The Dominoes of Balochistan- by Peter Chamberlin

The day must come when sanity prevails in Balochistan, no matter which side proves to be acting in a rational manner.

Pakistan is in a very bad way.  By most standards of measurement, it is a failed state, or very close to it.  The emergencies generated by the latest natural disasters probably won’t cause forced relocations quite as enormous as those that have been generated by the Army’s many unwise military operations.

Pakistan is rapidly becoming a failed state because of the many military misadventures in the tribal regions.  The policy of providing military support to the Taliban (and potentially to “al Qaida”) has made Pakistan a pariah in the world community of nations.  The cost of that perception (whether it is true or not) can be measured in the failure of that world community to rush to Pakistan’s aid in this, her hour of greatest need.  It is uncertain whether this untypical response is because the world is ready to see Pakistanis suffer for the terrorism that they have helped spawn, or because of the fear that increased monetary aid will go to those terrorists.

Is it because of the Army, or perhaps in spite of the Army’s best efforts, that Pakistan may not survive as a state unless it fights a war against terrorism?  The United States has pushed Pakistan into a corner, forcing the Army to fight the terror war against the Pakistani people.  Even so, the government has been made to jump through hoops to acquire the equipment and the funds needed to fight the war.  As things now stand, the Army could not take and hold N. Waziristan, as the Americans demand, but it is in a good position for “pacifying” Balochistan, especially since the unruly province would not need pacification if the Army wasn’t constantly stirring things up there.

Balochistan is truly under a state of siege.  Bodies turn-up daily there, some of them are even beheaded (no doubt to implicate the government’s scapegoats, the “Islamists”).  With each case comes a new lame explanation from a government representative, attributing each political assassination to some dispute with locals, or some sort of feud between hostile clans.  (SEE:  The Unbelieveably Lame Army Excuse for Habib Jalib’s Assassination)  Explaining the wholesale slaughter of nationalist leaders in this accusatory, off-the-hand manner reveals a great deal about the murderers of all these Baloch leaders.  Showing a pattern of repetitive ridiculous government attempts to dismiss the cover-up and conspiracy charges as “sour grapes” made by “miscreants,” these contrived explanations provide strong circumstantial evidence that most of the guilty were Pakistani government agents or their hirelings.

This is the overriding pattern we see in the place of civil law in Pakistan.  The Army strong arms and terrorizes the people of Pakistan into accepting an alternative reality for everything that happen there, even if it happens before their own eyes.  Their eyes and ears clearly show them the reality of the constant murders and terrorist attacks, but outwardly they accept Army-mandated explanations for the attacks which obviously contradict the truth about what they have seen and heard.

The Pakistani people try to live normal lives as they go about under an umbrella “double-think,” whereby they maintain two realities within their own minds, while outwardly maintaining the roles that they all agree to play.  Like stoic little mind-slaves, they continue to trudge on with their lives, knowing that their silent acquiescence makes them collaborators, complicit with an overwhelming state which selectively kills their countrymen, in order to maintain national order.

This is an ugly fact of life in Balochistan, but it is also true for the other Tribal Regions and throughout Pakistan.   The barbarity and government terror hold sway over every mind in every corner of the “land of the pure.”  The solution for Balochistan must be a solution for all Pakistan.  The Army and the civilian agencies maintain order throughout Pakistan, especially in the tribal regions, through a sort of unspoken agreement between the government and the people.  Equilibrium between the chaos of revolution and state terror passes for “civil order” in Pakistan, as long as both sides continue to maintain a mental image of the reign of terror which awaits them, should they question the government’s often absurd explanations for terror.  Everyone knows that the Army is the hidden hand behind countless acts of terrorism, but very few people choose to reject official absurdity, out of fear for their lives and that of their families, should they publicly do so.

Fear for families seems to be the lynchpin that holds society together, binding them with invisible chains around the central absurdity.  The state maintains the delicate balance through real and implied threats to friends and family members.  Would-be heroes must consider the repercussions that family members could suffer, should they feel compelled to right the wrongs, or push the envelope of the conspiracy of silence.  It is not uncommon for family members to be arrested along with the offenders, where they all suffer the same abuse, from the same agencies’ hands.

This immoral, illegal policy is hinted at in stories that are sometimes found in the national news.  Rehman Malik has reportedly threatened to locate and harass family members of offenders living outside the country, for people responsible for insulting e-mails.  He had members of the Times Sq. bomber’s family picked-up.  The government has arrested and allegedly tortured the children of evil-doers, such as the son of radical radio preacher from Bara, Mufti Munir Shakir.   Mufti Shakir’s ten-year old son Abdullah claimed just that, telling reporters and supporters at a press conference about being tortured to force him to make incriminating statements about his father being tied to “al Qaida.”

