Trust deficit emerges into newly Muslim League alliance

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“Politics makes strange bed-fellows”. The reunification of all Muslim Leagues, once again all the turn coats getting together.

One day after the formation of the Muttahida Muslim League alliance, a group from within voiced its concerns over the nomination for the head of the steering committee. The move for the grand alliance suffered a major setback by the PML-Q, which kept itself a distance from merger move, Although the Chaudhrys of Gujrat were initially agreeable-but now it’s leadership set conditions that they would be on board only if those who left them first, came back.

“We believe that there are only three factions of Muslim Leagues… PML-N, PML-Q and PML-F…we have asked Pir Pagara to ask the leaders of PML-Q break away factions to first come back to the party fold, before moving ahead for any alliance or merger,” said Kamil Ali Aga information secretary of PML-Q. He added that Sheikh Rashid, Ijaz ul Haq, Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta and Saleem Saifullah all betrayed the PML-Q and made their own factions.

Reacting to the formation of  MML,  Syed Ahmed Saeed Kirmani on Saturday said the alliance of four Muslim League factions has yet to explore its justification, as alliances are always based upon ideas and principles. The Muttahida Muslim League (MML) that has emerged from illusory forces efforts is a merger of four factions of the League — PML(F), PML(Zia), PML(Like-minded) and Awami Muslim League, -mostly one-man-show parties -and  the broken away “like minded” group of PML-Q.

The group within MML also complained that it was not taken into confidence over the nomination of the committee members.

Chairman Muttahida Muslim League (MML), Pir Pagara, who enjoys the reputation as the GHQ’s cognomen, has sacked the coordinator of steering committee Imtiaz Sheikh after objections were raised on the formulation of steering committee by PML-(Likeminded) faction. Differences emerged in the newly formatted alliance of MML.

Sources said that Chief of MML, Pir Pagara to address the objections of PML-Likeminded and remain unifying the alliance decided to increase the members of steering committee. Sources said that the decision regarding the new coordinator of steering committee will be taken in next meeting scheduled on November 04 with the consultation of all factions.(Online international news network)

All military dictators ranging from Ayub Khan to Pervez Musharraf have all used the Muslim League banner to cobble together a willing coalition of political disgruntled, opportunists and turncoats that could offer a democratic smoke screen, obliteration, obscuration, and camouflage to their authoritarian adventurism.

Pir Pagara and his special friends living in Pindi want, that  all Muslim leagues ranging from A-Z to join MML as  member parties, in order to create IJI style[anti PPP]alliance, but in present circumstances, it seems, PML- N and Q can have a political alliance with MML but will not merge into MML to lose their identity and sans Sharifs and Chaudharys MML  not significant enough to make any difference in present political scenario or derail democratic system.

But hope still alive for the new MML dreamers; the PML-N leadership is ready for talks with the leaders of Muttahida Muslim League- and former Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali is expected to meet PML-N leaders next week to formally invite the PML-N to join the Muttahida Muslim League to develop once again anti PPP alliance especially in Sindh.

It also seems, that  Pir  Pagara or his bosses are ignorant about the actual facts and figures and they are unable to understand present democratic realities and harsh conditions;  Pakistan is facing tough time of its history, flood crises is still not over, also facing a horrible insurgency, terrorism, extremism, and thousand of people killed in suicide attacks.

According to Daily Times Editorial, ” Historically, the unification of Muslim League only comes about when some shadowy forces are at work. Otherwise, their practice has been to ‘unite later, split first’.”

Déjà vu all over again

Another bid to ‘unify’ the different factions of the Muslim League is being witnessed these days under the patronage of Pir Pagara. The Muttahida Muslim League (MML) that has emerged from these efforts is a merger of four factions of the League — PML(F), PML(Zia), PML(Like-minded) and Awami Muslim League. Historically, the unification of Muslim League only comes about when some shadowy forces are at work. Otherwise, their practice has been to ‘unite later, split first’. The Muslim League has very often been the handmaiden of dictators and part of anti-democratic manoeuvres in our history. Under newly appointed president Pir Pagara, PML-Q’s dissident group who like to call themselves ‘like-minded’ have joined the MML bandwagon in yet another opportunistic move, perhaps encouraged by the ‘invisible angel’ friends of the Pir. It is ironic that Allama Iqbal and Jinnah’s Muslim League has remained hijacked by opportunists for the most part of our history as an independent country. These ‘men for all seasons’ waste no time in hopping from one party to another, depending on in which direction the favourable wind is blowing, just to remain close to the powers-that-be. The PML-Q and the PML-N have not yet shown any interest in joining the MML while it is not yet clear why Musharraf’s All Party Muslim League (APML) has not been given a seat at the new table.

Despite that, PML-N spokesperson Ahsan Iqbal dubbed the MML as Musharraf’s “alumni club” and said that “various alliances and individuals are being fielded with a plan to divide the PML-N vote bank in the next elections” in a bid to obstruct its success in the future. On the other hand, the PPP’s moves to woo the PML-Q, and the latter’s opening a channel to Shahbaz Sharif might be among the reasons why the Chaudhry brothers have not yet become a part of the MML, preferring an enigmatic silence so far. The PPP’s government is surviving by default as there is no other alternative in sight and no other party is willing to take responsibility for the multiple crises in the country. Even those who want to see the back of the PPP are in a bind as there is no other option available to bring a change of government through the electoral/democratic process. Thus, it must be asked if unifying the Muslim League is a political move to create some ripples in the ‘stagnant’ political landscape. Everyone is trying to explore some new options these days. Therefore, it is possible that the four factions that have joined the MML platform having become virtually irrelevant politically, have now come together to gain some political mileage. It is no secret that Pir Pagara is the blue-eyed boy (read old hand) of the GHQ and the MML’s inspirational roots therefore seemingly trail back to Rawalpindi. If indeed this is the case and these manoeuvres are afoot to create new possibilities, its implications are serious. Some powerful forces want an end to this government.

Under these circumstances, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s overconfidence in his government should be taken with a pinch of salt. Mr Gilani may not be afraid of the unification of the Muslim League, but if those lurking in the shadows succeed in their aims, the PPP should be worried. The MML’s chances of becoming a powerful political entity are quite dim, yet we never know what conspiracies are being hatched behind closed doors. There are indeed no permanent friends or enemies in politics, and certainly not in Pakistani politics. *

Some more interesting developments are in the offing, as General Musharaf’s Party could not attract much attention of the organizers, due to Nawaz factor, so now APML, has decided to issue a 20-point charge sheet against Mian Nawaz Sharif. And the relationship between PML-N and PML-Q has been so tense in the past that theoretically there are very dim chances of an alliance between the Sharifs and Chaudharys. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said on Saturday Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif habitually blamed others for his follies and took credit for others’ good work. He criticised the performance of the incumbent chief minister and blamed him for Punjab’s current ‘dismal’ situation. He said on the one hand Sharif failed to launch even a single mega project in the province and on the other he was removing plaques of his (Elahi’s) name from the projects initiated or completed by his government.

Nobody is safe anymore in Punjab, he said, advising Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to stop calling himself “Khadim-i-Ala (servant of the people).”

So, we  can say that right now present political situation is not very much favorable for the grand anti PPP alliance.



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