Exclusive Interview with Daniel Zapelli, the Attorney General of Geneva. Don’t Miss

The has been much speculation over the reopening of the Swiss Cases which could never be substantiated with concrete proves in the last ten years. Primarily targeted at President Asif Ali Zardari, the Swiss Cases are begin used as Case in point to disqqualify him from the office of the President.

The international laws do not allow for the trial of Head of State until they assume Office. The Article 248 of the Constitution grants immunity to the President in this regard. Despite this, the Judiciary and the Media Brigade has been pressing in on the Government to pursue the Swisss Cases. Fauzia Wahab, Secretary Information of the PPP has reiterated that the Swisss Cases were politicaly motivated to malign the Leadership of PPP.

Please watch an exclusive interview of Daniel Zapelli the Attorney General of Geneva on Prime Time Show with Rana Mubashir on News One Saturday 10th April 6:20pm.

Get the facts right to know that the money laundering case and the SGS/Cotecna case were politically motivated

Don’t Miss out today. Prime Time with Rana Mubashir. News ONe. 6:30 pm on Saturday, 10 April 2010.



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