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Pakistan’s jihadi section of media mourns Osama bin Laden: by Shoaib Adil Originally published in the ‘Daily AajKal’
A rebuttal to Mosharraf Zaidi and other apologists of the military state of Pakistan – by Sumantra Maitra: Related post: Fake criticism of Pakistan army by FCS proxies First published in: The Washington Examiner (My reply to two articles of Mosharraf Zaidi in Times of India and Foreign Policy Magazine.) The dust settled.  The answer is known.  Pakistan had
ISI assets begin their act to ensure “supremacy” of their masters: Related post: ISI Assets in action – II We have been talking about the various assets of the ISI in our media. Whether they do everything at the orders of theirs masters cannot be confirmed, however, they do feel
How to identify (fake) liberal proxies of Pakistan army in mainstream and social media?: Preamble Commenting on the state of pro-establishment journalism in Pakistan, Ayesha Siddiqa once said: Today, we face a state of military hegemony: political, economic and intellectual control. Today, there is not a single university in Pakistan or a young
Exaggerated and misunderstood: Z.A. Bhutto’s role in military operation in Balochistan: While ZAB’s role in the military operation in Balochistan has been criticized by many amongst his friends and foes, the following extract from ZAB’s book (cited in Hamid Mir’s article in daily Jang) suggests that more than ZAB, it
Alone ZARDARI But So Many Enemies – by Chittan Janjal: As an impartial observer, I tend to feel sorry for many of those fellow countrymen, who are trapped in a sort of phobia—the Zardari phobia— and the most unfortunate thing is that there does not seem to be any
Raymond-Diyat: Raymond Davis, Blood Money and ISI’s Shariat – by Ali Sher Mussali: Related articles: Dare you not oppose the sharia law in Raymond Davis case – by Fawad Manzoor LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis Now it is very obvious for all people of Pakistan that Raymond Davis’s case was actually a
Conspirators in the judiciary – by R.A. Toori: Conspiracies, hate-mongering, cynicism, criticism, scepticism and sycophancy are the hallmarks of Pakistan’s politics. In fact Pakistan’s political history is replete with palace intrigues and conspiracies. From the founder of Pakistan Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to President Asif Ali Zardari,
Supreme League of Pakistan (Chaudhry wing) – by HB Mallah:   The government of civilians released an under house-arrest employee of the government and restored him to his position of chief justice. That restoration through an executive order is credited to the pressure exerted by the Mulla-Media-Military Alliance and
ISI Chief’s extension: Another bad decision in offing?: Related articles: General Kayani’s extension as army chief: A bad decision Mohsin Baig’s Online-International News Network: A news ‘agency’ you can trust! A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable According
Mir Ibrahim Rahman manhandles PTV lawyer inside Supreme Court: Relevant Reading: PTV CBA writes to Supreme Court Money Talks: Jang group to beg American support LUBP Archive on Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman If one wonders why all this hoo-haa by Geo Super on the airing of World Cup matches is
Geo TV gets censored…by Geo TV: Najam Sethi’s show and the out of bound topics – by Maula Bux Thadani: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Najam Sethi GEO TV often paints itself as the underdog, the scrapper that is crusading against the “all-powerful” President and Prime Minister.  Even if this image is laughable in the light of the billions of
Faisal Abidi Exposing the Journalists-Judges Alliance: We thank our reader Nasir for identifying February 3, 2011’s program “Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik” on Aaj TV. The program had Faisal Raza Abidi representing the PPP, Rasheed Godil representing MQM and Ibrahim Khan representing the Jamat-e-Islami. The
Justice rushed for PCO judges, delayed for army generals: Related articles: Will Pakistan’s FREE judiciary try army generals for treason? Justice Jehanzeb Rahim of Peshawar High Court challenges contempt notice by the Supreme Court Adalat ho gi ma kay jaisi – by Honest People ‘Generals can be served
Police unable to arrest or interrogate the two mullahs who encouraged Mumtaz Qadri to kill Governor Taseer: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine Of course, the fake civil society (FCS) will never write against their heroes, the Islamofascist judges, who are granting bail to terrorists and their abettors nor against the GHQ’s Jihad Enterprise which is single major
Taseer’s murder: A plan well executed: Related article: Salman Taseer: Another victim of the deep state, its ideological and political faces – by Shaista Aazar How fake is “civil society’s” liberal agenda? – by Shakeel Arain It is becoming increasingly apparent that shaheed Salman Taseer’s
Ik aur December – Be-Sharam Brigade Ke Naam! by Shahid Mahmood:  A poet’s love for our Be-Sharam Brigade comprising of Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Roedad Khan, Saaleh Zafir and all those who “suffered” one more year! Usey kehna ik aur December ja raha hai December ke guzartay hi baras jhooti pesheen
Charter of irresponsible journalism in Pakistan in 2011: “Responsible optimism” is the catchy title of an article that I read today in my ‘favourite’ newspaper, The News (of Jang Group!). According to the byline, Mr Mosharraf Zaidi, the author of the article, “advises governments, donors and NGOs
We never asked you to investigate the role of ISI and MI in Benazir Bhutto’s murder: Here is a latest example of the notorious Teen Jeem Alliance (the pro-military establishment alliance of Pakistan’s judiciary, army and media). This news item was carefully censored or de-prioritized by most newspapers and TV channels in Pakistan. According to
