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Taliban supporting Ghairatmands like me are bleeding today – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: According to sources, the Swiss authorities made it clear the money laundering cases against President Asif Ali Zardari and others could not be reopened as they have died down forever being ‘time-barred’. That is to say the time (period)
Justice prevails at last — by Riaz Ali Toori: The response of the Swiss authorities in their refusal to open cases in their courts raises the question that if the letter was infructuous, why was an elected prime minister of Pakistan sacked? The Swiss authorities have eventually responded to
(کرپٹ” زرداری اورصادق وامین فرشتوں کی اصل کہانی (5″: پاکستانی آزادعدلیہ کی طرح سوئس عدالت کو “شریف” کرنے کی کاوِش تحریر: امام بخش ( قارئین گرامی! میں نے پچھلی  قِسط میں “صادق و امین فرشتوں”  یعنی شریفوں اور “آزاد”  ججوں کی سوئس کیس کے بارے میں “کرپٹ” آصف
3-کرپٹ” زرداری اورصادق وامین فرشتوں کی اصل کہانی”: تحریر: امام بخش ( آصف علی زرداری کے خلاف جھوٹ کی بنیا د پر بنائے گئے سارے کیسز کی تفاصیل لکھنے کے لئے توایک کتاب درکار ہوگی۔ جو کہ انشاءاللہ لکھی جائے گی کہ کس طرح “صادق و امین
Prior convictions and Pakistan’s president: In the last few weeks, news reports have appeared in the US which mischaracterize the history of allegations against Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari. The publication“KGS Nightwatch,” a nightly national security newsletter, reported that  Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari “was
Let’s write a letter to Swiss authorities – by Arbab Zaheer: I as a common Pakistani demand that the letter to Swiss Authorities be written demanding the reopening of cases against those who have “plundered” the nation as per our chief justice and his henchmen across the country. With the
Swiss case, memo scandal and CBDG – by Sikandar Mehdi: Recent revelation of Mansoor Ijaz’s fraud of $1.4 million judgment against him by NY Supreme Court has put Coalition to Bring Down Government (CBDG)  on the back foot. This coalition consists of Judiciary, Establishment and PML-N with news retail
The Swiss Letter: The popular notion about the Swiss case against President Zardari and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is that this case was suspended by the Swiss authorities after Attorney General, on behalf of the Pakistan Government had requested for it. This letter by
Arshad Sharif’s report on the Swiss case: ’پاکستان کی تاریخ کا افسوسناک دن‘ ۔ جب سپریم کورٹ نے پیر کو پاکستان کے عوام کے منتخب وزیراعظم یوسف رضا گیلانی پر این آر او یعنی قومی مفاہمتی آرڈیننس سے متعلق عدالتی فیصلے پر عمل درآمد کے مقدمے
Memo or Swiss letter: Who wins the special appearance award from SCP? – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
BB & Zardari’s innocence in Swiss Courts — by Sikandar Mehdi: Musharraf has himself spoken that no case was proven against them.   Musharraf has spoken once again. In his one of the recent interviews he has said plainly that there was no case proven against Benazir & Zardari. What
بُحران ٹَل گیا – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: Here I am sharing a poem with you originated in my mind last night after the (anti)climax of the Swiss cases hearing in the Supreme Court…
Reverse all decisions which have been effected by NRO – by Sikandar Mehdi: Last night I watched one time government’s defender in courts, Anwar Mansoor on Rana Mubashir’s show on NEWS ONE channel. If people have forgotten who Anwar Mansoor was, he was one of the turncoats like Dr. Shahid Masood. He held
Ansar Abbasi let lawyers be lawyers and you remain a journalist: Pakistan Media Watch in their critical response to Ansar Abbasi’s opinions have raised certain pertinent points which we at LUBP have been raising for a long time. Pakistan Media Watch believes and we concur that by running his opinions
Exclusive Interview with Daniel Zapelli, the Attorney General of Geneva. Don’t Miss: The has been much speculation over the reopening of the Swiss Cases which could never be substantiated with concrete proves in the last ten years. Primarily targeted at President Asif Ali Zardari, the Swiss Cases are begin used as
Plenipotent! Rule of law or rule of judges – by Saad Mansoor: The lawyers’ movement beginning on 9th March 2007 and ending after the restoration of judges on 16th March 2009 was a major milestone in the struggle for rule of law by people of Pakistan. However, little that goes on
A legal analysis of Article 248 and the presidential immunity – by Babar Sattar: In the following excerpt taken from his most recent op-ed in The News (3 April 2010), Babar Sattar examines some legal implications of Article 248 of Pakistan’s constitution, and advises judges in the Supreme Court to not to cross
Saif-ur-Rehman Chaudhry or Iftikhar-ur-Rehman? – by Faizi Mughal: There are always a few names in the history of every nation that are ever cursed and spitted. As a nation, our history also contains many such cursed personalities; and the Redco guy, Saif-ur-Rehman, leads that filth. At the
The judicial coup and authoritarianism – by H.A. Khan: In one of his recent TV appearances Dr. Lal Khan, a longtime Marxist, explained that in a capitalist state the judiciary will always  favour and to protect the vested interests of the ruling class. The current judicial crisis makes it
Some facts about the Swiss Case Scandal: The Facts about the ‘Swiss Case’ By Maj Gen (Retd) Ahsan Ahmed THE NATION – June 18, 2005 “We will use these twelve million dollars ob-tained from Benazir Bhutto & Asif Ali Zardari on the rehabilitation of rain victims”,