Zaidi has shared this intellectual piece with us for LUBP. A slightly edited  version is published in Dailytimes today, we have posted it earlier from the newspaper, Now we are replacing it with the complete, unedited and
Daughters of Al Huda: A Farhat Hasmi enteprise – by Khaled Ahmed: We are wrong to look for terrorist tracts in the madrassa. The suicide bomber is not made through syllabi but through isolation from society. When we wish to produce a normal citizen we begin by socialising the child. Anyone
The Dominoes of Balochistan- by Peter Chamberlin: The day must come when sanity prevails in Balochistan, no matter which side proves to be acting in a rational manner. Pakistan is in a very bad way.  By most standards of measurement, it is a failed state, or
Pakistani Floods Affect Millions, But Level Of International Aid Pitiful- By Vilani Peiris: With monsoonal rains continuing, the worst flooding in Pakistan in 80 years is still spreading. Pakistani relief organisations and government agencies are stretched to the limit. Yet despite urgent appeals from the UN and other aid organisations, the level
Fatima Bhutto: please focus on fiction- by Nasima Zehra Awan: Pakistan may have lost a talented fiction writer when Fatima Bhutto went into journalism. Clearly, she is adept at spinning a tale, fudging facts and re-defining reality in a manner that is the exclusive domain of talented story tellers.
Floods Opening The Floodgates For Pakistan’s Extremists- By Daud Khattak: Devastating flooding in northwestern Pakistan has now taken more than 1,400 lives and a left about 1 million people homeless. Although the government has announced it is stepping up relief efforts, it has been widely criticized for its slow
Aqsa Pervez : Who will speak for the Daughter of Pakistan?: The report by Natasha Fatah of the CBC is an eye opener for Canadians, Pakistanis and for everyone in general. It highlights the deleterous effects of excessive poliitcal correctness to the point where few, if any, are questioning the
Lahore terrorist attacks, military actions and future prospects – by Dr Omar Ali: Terrorists (Punjabi Taliban) simultaneously attacked two Ahmedi sect mosques in Lahore during Friday prayers and killed over 80 people. First thoughts on this evil attack: 1. The choice of target is easy to understand. Ahmedis are a persecuted and
America’s “Islamists” go where oilmen fear to tread – by Peter Chamberlin: By following the trail of militant terrorists US forces and American interests have gained access deep in Central Asia, where oil companies have had little luck gaining a foothold on their own. To students of American foreign policy in
Insight of a Leader – by Usama Bhutto: Lucy Komisar writes: Twenty years ago, on a campaign trip in rural Pakistan in October 1987, Benazir Bhutto told me of her concern about the long-term effect of Afghan refugees who had set up safe houses, stored munitions and