Don’t take human rights lessons from Iran and Saudi Arabia – by Qudsia Siddiqui: This is in reference to “Kill the sectarian killers: Will Pakistan follow the Iranian example?” published by a fellow editor, Sarah Khan, on December 20, 2010.  In her post, Sarah was giving the example of how Iran executed 11
Abbas brothers II: Why I wrote on them – by TLW: Related articles: The Abbas brothers: A depressing tale – by TLW The ISI media’s two pronged strategy: From Ahmed Quraishi to Azhar Abbas I am a questioning sort of person. I question that which makes me curious, or that
Top Secret: ISI Media Roll of Dishonour: Disclaimer: This post is based on my personal research and understanding of the military establishment’s strategies and tactics in Pakistani media, which I am publishing for the information and well being of the Pakistani nation. However, the post does
The ISI media’s two pronged strategy: From Ahmed Quraishi to Azhar Abbas: The front end: the ISI strikes back Recently, the LUBP wrote an article titled “Pakistan Army owns up the ISI man on a suicide attack mission in India”. ‘Renowned’ nationalist, patriot, and ‘asset’, Ahmed Quraishi, took exception to our
‘Generals can be served notices.’ Really? When?: جرنیلوں کو بھی نوٹسز جاری کیے جائیں گے شہزاد ملک بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد عدالت نے بینچ کی تشکیل پر اُٹھائے جانے والے اعتراضات کو مسترد کردیا سپریم کورٹ کے جج جسٹس جواد ایس خواجہ
Terrorists win if Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are silenced, supporters plan protests worldwide: Related articles: Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange Don’t shoot the messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths – by Julian Assange Assange: charges are part of campaign to close down WikiLeaks, he vows to fight extradition Julian Assange’s
The liars collective: Pakistani media in service of the ISI – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Related article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable The liars collective If you think people like Zaid Hamid, Aamir Liaquat and Atiqa Odho are kind of silly with their
General Kayani was behind conflict (and propaganda) on Kerry-Lugar bill: Wikileaks: کیری لوگر بل: ’کور کمانڈرز کا دباؤ ہے‘ وکی لیکس کی جانب سے جاری کی گئی امریکی سفارتی دستاویز میں کہا گیا ہے کہ پاکستان کی بری فوج کے سربراہ جنرل اشفاق پرویز کیانی نے امریکی سفیر کو بتایا
Mohsin Baig’s Online-International News Network: A news ‘agency’ you can trust!: Related article: Story of a spy agency’s news agency – by Aamer Ahmed Khan A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable News agency fails to confirm source of WikiLeaks disclosure
A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable: Related articles: Mohsin Baig’s Online-International News Network: A news ‘agency’ you can trust! Zafar Hilaly’s ‘hate India’ op-ed in service of his masters in the ISI Here is an excellent investigative article by our fellow bloggers at Cafe Pyala
Wikileaks prove that Dr Shahid Masood’s analysis was so right!: اک کہانی سنو سویرے سویرے نذیر ناجی وکی لیکس میں 2008ء اور 2009ء کے حوالے سے فوجی بغاوت کی جو خبریں‘ تجزیئے‘ حتیٰ کہ جنرل کیانی کا نام لے کر کھلی دعوتیں کہ وہ آگے بڑھ کر اقتدار پر
Geo TV and its team of Goebbels – by Irfan Urfi:
Khadim-e-Aala’s corruption in Punjab Government’s Health Department – by Farhad Jarral: In recent past, Khadim-e-Aala Punjab (CM Shahbaz Sharif) and his party chief (Nawaz Sharif) were found actively playing the flood politics against President Zardari and the federal government. A lot of press conferences were conducted by PML-N Chief to
Military Mullah Nexus – by Shahid Mahmood: Related articles on LUBP: General Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s letter to Mullah Baradar – by Hakim Hazik Taliban Apologist Court bars extradition of Mullah Baradar It is not a self-created tragedy that almost one million people gave up their lives
Transparency International’s damning report on Pakistan’s judiciary and army: An interesting fact which remains, in the main, ignored in various reports and media analyses of the Transparency International Pakistan’s Corruption Perception Index is the mentioning of two institutions which are ranked as most corrupt in today’s Pakistan, i.e.
Supreme Court’s NRO with the ISI: Adiala Jail chief arrested, ISI chief spared: Justice in Pakistan, at least at the country’s Supreme Court, is not blind. Currently infested by pro-Jamaat-e-Islami judges, the Court is extremely friendly with Pakistan’s military establishment while extremely hostile to progressive politicians and the democratic government. On many
Pakistani (pro-establishment) media’s war on politicians: Here is a valuable excerpt cross posted from Pakistan Media Watch: Let us review some recent incidents in our own media that have gone without even the slightest reprimand. On 7 October, a reporter for The Nation, Syed Fawad Ali
What spooked the justices? – by Kamran Shafi: So much that a sitting of all the 17 honourable judges of the Supreme Court (SC) was called at midnight on the basis of what is fast turning out to be just a rumour run by a private television
The night when judges could not sleep: An example of the ‘Geo-Judge alliance’ against Pakistan: Geo TV’s rumour mongering The Supreme Court’s “restraining order” to stop government functionaries from any moves to undermine the judiciary have brought to the fore the unsavoury role being played by a section of the electronic media [i.e., Jang
Who will hold the courts accountable? by Asad Jamal:   By Asad Jamal Source: Express Tribune The chief justice’s recent statement, that the judiciary has the authority to intervene if any institution crosses limits, has been received with caution. Further, his assertion that full care was being “invariably
Why is the Supreme Court delaying justice on the ISI’s role in the rigging of elections? – by Aamir Mughal: Aamir Mughal has compiled some excellent resources on his blog providing evidence of Pakistan Army’s (read ISI) historical illegal interference in the process of elections and the way our saviours in Pakistan Army distributed funds, threatened political opponents and