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Imran Khan accepts Mullah Omar as his leader:   In an interview with  Fareeha Idrees, 8pm” Waqt News – 27th September 2012 , Imran Khan was emphatic in his agreement with the ideology, stance and direction of Sheikh Rashid’s Pro-Taliban worldview.  In responding to a specific question about
Ignore this ISI dork!: Ikhtiar Hussain I think the people at LUBP have gone overboard condemning Sheikh Rasheed for calling upon the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhy to “Kill the Bastard,” i.e., President Zarrdari..  As if Chaudhry Iftikhar, the bootlicker of the generals, has
Sheikh Rashid and Imran Khan’s film flop before release: PPP Scholars Wing:
Imran Khan aur Sheikh Rashid aik doosre ki zararot hein -by Nusrat Javed: Source: Daily Express
Sheikh Rashid’s speech must not go unnoticed by judiciary – by Syed Adeel Abbas: Pakistan is at war! There are several interrelated armed conflicts underway in Pakistan. According to conservative estimates about 35,600 Pakistanis have been killed after 9/11 and more than 40,000 have been injured during that period by the various parties
Sheikh Rashid, an Imran Khan ally, urges Pakistan’s Chief Justice to kill President Zardari: In a joint political rally by Imran Khan’s PTI and Sheikh Rashid’s Awami Muslim League in garrison town of Rawalpindin, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed called upon the Chief Justice of Pakistan to “kill the bast***d before he kills you”. He is alleged
Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid must not apologize to liberal fascists – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Many a times when I read statements by Hazrat Imran Khan and other holy leaders of the PTI, it reassures me that PTI will restore the national sport of hockey to its former glory, Jazakallah! Our skills to deflect
Hujjaji’s wisdom dump: Save the Burmese Ummah, love Kashmir and thank the ban on Shia website: Dear Ghairatmand (honourable) Bakistanis as well as the liberal fascist scum, Please note that Rafzi (Shia) are crying bloody murder these days. They are playing the victim card and wanting us to cry for them.  Don’t they know that we
Talkshow politician — ‘Sheeda Tully’: The prophesier of doom whose all predictions have proven wrong in the last four years By Adnan Rehmat Nobody calls him just “Sheikh”, or “Rasheed”, or even “Ahmed”. It has to be “Sheikh Rasheed”. But that’s just on TV
Nusrat Javed on mourning anchors and their favourite politician: نصرت جاوید کا شمار شعلہ بیان اور مرثیہ خواں؛ قومی غیرت کے نام پر ‘ریٹنگ، دولت اور شہرت کےپیچھے ہلکان ہونے والے’ اینکرز میں نہیں ہوتا، بلکہ ان کا شماران دوچارصحافی حضرات میں ہوتا ہے، جو عقل واستدلال، منطق
Sheikh Rashid League -by Nazir Qaiser: اردو اور پنجابی کے معروف منفرد تیکھے لہجے اور بلند آہنگ شاعر اور ادیب نذیر قیصر روزنامہ مشرق کیلئے روزانہ قطعہ لِکھ رہے ہیں۔ ہم آج کا قطعہ قارئین کی خِدمت میں کراس پوسٹ کر رہے ہیں اک تانگے،
Who will ask the negotiators and designers of NRO?: ہمارے ہاں قانون کی حکمرانی، کرپشن کے خاتمہ، اور جمہوریت کی مضبوطی کے لیۓ جب بھی احتساب کا عمل شروع کیا جاتا ہے، تو اس کا دائرہ پیپیلز پارٹی تک محدود رہتا ہے۔ اور عموما” فوجی ڈکٹیٹر اور ان
Nusrat Javeed’s article on Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Osama bin Laden: Source: Daily Express
Trust deficit emerges into newly Muslim League alliance: Related Articles: PML-N alliance with Musharraf League: Tariq Azeem to meet Nawaz In London Nawaz Sharif’s alliance with Musharraf League: Where are the principles now? IJI style game plan IJI style game plan: phase two One day after the
Ansar Abbasi at his best, yet again- by Ali Asad:   This is the latest from from Ansar Abbasi’s bag. His report titled “Benazir, Musharraf joined hands to keep Nawaz out” was published in The News on October 17, 2010. He has referred Shaikh Rashid for this revelation. These
Q and F merge to form APML: Pir Pagara, chief of the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) said all generals of the Pak Army are patriots, adding the Army would not force into the scene at anyone’s behest; instead, it would come on time. Talking to media
Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehreek-e-Insaf and the Realpolitik – by Nadeem Paracha: The JI and PTI’s popularity remains limited to a handful to carefully selected talkshows. Realpolitik The recently concluded by-election in Rawalpindi’s NA-55 constituency, the interest and voter turnout it generated, was a healthy sign for the democratic process. It
NA-55, Democracy’s last chortle – by Qudrat Ulla: The recently concluded NA-55 by-elections in the heart of Rawalpindi were highly capricious in many ways- it was the finale political Armageddon of the shrewd Sheikh of Potohar in which he tried to play all his tricks but to
The shameful role of Geo TV in Rawalpindi by-poll: Our fellow bloggers at Cafe Pyala have recently exposed the shameful role of Geo TV and Hamid Mir in the recent by-elections in NA-55. Nadeem Paracha too has written an article on this topic, an excerpt from which is
Voters in NA-55 mistakenly gave vote to ‘Lion’ thinking it was Imran Khan? A sneak peek into PTI Forum: Related article: Imran Khan will sweep next elections – by Abdul Nishapuri Here is an overview of unofficial results of NA-55 by-elections announced by the returning officer: 1) 63888 Shakeel Awan (PML-N) 2) 42530 Sheikh Rasheed (AML) 3) 5020
When Sheikh Rashid said about Benazir: “She heats up like a . . . .”: If you go to the NA-55 area of Rawalpindi these days, you will be struck by the billboards which show Sheikh Rashid with Benazir. The impression one will get is that Sheikh Rashid stands for Benazir. He, for his
Advocate Naeem Bokhari’s letter to Pakistan’s controversial Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry: In the light of the recent emphasis on principles of merit and justice as reiterated by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on numerous occasions, it is pertinent to revisit the letter written by the Supreme Court Lawyer
Attack on Sheikh Rashid: the other side of the story: By Omar Khattab in Rawalpindi There is a lot of confusion in Rawalpindi and elsewhere in Pakistan about who would have wanted to kill Shiekh Rashid. This is what happened: Yesterday as he was coming out of his election