The judicial coup and authoritarianism – by H.A. Khan

In one of his recent TV appearances Dr. Lal Khan, a longtime Marxist, explained that in a capitalist state the judiciary will always  favour and to protect the vested interests of the ruling class.

The current judicial crisis makes it clear that the judicial organ of the state seeks to rule the country, unfettered, in an authoritarian manner. It also makes transparent the judges’ hatred towards the largest political party in Pakistan (PPP), and their contempt for the majority of voters of this country and the parliament.

I have always admired the mother of renowned journalist Arundhati Roy for declaring in court that she ‘cannot accept judicial dictatorship and will always fight against it’. In the Pakistani context, it is very clear that after the restoration of judges, ordinary people are actually facing more miseries than before. Lawyers have increased their fees, making an already expensive judicial system more burdensome.

I ask the honourable ‘free’ judiciary the following very simple things:

1. When an innocent Christian girl Shazia Masih was killed in Lahore by a leading lawyer, the LHC bar and bench shielded their loyal advocate and ignored the appeals of the poor parents of Shazia.

2. This ‘free’ judiciary is always interested to dig the old graves of the Swiss Accounts Scandal but they don’t have a moral courage to admit that Mr Asif Zardari has been victimized by judiciary in the past 11 years, and that he gave his golden 11 years for the sake of justice and democracy in Pakistan.

3. The ‘free’ judiciary pledges to open up the Swiss Case against President Zardari, but lacks the humanity to close politically motivated cases against Benazir Bhutto, even after she gave her life for the cause of democracy and a free judiciary.

4. The superhero Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his allies very swiftly took action against the NAB Prosecutor General who had just  filed three references against the Sharif brothers just three days prior. But what about the honourable judges who still fail to implement the price of sugar at the rate of Rs40 per kilo, something which affects the 180 million people of Pakistan.

5. The self-proclaimed hero Iftikhar Chaudhry was very happy to commend the ‘sacrifice’ of one of his fellow judges, Justice Saqib Nisar, but he does not have a spare moment to pay tribute to the people and the martyrs whom stood for democracy.

6. The honourable judges consider themselves as a saviour of the constitution of Pakistan, but by acting against the democratically elected President of the country, and furthermore by sacking the NAB officials, they themselves are acting as conspirators and gladiators against the Constitution.

7. They acted against the constitution when they appointed Justice Khalil Ramday (a loyalist of PML-N) as an adhoc judge without the consent of the President of Pakistan.

Now here is my advice to the PPP leadership:

Lenin once said: “One who does not learn from this history is always condemned to repeat it.”

My dear leaders of PPP, whatever you do, by either gate crashing into judiciary galas, or by inviting the super judicial hero at your premises, remember they will snub the people’s government, and they will never ever give you any good credit for whatsoever your efforts may be to end any crisis.

Unfortunately in our country there are two classes, one which is not answerable to any court of law for any thing they do, and the other class has no access to any court of law. Law in Pakistan is just like a spider web in which only and always the poor get struck and the rich always smash it.



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