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Senator Rehman Malik exposes corruption by Sharif Brothers: Senator Rehman Malik’s press conference on Sharif Brothers and corruption/Money laundering. LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, Rehman Malik on Monday exposed modus operandi of corruption how Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif’s family multipled their wealth. Mr. Malik also
If Zardari must hang – by Harris Bin Munawar:   Originally Posted at: Pakistan Today Top leaders of Pakistan Army decided in a meeting last week that they would make no compromises on ‘national security’, and according to reports, also promised to provide protection to Mansoor Ijaz –
Adliya Azad Hay for PML-N: We now concur that our Adliya is Azad. It is free 100%. It is free for all the Muslim Leagues. Be in the N or the Q. While, Moonis Ilahi’s acquittal has found front page space, another case involving
Playing ‘flood politics’ and mobilizing ‘change campaign’: The sad truth is that Sharif brothers are playing politics with the lives of flood victims and also mobilizing & leading vicious ‘change campaign’ against civilian elected government. CH Pervaiz Elahi, senior central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, has
The unethical mindset- by Sardar Nadir Farooq Ali: There is to my mind absolutely no need to comment on the merits and demerits of the now infamous resolution passed by the Punjab assembly against the media imposing restrictions on the media’s fundamental right of freedom of expression
Shaheen Sehbai’s Viewpoint – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Shaheen Sehbai could have easily been a better playwright if he focused on churning conspiracy driven soap operas for Geo TV than to come out with his viewpoints which are getting funnier by the day to read. As they
Hating Zardari – by Shakir Hussain: Source: The News Whenever people ask me about the funniest Asif Zardari joke I’ve ever heard, my response is always, “That he is the most successful president in the 63 year history of Pakistan.” I can picture readers cringing,
Whats Up in the GHQ? – by Ayesha Siddiqa: Source: Ayesha Siddiqa Blog One Karachi based Mr Seagul has been writing on the issue of higher defense management especially the comparative powers of the army chief versus that of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staffs Committee. In a
The judicial coup and authoritarianism – by H.A. Khan: In one of his recent TV appearances Dr. Lal Khan, a longtime Marxist, explained that in a capitalist state the judiciary will always  favour and to protect the vested interests of the ruling class. The current judicial crisis makes it