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سعودی سفیر سے ملاقات کے بعد چودھری شجاعت کے اصولی موقف میں تبدیلی – صداۓ اہلسنت: عمران و قادری دھرنا ملک کے لئے نقصان دہ تھا – چوہدری شجاعت سعودی عرب کے سفیر عبداللہ المرزوق الزاھروی سے ملاقات کا یہ اثر تو ہونا تھا مسلم لیگ قائد اعظم کے سربراہ چوہدری شجاعت حسین اور ان
Blasphemy laws, extremists’ reaction and life threatening comments: Related Articles: Now the whole world demands: repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy law Asia Bibi likely to be pardoned by President Asif Ali Zardari Shia physician charged with blasphemy in Hyderabad Sindh The impact of blasphemy laws on human rights It
Trust deficit emerges into newly Muslim League alliance: Related Articles: PML-N alliance with Musharraf League: Tariq Azeem to meet Nawaz In London Nawaz Sharif’s alliance with Musharraf League: Where are the principles now? IJI style game plan IJI style game plan: phase two One day after the
Blast from the past: Unnecessary Criticism of the Kerry Lugar Bill – 8th October 2009: It’s been more than a year that all the hoo-haa started on the Kerry-Lugar Bill. I had written a post then about the Unnecessary Criticism of the aid package. It becomes all the more ironic now that the same
Q and F merge to form APML: Pir Pagara, chief of the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) said all generals of the Pak Army are patriots, adding the Army would not force into the scene at anyone’s behest; instead, it would come on time. Talking to media
A review of PML-Q and other factions of PML – by Amir Mateen: PML-O (O for Others) By Amir Mateen Friday, April 02, 2010 ISLAMABAD: Mohammad Ali Jinnah must be turning in his grave at the various Muslim League factions that are pandering his name and integrity for their political perpetuation, and
NRO Actually! (1st Instalment Of Truth) – by Marvi Sirmed: Selection by: Jarri Mirza Article written by: Marvi SirmedBefore I write something about my own personal take on NRO and its legitimacy, I would like to analyze what it actually is and what it is about. While we hear
Did ISI plan to kill Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry? Hamid Mir:
Cannibalising the PMLQ: Just as the nation was trying to concentrate its mind on the financial crisis and the Balochistan earthquake, party politics has descended to its murkiest, with “forward bloc” rumours springing thick and fast in Islamabad and Lahore. In a