ISI in question: Some comments by ordinary Pakistani citizens

By Jamshed Khan:

The problem in Baluchistan, FATA and Swat is very simple. Pakistan is ruled by ISI and Military. 95 % of the Army is Punjabi and the rest urdu speakers MQM. Punjab elites and ISI has colonized Pakistan. They are taking $ Billions in Aid and under cover fueling and creating religious militancy for their nefarious designs. On one hand they are developing Punjab and MQM controlled areas, developing urban centers, industries and Freeways and on the othere hand Pak Army and ISI erected Madarassas in NWFP and Baluchistan’s length and breadth to nourish these innocent souls for extremism . MMA was brought to power by Musharrf ISI through rigging in NWFP and Baluchistan. Qazi of Jamat was a right hand man of Ziaul Haq for 11 years. Sharia is a drama. You cannot bring Sharia in one part of a country, it should be adopted through out Pakistan. The fact of the matter is no body want Sharia. Sharia is very vague and in lum sum its Mullah Raj. Mullahs are the most corrupt people in our society. These religious extremism is the creation of ISI and Army in NWFP and Baluchistan to keep in 7th Century.

Pakistan has to change or change its name name to Punjabistan.

There is no provincialism here. Mosm leageue was founded in Dhaka in 1906, then why East Pakistan separated and why we don’t speak about it. GM Syd participated in Pakistan Movement and later was turned a Traitor. Only Punjabis are patriotic and anyone who speak for right is a traitor. Open your eyes. What Gen Zia did 27 years ago, now we are reaping it. All this Taliban drama was created by ISI.

Yes I know the Head of the Army is MQM Jiallla. The 20 Choor commanders are Punjabis. Army is looting an plundering the nation for last 40 years and Punjab is silent because they are their own.

Pakistan Army never won any war, lost 1965, 1971, Siachin and Kargil. Pak Army is recruiting innocent young students and send them to Kashmir to fight their proxy war, is it not a Coward act. Baluchistan is backward and the scapegoat are Sardars. Have you ever thought about FATA. What is FATA. Why FATA exists anyway? Why did the center no merged FATA in mainstream Pakistan? Because Islamabad wants to keep NWFP divided and in dark ages.

NWFP and Baluchistan represents 60% of Area of Pakistan and 23 % population, yet they do not represent 5 % of Islamabad and Foreign Office. 6% of the budget from Islamabad goes to NWFP and Baluchistan. Is n it a SHAME.

Paki Army is 95% Punjabi and ask any Bengali and he will tell you about East Pakistan. Ayub Khan was Hindko (half punjabi) and same was Yahya khan, don’t count them pathans. It was during Ayub khan that made west pakistan one UNIT and made it. Tikka khan was from Miawalli and Punjabi. You will also call A D Khan (Allah Detta khan) a pathan. Punjab was the most loyal army of British India and even fired shots in Khana khaba in Mecca. The only reason ISI basters and Paki Army is ruling Pakistan is because they are Punjabis. The only reason Pathans are slaves in pakistan is because they are very very very ignorant and very very very Islamic fanatics. If they were not religious fanatics, I swear to God Punjab will never be able to rule Pakistan for a single day. Q League is punjabi and so is N leageue and let me tell you if Laloo Parsad became pakistani President then there will be L league in Punjab. Punjab just want to rule, whatever it takes. They will be loyal to Lalo Pa jii too if he became a PM. I think time has come that you open your eyes.

Gen Ayub : Fauji Aamir who initiated the Army RaJJJJJJJJJJJJ

Gen Zia: The greatest Satan of all times, Mean, Liar, Cunning the greatest Munafiq

Gen Musharraf: His mother is ashame of his birth

ISI: Army Lota who serves Foreign Masters, a State within a State who’s reins are in the hands of the Enemy of the State

Qazi Hussain Ahmad: Hati ke dant khane ke Aur Dhekane ke Aur

Mulana Fazal Rehman: Mulana Mufti Mahmood made him Aaqqq . He is the son of ISI

MQM: Created by Zia UL Haq ISI to divide Sind in Rural and Urban divisions and eliminate GM Syeds’s dream of more independent Sind.

