Swiss case, memo scandal and CBDG – by Sikandar Mehdi

Recent revelation of Mansoor Ijaz’s fraud of $1.4 million judgment against him by NY Supreme Court has put Coalition to Bring Down Government (CBDG) ¬†on the back foot.

This coalition consists of Judiciary, Establishment and PML-N with news retail outlets as their spokespersons. Mansoor Ijaz, a self projecting US citizen with Pakistani origin, has done many things to gain recognition in matters relating to Pak & US relationship. The man has been in news mostly for his negative involvement in such matters. To his credit he has appeared as commentator in a semi-porn women’s wrestling video. He is also credited for the involvement in dissolution of Benazir’s second government and then rightly so has criticized ISI and Pak Army. He even wrote articles suggesting US to declare ISI as “Terrorist Organization” (rightly so) due to its support to Taliban in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

But one fine morning, the ISI chief is meeting this same individual in UK for investigating the so called memo which was claimed to have been written by him on the directions of Pakistan’s US ambassador Hussain Haqqani. In the world of Looney toons they became new friends and opened up another front against the democratically elected government. They took the newly created Super Highway to stone wall democracy via Supreme Court. The SC which in last three years has established itself as one of the fiercest political force to reckon with, led by a person who has very chequered past as its chairman Iftikhar Choudhry went into a over drive.

Poor Iftikhar Choudhry is so gullible that he said ameen to the words coming out of the mouth of our lord Chief Of Army (Sipah e Salar). Iftikhar Choudhry forgot another Siph e Salar Musharraf said alot about him so that must also be true.

On the other hand the sudden release of the confidential meeting notes between Nawaz Sharif’s Swiss ambassador Inam Ullah and the investigating judge of SGS-Cotecna. Those confidential notes clearly describe the pressure Pak Ambassador put on him, judge in reply refused to indict Benazir & Zardari for money laundering as there was not enough evidence. The case met the same fate in Pakistan when audio tapes of LHC judge Justice Qayyum’s conversation with Nawz & Shabaz’s accountability point man Saif Ur Rehman. Whole establishment, Judiciary, Anti government parties, Media and so called civil society is crying at the top of their lungs with the firm knowledge of the credibility of the case.

Other part relating to the Swiss case is the immunity given to the presiden under the constittion. CBDG wants President to let go of the immunity, some circles of coalition even wants this immunity to be removed from the constitution.

CBDG must have to rethink their strategy. With the sudden appearance of leaked Swiss document and credibility of their star witness in Memo scandal coalition is once again putting its heads together for new adventurism. We have to wait and see their new move.

The derailment of democracy in the second decade of 21st century has taken a new twist. last decade of last century saw Army taking action against democracy and then one of its trooper jumps in to take control and judiciary quickly validating all the illegal steps. In new formula army has totally change the scenario they bring down the government thru judiciary rather than going to it afterwards.



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