Let’s write a letter to Swiss authorities – by Arbab Zaheer

I as a common Pakistani demand that the letter to Swiss Authorities be written demanding the reopening of cases against those who have “plundered” the nation as per our chief justice and his henchmen across the country.

With the incumbent PPP government incompetent to write such things in order to massage the ego of their leadership, I as common Pakistani demand that the government of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf do the following:

· Admit their fault for having not written the letter in the first place

· Issue a specific power of attorney in the name of Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan authorizing on behalf of the State of Pakistan to write a letter with contents suitable to his and his controlled institution’s liking

· The power of attorney be issued with a unanimous resolution from the Parliament authorizing the government to issue such an instrument

· Prior to that the Sindh Assembly and Balochistan Assembly issue letters to the Parliament to begin the process

· The legislative assembly of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan also should recommend the same

· After the power of attorney is issued, the government should send a laser printer and a stenotypist to type the contents of the letter at the Supreme Court

· Once the letter is written, the Prime Minister offers the resource of Post Master General of any district as per the choice of the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to personally hand deliver the letter in Zurich, Bern or Geneva. It will be Post Master General’s job to get a receiving of the letter and give it exclusively to Geo for its breaking news

It may further be noted that the power of attorney be issued for a time of 4 working days as Ramadan is approaching and this being an important task, the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan should not be allowed to sit on it for years and hound the PPP government.




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