The Army rules over the entire nation by maintaining a reign of terror.  In Balochistan, as in the other tribal war zones, the various factions of Army power are deployed against the most vocal resistance, threatening locals in order to keep them behind a curtain of silence.  Contrary to its carefully cultivated image, Pakistan hides its totalitarian tendencies behind a veil of feigned democracy.  The moderate leaders are being eliminated because they are the only Balochs with the credibility to draw the attention of the world to Balochistan.

The international illusion that Pakistan has a civilian government is a protective curtain, which hides the real “Iron Curtain” from prying foreign eyes.  To allow the curtain to drop would cut the economic lifeline of foreign aid which sustains the Army dictatorship.  Even a peek behind this curtain would blow the Army’s cover, turning truth and revelation into weapons far more dangerous to the Pak Army than anything hidden in India’s entire arsenal.

The truth about Pakistan is also the truth about the United States of America.  If the truth about the reality of Pakistan ever breaks free from the Iron Curtain behind which it hides, it will have a cascading effect—the dominoes will fall all the way to America.  Nothing done by Pakistan over the last thirty-odd years could have been possible without American aid and acquiescence.  The reign of terror which has resulted in the “Islamization” of Pakistan, indoctrinating the people with a false twisted version of Islam, has been key to all of America’s plans for a world empire.

What has been hidden can only be described as a carefully orchestrated plan to create a global “jihad,” using a well-trained army of militants to wage a crusade to force a militarized false religion upon captive populations.  The greatest arrow in the CIA’s quiver has proven to be the false religion constructed in the agency’s Frankenstein labs.  The “Islam” of America’s “Islamists” bears little likeness to the teachings of The Prophet.  Deobandi/Wahabbi “Islam” is not a religion, it is a psychological weapon of war.

Wherever this religion of war has been sown, or sold, the CIA program is instilled within the beliefs of the locals who have had this false religion forced upon them, especially within the minds of impressionable illiterate Muslim boys.  By killing all the real religious leaders and scholars, along with key tribal and local leaders and replacing them with the agency’s own men, the local people were made susceptible to the poison.  Taken with a large dose of American and Saudi dollars, it proved to be just the thing for what psychopathic American leaders had in mind.  America waged war against the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan using Pakistani militants as well as Pakistani military/intelligence personnel, in order to manufacture a false reality based solely upon lies and terror.

Everything seems to be going according to plan, except for one thing, American psycho-planners are coming up against unplanned resistance from the over-abused populations of these targeted nations.  The reasonable people of the world are growing weary of the unreasonable conundrum which confronts us all.  We are growing tired of the ruthless hard-headedness of America’s leaders who seem intent on taking the rest of the world down with us.

The world community is ready to resist further besides the ones that America has already foisted upon the world.  You can see this new trend in global thinking arising in world reluctance to help American ally Pakistan recover from nature’s onslaught.  The growing prevailing world opinion seems to be—Let America take care of Pakistan, since it has become “evil incarnate” for much of the free world.

The monsoon rains have multiplied the destruction and misery all over Pakistan.  Whenever Pakistan begins to recover from the flood devastation wrought by monsoon rains, the political crisis now brewing Balochistan will return to center stage.  When the water finally recedes and roads are cleared enough so that heavy equipment can once again move about there, the freeing-up of military hands will allow the deadly mischief to recommence.  Beginning just before Cyclone Phet struck the area, the Pak Army began reinforcing its positions throughout the key areas, allegedly blocking Balochs from reaching fresh water or fuel, according to Baloch sources.

Whatever international relief manages to reach the heavily damaged Baloch province, aid workers will also have to deal with the deprivation caused by previous military punitive measures in some areas.

The emergency relief which is required to preserve the state will require massive American and international assistance.  Saving lives and overcoming the effects of the flood and crop loss will require American air power and lift capability.  Whatever is done there cannot be just to preserve the situation which has been created in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but to create a better, more stable Pakistan.

There must be massive American investment in undoing what has been done there, but it must be done in a manner that stabilizes an independent Pakistani state, not an American vassal state.   The same holds true for rebuilding what America has done in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well.  Paying for our collective sins must become as important as repairing our banks and financial markets.  But none of this will happen until the American conscience is awakened.