Taliban: Created by ISI to gain access to Afghanistan and also provide cover to Military Rule in Pakistan. Hameed Gul former ISI Dhakoo said Talibinization of Pakistan is the blessing in disguise for Musharraff so that he can argue with the West on his Rule.

Chudo Wajahat Hussain: He is shoe polisher of ISI and Army Rulers. He said Musharraff has Divince guidance for Pakistan. He said the same Phrase for Gen Zia.

Muslim League: Mosam League; Cherltee Sorajj ke Pooja. Can someone through light on its History. They always stays in the shadow of Powerful. Never go to jail or burning sun

FATA: Money generating machine for the elites in Islamabad, and now survival of Musharf regime.


Not only Asfandyar wali and Sharpow has lost freedom, but the whole Pathan middle and educated class has lost freedom at the hands of ISI and Talibans.
I ‘m not sure which party you belongs but soon Qazi Fazloo , ISI and the whole Pakistan will lose this Freedom.

Asfandayar and Aftab Sherpaw has done nothing wrong in their life as compared to rest of Politicians that you are so happy to have lost freedom.

You need to open your button and look inside before you speak in forum….
Fricking Army Generals and ISI are making Pathans as their scapegoat…

The whole world knows and read and review any analysis in newspapers around the globe and they are pointing to one thing, and that is ISI and Paki Army trained and guide Talibans for their Magna Carta;

Paki Magna Cartais

1- Indaia is our enemy
2- Destabilize Afghanistan and you will have peace in Pakistan….

Do we have peace? IS India our real enemy?

I don’t think so. Paki Army and feudal lords is the number 1 enemy of Poor Pakistan…

Qazi is the greatest Munafiq of all times along with Fuzloo.

He was America Friend # 1 during Afghan war and when the soviet was defeated by US and West Qazi Jamiat forgot Afghanistan. Never played any role. He and his party always play dubious role. He approved 17 amendment for Mushi. He was the right hand man of Zia ul Haq and the biggest recuritor of Jihadis for ISI. He is the number 1 cheater on the name of Islam and I wish this Lanati a Hell. He and his party always support dictators and he damaged Pakistan in general and he is killing innocent Pathans in particular. He only gets seats in stupid Pukhtoon areas.

Shame on Qazi and jamiat.


Before you finger to America and India take a step back and see Hamid Mir video on the fight against Talibans in NWFP. The Talibans comes and shoot and destroy public property and slaughter innocent people with free hands. Talibans are very shophiscated and the big surprize is that no one stops them.
Paki Army on the other hands shells villages using Artillary and PAF Jets.

Who is Paki Army report to. First things first. First you need to point out what is the strategy of Paki Army. What they wants?

They are supporting Talibans and in back channels provide material support to Talibans. The common man fails to understand what the hell is Paki Army up to. They are cutting the same branch they are sitting on.

Braovo ISI and Fricking Paki Army??????

You guys always comments on America and Indian hand in Taliban Drama in NWFP and FATA but never ask one question, why this 600,000 strong army fails to stop a few thousands Talibans they created themselves.

The other day one Army General protested to America that they killed a good Taliban leader in Waziristan.

What ?

A Good Taliban leader??????

Bravo Army… Bravo Kiyanni Bravo Choor Commanders

If any one want to see what this coward army has done to SWAT, go and see the village of Koza Bandai near Mingora and you will see for yourself. Instead of hunting Talibans/ Masked men they bombarded Koza Bandai with PAF Jets and Artillary from 3 KM away and destroyed all the properties. All civillaians killed are called terrorrists.

And Talibans/Masked men are roaming freely with their arms and slaughtering the educated people with the list in their hands….

Brano Paki Army and ISI

There are living proofs in Swat that the current drama and takeover of swat by Taliban was a implanted by ISI and some Generals. No Taliban leader whatsoever has been killed by Army so far. Paki Army has destroyed tens of thousands of houses and not a single Taliban leader is killed???????

Why are we seeing Taliban leaders roaming with free hand and issuing statements to Paki Media, while there is curfew and 100s of innocent people are killed every day in shelling of Paki Army???????

