Supreme Court’s NRO with the ISI: Adiala Jail chief arrested, ISI chief spared

Supreme Court of Pakistan has effectively signed an NRO with the ISI

Justice in Pakistan, at least at the country’s Supreme Court, is not blind. Currently infested by pro-Jamaat-e-Islami judges, the Court is extremely friendly with Pakistan’s military establishment while extremely hostile to progressive politicians and the democratic government.

On many occasions (e.g., in its obsession with the Swiss accounts case, the out of turn elevation of Justice Saqib Nisar to the SCP, the unfair extension of Justice Ramday, the illegal hearing of the 18th amendment etc), the Supreme Court has proven that it is an integral part of the notorious Teen Jeem alliance (Judge, Journalist, Journail) against democracy.

Not long ago, we posted a number of articles proving that the Supreme Court has effectively signed an NRO with the ISI so that our lordship CJP and his cronies in the SCP could save their jobs.

Here is an incomplete list of articles pointing towards numerous delays in the verdict on the missing persons’ cases, and bizarre developments such as Justice Javed Iqbal declaring in March 2010 that no action would be taken against the intelligence agencies in the course of the case.

List of articles

Missing persons: No relief from the courts

Mrs. Janjua where art thou? – by pejamistri

The missing persons: All but forgotten by our saviour, the Chief Justice of Pakistan?

Nasrullah Baloch – “The Supreme Court No Longer Talks of the Missing Persons”

Amina Masood Janjua has changed her mind

The latest evidence of the SCP’s NRO with the ISI is its order to arrest the Adiala Jail chief because apparently the chief helped the ISI officials in illegally arresting (abducting) a number of persons freed by the Lahore High Court. Interestingly, the abductors have been left untouched by our saviours in LHC and SCP whereas the usual scapegoats (and the usual cannon-fodder), i.e., Police officials, have been arrested. Justice in Pakistan could not be uglier than that.

Here is a relevant news item:

Adiala Jail chief held in ‘abduction’ case

RAWALPINDI: The Adiala Jail Superintendent of Police Saeedullah Gondal and Deputy Superintendent of Police Khalid Bashir were arrested from outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The two police officers were arrested by the Rawalpindi police because they were wanted in a criminal case registered against them in Saddar Bairuni police station for the disappearance of 11 men who had been acquitted of the charges of four terrorism cases in June.

The two officials appeared before the Supreme Court, which had taken up the petition filed by the relatives of the acquitted men who later disappeared. The apex court, however, had not ordered the arrest of the SP.

The Saddar Bairuni police confirmed that the Adiala jail chief and the DSP were arrested on the orders of the Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi Bench. The case was registered after the relatives of the 11 men pleaded before court that those acquitted had not been released despite the orders for their release, leading to registration of a criminal case against the two officials and their arrest.

Later, this order was suspended by a Division Bench of LHC, when SP Gondal pleaded innocent. Gondal told the court that certain facts registered in the four identical petitions about the disappearance of the acquitted men had not been taken into consideration. He claimed that the relatives of the prisoners had themselves said that the acquitted prisoners were picked up by the intelligence agencies after their release.

Dr Niaz Ahmed, Mazharul Haq, Shafiqur Rehman, Muhammad Aamir, Abdul Majid, Abdul Basit, Abdul Saboor, Shafiqe Ahmed, Said Arab, Gul Roze and Tehseenullah had been acquitted by the anti-terrorism courts in the cases of firing rockets at Kamra Air Base in Attock, suicide attack on a bus of an intelligence agency and firing anti-aircraft bullets on the plane of former President Pervez Musharraf.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 27th, 2010.

On a not so unrelated note, judges in Pakistan, in the SCP and LHC in particular, have a history of being extremely lenient towards sectarian and jihadi terrorists. This incident might be no exception.



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