The monsoon rains have multiplied the destruction and misery all over Pakistan.  Whenever the water finally does recede and roads are cleared enough so that heavy equipment can once again move about there, the freeing-up of military hands will allow the deadly mischief to recommence.  Beginning just before Cyclone Phet struch the area, Pak Army began reinforcing its positions throughout the key areas, allegedly blocking Balochs from reaching fresh water or fuel.  Predictably, with the receding of the water, the militant resistance groups, such as the BLA, have begun their own counter-offensive to the targeting of Baloch’s leaders, staging a series of murders and terror attacks around Quetta. Everything is set for a major eruption there.

American planners have their own missions in Balochistan that are far more advanced than the cobbled-together Pakistani plan.  The result of the offensives and counter-offensives is that the militaries and intelligence agencies of both countries are targeting Baloch leadership, one side seeking to move moderate nationalist leaders to take-up arms against the state, the other state working just as hard to eliminate those same moderate leaders before they become radicalized and join the insurgency.  Some say that the moderate leaders are being eliminated to eliminate the Balochs’ choice in the matter.  People will resist at some point, with no moderates to lead them responsibly, the violence is certain to escalate.

With both competing regimes of targeted killings going full-boil all the time, there will soon be no moderates left in Balochistan, at least no one left who is brave enough to open their mouths in public without first grabbing his trusty Kalashnikov.  Now, before that moment of ultimate silence announces the arrival of a full-blown dialogue of weapons in Balochistan, the moderates and anyone who has an ounce of common sense must muster the courage and the means to forge links that will bridge Balochistan, standing in reasonable opposition to those who are promoting war and further divisions.

The American military leadership, just like their Pakistani counterparts, seems to be content with the current situation in Balochistan.  Neither side appears to be ready to push hard on the other side, in order to settle the matter, at least not yet.  Both sides want the war to continue, in fact, both sides are relentless in their efforts to prevent the premature ending of their war.

In unison, the media and the leaders from both sides sing the same song, persuading all the people that survival demands that the war go on.  This mantra is repeated over and over, embedding its illogical claims deeply within the unthinking minds of  normal Pakistanis, as well as within the American sheep—“Pakistan cannot survive unless it fights another war against Pakistanis.”

The cold hard truth is that–Pakistan will NOT survive IF it does continue to fight this war.  That has been a major impetus for the war since the beginning.  The only thing that can overcome this existential threat to Pakistan’s survival is if politicians on either side learn to see beyond the foolish rhetoric and refuse to be frightened into another escalation.  The only way that Pakistan can survive the next war is to avoid getting embroiled in it.

Look at the facts about this truly “existential” war which will determine whether “Pakistan” exists at all, after this all plays-out—or especially if it is prevented from being playing-out.  The Pakistani people and the Army which represents and defends them stand on different sides of a vast river of distrust.  De-escalate the war and survive.

The truth is—There would be no war in Balochistan if the Army was not constantly stirring things up, just as there would be no war of terror if the United States was not constantly abusing Muslims all over the world for perceived gains.  Governments all over the world understand this—yet no one dares to question why we must manufacture conflict, and what is hoped to be gained in the process?  People are lined-up in the streets of Quetta demanding that the murder of their leaders stop now, and that these targeted killings be truly investigated by some authority.

The same thing is happening simultaneously in Tripoli, Lebanon.  In Lebanon, just like in Balochistan, the people hunger and thirst for justice in the murder of their president, Rafik Hariri.  When the truth is revealed in the end, it is likely that proof will be found connecting the instability in both countries to the same international gangsters.

Why have we never seen any size crowd demanding the heads of the masters of chaos theory who were behind the assassination of our own president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  Anyone remember him?  He was one of the first national leaders to be martyred by this international criminal cabal in an unbroken string of bombings and assassinations intended to create a global dictatorship, which has encircled the earth.  Synthetic chaos is the path to the planned “scientific dictatorship.”

Global resistance to that scientific dictatorship is growing faster than plans can progress.  We have a distinct advantage over our adversaries, in the explosive potential that our global movement represents, over the limitations which have built into their plans in the form of contracts that need to be signed, along with deadlines which have to be met, in order to complete their pipeline pipedreams, the key to everything that they have planned.

We don’t have to prove our charges against the growing dictatorship; we merely have to prove that our message is based on reasonable observations of prevailing trends and available evidence.  Over time, they will have no ground left to stand upon, as the evil of concerted government actions becomes more and more apparent as the “war of terror” is exposed for the quest for mega-profits that it has always been.

It is reassuring to know that most normal people find the image that I am painting here for you so repulsive that they cannot even open their minds to the possibility that this is the true state of our reality.

This natural human resistance to unpleasant or abhorrent information also represents a great barrier that must be overcome.  Our task must be to patiently work to overcome this barrier of unbelievability which covers the big lies which underwrite the entire American war.

The power of the people is an irresistible force, even if all that they are armed with is the plain truth.