Drama of ISI shame on this army????


Nawaz Sharif was poisoned by heavy mandate last time and he is partially responsible for today’s mess. HE was against Musharraff but never talk about the current Establishment and Army. He is trying to be a Punjabi leader and only sing like a national leader.

I think its time PPP regain Punjab by sending PML- laloo group, kadoo group, aam group, Tenda gruop home. PML is also player with ISI and Army and always polish Army Generals shoes. Chodo Sujahat and Elahi are NS brothers and they are all responsible for the current MESS. The hell wiht PML….

Any one with money can form a PML faction and name I bet if Monmohan Singh came to Pakistan he will make PML-Manmohan group…

Nawaz Sharif to become a Pakistani leader needs to restart from scratch. He needs to make a new party because the very name of PML is fishy and is full of dirt. This party was created by British and no Muslam league went to jail or fought for freedom.
NS needs to reach all the four provinces and listen to the problems and issues, otherwise he will be only fighting for his survival in Punjab. He is very insensitive to Baluchis and Pathans. He is the real reflection of current corrupt establishment. He nurtured in the shadow of Zia the biggest Shiatan of all times. He was raised in the benign environment of ISI. ISI and Army generals are involved in Taliban drama. Talibans are FIGS FIGS

They are not humans but FIGS and any one who has any sympathy for Taliban is not human. If you want to see what Talibans are visit SWAT and ask from any street person and he will explains these FIGS are no Muslims but actors of ISI, India and Afghanistan…

PML-N or Nawaz Sharif is calling Paki Army to stop military operation in FATA because he thinks this is America War. OK Understood.

What about Talibans? what to do with them. He has no answaer.

I think he believes its OK for Talibans to burn schools and colleges. Its ok for Talibans to kill the educated and elder class of pathans. It looks like Paki Army Generals and PML-N wishes NWFP be taken over by Talibans and then they can use them on the name of ISLAM through Fazloo and Qazi type leaders…

Shame on Musam league. Anyone with $$$ can buy Musam league and Nawaz sharif is the most STUPID IDIOT Politician of all times..

We want to have a strong and democratic Pakistan, where every citizen is empowered and have an equal say in the affairs of the country. Where every citizen has equal opportunity and where minorities and other religions are protected.PPP is one party that at least express these feelings. NS has no program neither intention to do so.


If we would have allowed this corrupt system for the last 50 years, now we would have clean leadership. Unfortunately Pakistanis are very impatient and sooner the system starts working people are fed up and looks towards Military Generals. The corrupt military leadership who is addicted to Paki politics are also waiting for the situation to ripe and then send brigade 101 to capture PTV and president house and then send choore commanders to take over civilian departments. The severe damage inflected to Pakistan is by ISI and some Generals for formulating wrong foreign policy of keeping Afghanistan engaged through Talibans type people and keeping India as enemy # 1. Most urban Punjabis have accepted this magna carta and believes on it.
To keep the status quo and military leadership ISI created MQM and now Talibans and in the process they destroyed Pakistan. Most people do not have a clue about Talibans. These Taliban are not Humans, they are worse than FIGS. I believe FIG is a better word. They are ignorant creatures and have no heads. Now the same Talibans are used buy RAW and other foreign masters who want to destroy Pakistan.
Please let the current political setup have a chance and wait to see what happens.
Paki Army lost East Pakistan. They even cannot control a settled district.
For the record SWAT district is not FATA and is not on Afghanistan Frontier. SWAT is a settled district of NWFP and touches China on the North. Most of our Readers believe SWat is FATA.

FATA is another subject. why FATA exists anyway???????????????

Why FATA. Its alos Military regime doctrine to keep this area in the 2000BC type era and use it against Afghanistan when they wish.

This was wrong and this is WRONG. We need to safeguard our own frontiers and stop interfering in other countries because what GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and the current mess in FATA and SWAT is the living proof.


Zia ul Haq was the biggest munafiq

Musharraff was the biggest Shiatan

No body did anything. Musam league supported these two basters. Please give time to Mr Zardari because Army is gone with the winds. Paki Army is the most un-professional, ill-equiped and ill-trained. It they take over Pakistn then Pakistan will be History..

