Judicial coup is the only solution now! – by Ahsan Abbas

Hell be upon the people of NA151 who broke all the hopes of an “Improved IJI”

The “Pious and Patriot” Jihadi coalition of PMLN, PTI, JI, SSP, under the leadership and command of “Leader of the Faithful” Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry (commonly know as #IftikharMental in Pakistan’s social media) equipped with the “Sword” of Media again failed to achieve its goals.

CJ Chaudhry refused to take oath from the Chief Election Commissioner until Friday. Justice Shakarullah Jan, the right hand man of “free” Judiciary, remained present in Multan all the day, but alas nothing could be achieved.

“Government is too hasty in bringing Laws of her own choice”, says my Lord while addressing to the media.

Can I ask him, Sir! What about the “Laws” you defined just for NA151?

Now the people of Pakistan have become “Gustakh” (blasphemers) to the extent that 64,628 men and women have committed the “Tauheen e Adalat” by voting for Abdul Qadir Gilani, the son of a “Convicted PM”.

May I make a humble request to My Lord to charge all of these voters with the “Contempt of Court”, a great “Dagger” to kill Democracy

Very interestingly, ARY TV host Waseem Badami took Mr AQ Gilani on a phone call and tried his level best to provoke him to say something against the CJ, which might be charged as “Tauheen e Adalat”

“No Comments” said Gilani, leaving the host in despair.

Tears pour down my cheeks, when I think of Mr Irfan Siddiqui, the “Raiwind Wordsworth” of the Jang Group. He was specially deputed to bring down Gilani and being too loyal to his “duty” his every column started and finished with “Syed Zada of Multan”.

A “Pay Rise” must have been promised to Mr Siddiqui by Sharifs but his Eid has been turned into Muharram by this sad victory of the public.

“Will Mr Siddiqui give up writing now”? ONLY He might answer the question

I would say, its a great day in the history of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan have opted once again to vote in the favor democracy defeating the forces which want to derail democracy  through illegal and unfair means. People stand united against evil coalition unfortunately headed by Chief Justice whose son has become a billionaire in less than three Years.

Who would make the next Government has been written on walls of Pakistan, from Sindh to Multan!

After seeing the results, I really salute Zaid Hamid who in his letter to Mr Chaudhry and the Army Chief had openly suggested to “Kick out the People’s elected Government and make a Government of pious and patriotic people”.

I believe, that’s is the ONLY choice left now:

Be ready, a Judicial Coup is on the way.


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15 responses to “Judicial coup is the only solution now! – by Ahsan Abbas”

  1. Ha Ha Ha……

    This Column should be sent to CJ,IK,PMLN Supporters

    Yes there is a big chance of Judicial Coup as all the hopes of this “Jihadi Coalition” have dashed to the ground

    Allah save Democracy

  2. The word comes out from Chief Justice is law, the doing from chief justice is rules and the action by cheif justice is only democracy. I dont kwow what the rival forces will do with the current govt. Might planin a judiciary coup.

    A sentence let me to attention and think is:-

    Now the people of Pakistan have become “Gustakh” (blasphemers) to the extent that 64,628 men and women have committed the “Tauheen e Adalat” by voting for Abdul Qadir Gilani, the son of a “Convicted PM”.

    Remember their is blasphemey law for those who looks on judes in narrow eyes.


    Yasir A Khan
    Kabul Afghanistan

  3. haha haha haha Great article Shah jee!!!

    I remained critic of PPP govt for 4 and half years.. but Cheap justice’s biased decisions created sympathy for PPP.
    Surely they became SIASI SHAHEED and PPP proved “Aik Zardari Sab pay bhari”

    People have made their decisions and I fear “Agli Bari Phir Zardari”

    but May Allah’s mercy on our nation to not hear
    “Meray Aziz Hamwatno!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Ashan Sahib you have very rightly depicted the true picture of happenings in this poor country. However, people of Pakistan would never let this Corrupt Chief Justice and tola of Thugs belonging to one particular mind Set, which led to the disintegration of Pakistan to prevail under any circumstances. Now once anti democracy power grabbers are teaming together under another Ranjit Singh from Central Punjab.Inshala time is not that far away when democracy loving people of Pakistan shall hang this Ranjit Singh as well in Shahi Qila Lahore.

  5. Sir, truth of the day has been highlighted in your article.The massage needs to be circulated among the democracy loving people of Pakistan to see the dirty face of this corrupt person out to disrupt already weak and fragile democracy in this country. This corrupt Tola headed by the hand picked anti-democracy Chief Justice got to be exposed. NA-151 shall act as a last nail in their coffin.

  6. Chief/thief justice will work to destabilize Pakistan till his death. He is working with taliban & anti Pakistan agencies. Rcent election shows that people of Pakistan reject taliban & decisions of thief justice.

  7. Due to public awareness Army can’t impose dictatorship but Army is standing behind and giving free control to our “free Adlia”.

    Very true written Mr Ahsan Judicial coup is on its way. The only solution from this judicial coup is people stand up against this dictator cheap justice.

    May Allah save Pakistan from this dictator CJ.

  8. Excellent article. CJ has to see writing on the wall. All this he has done to protect himself and his industrious son!

  9. The most interesting article of this time:)
    Chiep justice and co. should be ashamed of what they had been doing in the name of “good” and “religious duty”.
    This rightist elite had always tried to derail democracy and rule the public as they wish. Now is the time to get rid of this evil mafia. To remove this jehadi element, one needs a lot of courage.

    keep the good work going Ahsan sab.

  10. Chief Justice has other ideas. Establishment has given him the full directives to form a parallel government against the sitting government elected by the peoples of Pakistan. It is no secret, during pre-election campaign in NA-151, the sides of roads were full of bill boards depicting larger than life portraits of Chief Justice. The Chief Justice didn’t take any suo moto action. This is the first set back on the grand plan by three jeems(generals, jihadis and judiciary)for reducing the PPP into nonety in the come election. The author has rightly said that Multan election was the litmus paper for vested interests.

    But it is no time for jubilation. The evil forces will change their strategy. They have forgotten Imran’s tsunami, and there are clandestinely efforts to create a cooperating election alliance between PML-N and PTI. Other forces like JI, JUI, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkare Tayyaba et al will also join this grand alliance against PPP. On the other hand, efforts would be sped up to create differences between the strong alliance between PPP-MQM-ANP.

    Media must realize if PPP govt. is overthrown in the next election, PPP would not be at a loss, PPP has faced more than worst oppressions on their person, they will sustain and survive as the history tells. But, hell gates would open for media. “You are independent to lambast as much as you can on PPP, true or false no worries. But, never ever raise finger on us and on our puppet government. Remember Salim Shahzad and likes of him”. Bigger dream is being seen by our beloved sitting CJ. Under article 179 the pesent CJ would stand retired on 12 Dec. 2013. Before this date, he wants amendment to change the retiring age of 65 to 70. There is nothing beautiful and attractive than being a powerful entity, repurcussion or no repurcussion, country or no country.

  11. Surah Al Inaam (116).
    “And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.”

    All I can sense is that Zardari & Co are the true representatives of this nation. This nation deserve them.

    All of you are following the decision of majority (The BEAUTY of JamHoooriyat!!)

    I read a column, which i think every one should read.
    Take out some extra minutes and read and then think