A letter to Anti Peoples Party (APP)

Author: Realistic Voice

Dear APP (Anti Peoples Party),

Thank you so very much for supporting and voting for Aslam Bosan in NA-151, Multan. You have come a long way from 1969 to 2012.

You have snatched 60,000 votes from the fort of Gilani, Multan and that’s a big success. By this, you tried your best to eliminate Peoples Party from the face of politics. Peoples Party will never forget this unpleasant mark on their face. You have reduced their lead in previous election from 30,000 to mere 4,000 and have shown them when a nation stands united for something and especially for a righteous thing then it can make the impossible possible.

If all of you folks (APP) keep yourself integrated in future, results will be far better. Now Peoples Party is surely recalling the time when IJI was formed and created tremendous problems to PPP.

Here a layman like me thinks, has anyone of these 60,000 voters and the leaders of PML(N), PTI, Jamat-e-Islami and other supporting groups of Aslam Bosan gone through his manifesto. Has anyone of the leaders of these 60,000 people tried even to know about the vision of Aslam Bosan on issues of energy crises, economy crises, unemployment, price hike etc? What can a single person do for you who does not even have a manifesto to follow? Every sensible person would question that on what grounds did those 60,000 voters back Aslam Bosan?

It appears that none of these elements are interested in solving the problem of the nation but to solve their own problem and that is PPP, because none of them have bothered even to know about the thinking of Aslam Bosan.

All these 60,000 people and their preachers who guided them to vote for Aslam Bosan are unaware of his perspective. None of them knew who will he join and follow after being elected, whether he will join pseudo change of tsunami Khan sahib or bigoted honest PML (N) or others. All of them don’t share a direction to solve the existing problems of Pakistan. So all this looks like a fool’s practice which cannot be exercised. Such direction-less and goal-less people may be called Ahmeq (naive) and the group constituted of such people may also be described as APP, AHMEQ PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN instead of Anti Peoples Party.

They should be proud of their new name and from now on it is my humble appeal to call them by their new name due to the fact that they don’t have a unified agenda for the betterment of the nation except maligning Peoples Party.

As for the media projection, it was evident that the champions of independent media were stating the results beforehand and in their opinion Abdul Qadir Gillani had already lost. The whole media campaign was one sided and prejudiced. They lost their pace and held Aslam Bosan victorious before the results were out. This shows that those 60,000 naive persons and their leaders and abettors including some media giants left no stone unturned in influencing that poll. Does that mean that they will proudly vote for any animal who can bray at PPP? Next general elections will be a great fun.

7 responses to “A letter to Anti Peoples Party (APP)”

  1. 1st of all, u dnt have a right to call non supporterz of ppp as ahmeq people of Pakistan.

    2ndly, after reading whole article, it seems only ppp got the guts to save the ever drowning ship of Pakistan. And i have strong reasons to believe that its totally wrong.

    You can take those 60k votes as a last resort to show the expectation of multanis to remove ppp corrupt leadership. Even they gv votes regardless of direction-less mr. bosan, you should ask y they voted like this instead of awarding them status of ahmaqs.

  2. In my honest opinion, people of Pakistan have conflict over the personalities, not on the parties. So you can termed your so called Ahmeqs of Pakistan as Haters of Zardari & Co. or Bhuttos or BB.

    Last from your own article…
    “”Does that mean that they will proudly vote for any animal who can bray at PPP?””

    YESSSS!!!See You can sense it well! Now your part is to realise what is making these people to vote so. They are not doing this because they are simply idiots.

  3. The answer is in that pic posted with the letters. How many big leaders are sitting there to tell the people that they all have jointly done a great job to reduce the lead of the Pakistan People Party in the said elections. Yes I will call them idiots. You know why? I think instead of celebrating this achievement, they should bang their heads to a solid rock. These ill minded leaders do not understand that they all jointly have not been able to defeat PPP. Wow what are they happy for. They should rather think of their dark future as they have no option left. They had already shown how weak they are to defeat Pakistan Peoples Party.

  4. Fantastic writing style

    APP:Makes real fun

    Mashallah, keep on writing please.

  5. Every person has a right to own their personal opinion, and that is what is showing up in print and electronic media. But that is not my poin in here.

    Had Bosan won the election, what would have been the scenario now? We would have been watching dog fights between the supporters of PTI and that of PML-N. Both would be claiming that because of them Bosan had won, LoL. They should thank PPP for saving them from this dog fight. Now both are focused on the reduction of lead from 30,000 to 4,000 – something for their solacing and to remain alive in the social electronic media. The point is PPP won in 2008 and PPP won in 2012. Margin of votes is something to think about for PPP and certainly it is none of IJI (version 2012) business. They should think about what happened to their tsunami, what happened to 4 1/2 years of corruption thunderous propaganda. What happened to larger than life posters depicting portraits of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif. And above all of them, they didn’t spare to erect billboard showing portait of our beloved Chief Justice. Imran Khan personally went to Munawwar Hassan to pursuade the Jamat to join hands and go all out for Bosan’s success.

    It is not that PPP won as it was obvious, it is the anti-propaganda and hollow tsunami claim that failed big time. The hype created by PTI and PML-N, media and judiciary during four and half years of untiring efforts by them crumbled down like powder in NA-151.