Pakistan Army is the # 1 enemy of Pakistan and it has poisoned Urban Punjab that India is our enemy # 1 and keep Afghanistan busy with Talibans and the status quo will continue.

Pleas give these people a chance and the # 1 task is to eliminate Taliban
Taliban is a menace, FIGS, basters Harramis murders. They are inhumane creatures with no heart and no brain and are heavely infiltrated by foreigners. They can kill and do anything for $$$$$$.

The war on terror was for America but now its the war for Pakistan survival.

Pakistani Army is supporting Talibans in NWFP in back channels. We all know Paki Army Generals report to masters who are not in Pakistan. This whole fiasco is created by ISI and Pakistan is the most dangerous place and home to the mother of conspiracies. ITs time for America to intervene and take the Nukes back in safe hands, otherwise Paki Generals will sell them to Talibans….


Let me remove your anxiety once and for ever, Pukhtoons are an integral part of Pakistan and will each Pukhtoon like me will save his and her whole family to save the sacred land of Pakistan. ANP or Wali Khan never ever talked about dis-integration of Pakistan. Neither Bacha Khan wanted to break Pakistan. After the creation of Pakistan the mainstream political party (the now ANP) accepted Pakistan and whole heartedly accepted Pakistan and believed that a strong, prospherous, and democratic Pakistan was in the best interest of every citizen of Pakistan. You have to go back to 1930s and read the history chronology step by step and will realize that great only Congress lended helping hand to Khudi Khidmitagars (the now ANP). The Muslim League cataragocally said that they do not want to fight English nor they want to dismay them.

Now after 1947 the media in Punjab continued to through suspicion on ANP leadership and incribed this wrong notion on Punjabi folks that ANP was against Pakistan and that they wanted independent Phkhtoonisan. This was wrong, false and Qyumm khan of NWFP, another Musam league Crook took advantage of this issue. From 1947 till todate the corrupt Paki Establishment and ISI took advantage of this issue and did every wrong move to keep ANP away from government. All this religious fanaticism and Talibinazation of NWFP is the creation of ISI and corrupt Paki Establishment.
We want to have an identity in Pakistan and be treated as equal citizens like any other Baluchi, Sindhi, Punjabi and Muhajir. It’s very unfortunate that most of Pakistanis are carried away by morally corrupt Publisher like Nawa-ie-Waqt newspaper. Strong Pakistan will guarantee peace for all four provinces.

Once again we all Pukhtoons adores Pakistan and treat its integrity as our Honour, but we are ill treated right from 1947 till todate. You can see Pakistani Movies and see what characters are attributed to Pukhtoons? They are always humiliated and a wrong perception has been created in the rest of Pakistan.
Its very unfortunate…


One thing is clear. N S is not a national leader and he has confined hilself to Punjab and he knows that if he secures Punjab then who cares for the rest. The rest will come by itself. He never talked about systemic root cause of dictatorship. Mushi was a specific root cause for dictatorship in Pakistan. The worst creature was Zia Ul Haq, of whom islamization is now ripe. He only talk about Musuarraf and Judges. What about the issue in Baluchistan. What about FATA and Swat, where people are living in live Hell created by MMA and ISI. I think the future of Pakistan is bleak. Zardari is no different than Choud Wajahat Hussain, or Peverz Ellahi, or Shabaz Sharif or Sheikh Rashid or Son of greatest Satan Ijazul Haq. The only reason Zardari is Mr 10 % is because he is PPP and he is from Sindh.


Why you guys hate Zardari so much. He is only Mr 10%. What about Nawaz Sharif and his Ittafiq foundaries. His 1000,000,000 crores were written off by Zia Ul Haz who was the greates Satan of all times. What about Paki Army Generals whor are billionares. Why Zardari alone. Justice should be for all. All Paki politicians are corrupt to the teeth and the one institution who sucks 90% of Pakistan blood is Paki Army and the Generals at the helm. Hymayoon Akhtar, so of the late general is Millionare. Ijaz ul haa is millioner. Sheikh Rashid is millionare. 90 % of Paki Generals are millioners. and the list goes on. I think Zardari is the best person to be our president because he is the reflection of our national character. we never tried to be a nation in the last 62 years. North and South is burning like a Hell, and no body caresssssssss????


