Ansar Abbasi at his best, yet again- by Ali Asad


A low IQ, desperate journalist!

This is the latest from from Ansar Abbasi’s bag. His report titled “Benazir, Musharraf joined hands to keep Nawaz out” was published in The News on October 17, 2010. He has referred Shaikh Rashid for this revelation. These ten points are so ridiculous that I have serious doubts about his IQ. There is no doubt that BB wanted to get FABRICATED cases against her dropped and I think it was her RIGHT. All points from 1 to 6 are of common cause except of course the withdrawal of cases specifically pertaining to BB.

Point No. 7 pertains both for BB and NS. Both had been PM twice. How could continuity of “BAR ON THIRD TIME” block PML-N and not the PPP from making the next government as it applied to both BB and NS. Ansar Abbasi does not tell the nation what magic the PML-N-MMA could do to gain seats for formation of next government but PPP-PML-Q could not if the bar would have been removed before elections. The 2002 assembly position was that PPP+PML-Q+MQM+ANP was far ahead of PML-N+MMA combine)

Also note that even after the elimination of BB, PML-N which had full opportunities could not get a single seat from two provinces. I shudder to think what may have happened had elections taken place on the original date of January 8, 2008. Because of the postponement by 40 days, we saw Nawaz Sharif traveling from one city to another, doing corner meetings and even speaking from the sun roof of his vehicles. Had the elections taken place as planned on the original date, PML-N may not have won even 50% of the seats won.

Point No. 8 relates to amendment President Powers which all parties wanted.

Point No. 9 says” As per existing agreement, BB will return to Pakistan by the end of the year, however, if NS makes an early return, she too will be welcomed “.

This points threatens the IQ of Ansar Abbasi, read carefully BB’s return was made conditional i.e “if NS returns”. It means BB would

After having campaigned to ensure Sheikh Rashid loses elections, Ansar Abbasi misuses him for a story!

return after NS. This point makes the so called agreement as between Musharraf and NS instead of between Musharraf and BB.

The alliance between PPP and PML-Q could not reach during the whole tenure of 2002 elections so this point is as ridiculous as all others.

Even otherwise the actual facts and turn of the events negate this agreement, BB returned before the elections and was assassinated. The wave of sympathy was neutralized by “the powers that be” through loadshedding of electricity and shortfall of flour in the Punjab and thus bringing PML-Q in direct confrontation with PML-N and the results of Punjab were manipulated to block PPP Govt. in the Punjab.

Benazir, Musharraf joined hands to keep Nawaz out
The News, October 17, 2010
By Ansar Abbasi
 ISLAMABAD: Once the blue-eyed boy of General (R) Musharraf, Rawalpindi’s Shaikh Rashid Ahmad has shared with The News an unsigned 10-point agreement, which he claims was reached between the former dictator and Benazir Bhutto in July 2007 and led to the promulgation of the controversial NRO.
The document reveals far more than what is in the public knowledge and says that the Mush-BB deal was meant to keep Nawaz Sharif out of power and pave the way for a future PPP-PML-Q coalition government.
The Shaikh’s secret, which he insists is true, shows BB and Musharraf felt threatened by a possible alliance between Nawaz League and the religious alliance MMA.
The document talks of withdrawal of cases against Benazir Bhutto, assurance of the PPP to get Musharraf re-elected as president without uniform, fair and free elections, removal of third-term restriction after the elections to block Nawaz Sharif from coming into power and many other conditions.
Later, however, things changed. Shaikh Rashid said that the unsigned document he possessed was titled “Understanding between President and BB”, and contained the following 10 points:
1) Cases related to BB will be withdrawn around 30th August 2007.
2) The PPP will support the government for legislation/constitutional amendments to remove difficulties, if any, for the president’s election without uniform for the second term in September/October, 2007.
3) The president will remove the uniform before this election subject to a firm commitment by the PPP to vote for him or abstain.
4) Government will ensure free and fair elections through a neutral Election Commission. Voters list is being rectified to the satisfaction of all parties.
5) An interim government in consultation with the political parties will be formed before the general elections to ensure neutrality.
6) All the cases of the NAB against the politicians to be frozen till elections are held. The NAB Act will be reviewed by a commission to make the law balanced.
7) Third term restriction on election of prime ministers will be removed after the elections. It needs to continue for the time being to block possibility of formation of PML-N-MMA alliance government headed by NS (Nawaz Sharif).
8) BB desires that Article 58 2(b) of the constitution, which allows the president to dissolve the assemblies, should be amended.
9) As per existing agreement, BB will return to Pakistan by the end of the year, however, if NS makes an early return, she too will be welcomed.
10) PPP and PML-Q will form an alliance after the elections.

Tahir Sarwar Mir’s column on Sheikh Rashid and Ansar Abbasi (Express, 18 Oct 2010):



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