Guys you are all mad at Zardari,


but he is still the president of largest political party who has gorss roots in Pakitan. The religious parties have shown their asses 1000 times and so are PML which is moqa parast party or kings or $$$ party.

In the current scenario PPP is the lesser eveil…

Pakistan has so far only produced Z A Bhutto as an intrnational calibre leader, for which the nation can be proud of.

Zia and Musharraf were the biggest Devils of all times.

Paki Army Generals are PIGS sold to US since 1950. Thanks to Shaheed Millat Liaqat Ali Khan who visited USA and set the stage for never ending slavery…

PML and IJI and JI are the biggest civillain evils


Pukhtoons are the ones who mostly suffered from Taliban. This cancer is implanted buy ISI and Paki corrupt Generals with corrupt Generals. Why does FATA exist anyway. We all Pukhtoons wants Talibans wiped out, because we are bleeding at their hands. If you want to save Pakistan, then eliminate ISI and Paki Baster Army generals, who have in slaved 50,000 servicemen in their houses as butt men. Who lost East Pakistan. who lost Siachin Glasier. Who lost Kargil. Who gave China part of Kashmir. who even lost 1965 war.

You are living in a fools paradise. Who created Taliban???????????/
Its Pakistani army and ISI who were fighting proxy war in kashmir and Afghanistan. Now that Talibans are used for their nefarious designs in Pakistan.

God Save Pathans


This is a known fact that the Talibans inside Pakistan were created by ISI. Now why Talibans or these PIGS are burning girls schools in SWAT and other parts of NWFP? IT’s because USA gave millions of dollars AID to Pakistan to invest in education in Northern Pakistan. Paki Generals and corrupt establishment diverted theses funds into their own pockets and to cover this, ISI used Talibans to burn girls schools so that can provide cover for their looteds $$$$. Shame on ISI and Paki Army Generals….
How can we talk of dignity??????


Every one in Pakistan knows that ISI is not excerising professionalism but has been busy in staging dramas in Pakistan. ISI may not be a bad organization and may be in the interest of Pakistan, but it’s misguided by the Junta and mis-used by Corrupt leaders like Zia and Musharaff.

Who created MQM?

Who created MQM Haqiqi?

Who created IJI (Islami Jamhori Ittihad)?

Who empowered Jamaiti islami and JUI Fuzloo?

Who created Talibans?

The moment you answer these questions and put this institution in order by flushing the rotten and stupid Generals, and align this institution with National interests then you will see the real change, otherwise Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz Haiieeee……


I ‘m not anti Pakistani or anti Army. I love Pakistan and will always love as my motherland. I ‘m pissed by Army and ISI and the nefarious designs. On one hand it sucks our blood and on the other hand its destroying the every fabric of Pakistan. This taliban and islamophobia is created by ISI and Army Generals is the only benefactor of this drama. Why are innocent and ignorant people killed by these barbers… they suck 90% of the resources and have turned Pakistan into army house. Army Generals are sending their childern to foreign universities and enjoy lavish life and have turned Pakistan a NURQ, Hell, Jahhanum for ordinary Pakistanis. Enough is Enough…


Upbeat Says:

Of course Eric Margolis does not live in Pakistan. This superficial analysis can only come from far and abroad. When Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was hauled in front of Musharaff and asked to resign, ISI bosses were present there with Musharaff. Just one little example.

This Agency is not working in the interest of Pakistan, has never worked in the interest of Pakistan. Fighting Russians in Afghanistan was not done in the interest of Pakistan. It was done in the interest of United States. At that time ISI served another Dictator,Zia-ul-Haq, and the same country ,United States.
Defending ISI is not in the interest of Pakistan. This Agency has played a vital role in keeping Dictators in Power,helping them violate its constitution,creating fictitious Political factions,, from MQM to Q-League.

Its busy doing the same right now, and this will have disastrous consequences for Pakistan.

This is how it works. A primitive mindset to solve modern day problems.
No one has control over it. Who is it answerable to? Who forms its policies and guidelines? Its Budget?Does anyone know?

In a country where Parliament has just arrived on the scene after alomost eight years of rule by a Dictator, who can claim who is incharge of this monster?
This Agency should be scrapped or drastically reformed with its complete control transferred to the Parliament . If this Agency is not made accountable, it will remain a government within the government and will put Pakistan in more difficulties in the days ahead.

This is a relic from the cold war era, still haunting this country and its citizens.
Pakistan’s real interest is in making its Democratic and judicial institutions stronger, these are not ISI’s interests, this will put ISI under the control of People of Pakistan through their representatives in the Parliament. You have to be very naive to believe ISI would live to see that happen. A warlord does not know democracy,his is forever,rules are that he makes, a few Generals make. ‘Constitution is just a piece of paper’.


MalangBaba Says:

I simply reproduce a story from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s autobiography ‘Daughter of Destiny’. This shows how coward, hypcrite and low minded our military men are. The story is about the time when BB and her mother were under house arrest:

“Daughter of Destiny, Copyright © 95

Sanam arrives for a rare and much anticipated visit, surrounded by the
usual retinue of jail authorities and army officers. Even a daughter is not allowed
to visit her mother and sister without the constant presence of the military. My
mother is feeling ill from her continuing low blood pressure and is lying down in
her bedroom. I ask if the meeting can take place there in the presence of the
female officials. As Sanam and I move toward the family quarters, I hear
footsteps behind us. It is not a police matron. It is Captain Iftikhar, one of the
army officers. I stare at him in disbelief. No man, save for a relative, is permitted
to enter the family quarters. Some people in our culture prefer to die than to have
strangers violate its sanctity.

“Even jail rules state that only women police officials can enter a woman
prisoner’s room,” I remind him.

“I will be present,” he says.

“Then we won’t have the meeting at all. I’ll call my sister.”

Sanam had already gone ahead to our mother’s room, so I keep walking
down the corridor to the family quarters to tell her and my mother that the
meeting has been postponed. I hear a noise behind me. Captain Iftikhar is still
following me.

“Where do you think you are going? You can’t come in here,” I tell him,
momentarily stunned.

But he is oblivious. “Do you know who I am?” he says loudly. “I am a
captain of the Pakistani army and I can go where I want.”

“Do you know who I am?” I reply just as loudly. “I am the daughter of the
man who brought you back after your disgraceful surrender at Dacca.”
Captain Iftikhar lifts his hand to hit me. And the rage I have suppressed,
the anger I have tried to control, erupts.

“You raise your hand in this house, you shameful man! You dare to raise
your hand in this house, near the shadow of the grave of the man who saved
you. You and your army fell at the feet of the Indian generals. It was my father
who gave you back your honor. And you are raising your hand to his daughter?”
He lowers his hand abruptly. “We’ll see what happens,” he spits out,
turning on his heel and stalking off. Sanam’s visit is canceled.

I write a letter to the court where my mother and I had challenged our
arrests as soon as we had been locked up at Al-Murtaza. Under Martial Law in
1979, civil courts were still authorized to review arrests made under military
regulations. I describe what happened in our family quarters. General Zia had
often spoken of the sanctity of Chador and Char Divari, the Veil and the FourWalls, meaning the sanctity of family life. Yet neither he nor Captain Iftikhar
seemed to have much regard for it. I give the letter to the jailer, who promises to
forward the letter to the court and gives me a receipt for it. I have no idea at the
time just how valuable that receipt will be.

Cogito, ergo sum—I think, therefore I am. I always had difficulty with that
philosophical premise at Oxford. I am having more difficulty with it as the empty
hours of detention drag on. I think even when I don’t want to, but as the days
slowly pass, I am not sure whether I exist at all. To truly exist, a person must
effect something, act and cause a reaction. I feel that I have nothing on which to
leave my imprint.

My father’s imprint on me, however, keeps me going. Endurance. Honor.

Dhakey Dian Khotian – Lahore Aan Khalotian


I was a student of Punjab University during Zia era and have seen many cruel episodes of Zulm on Bhutto and PPP. At that dark time Faiz and his poetry was the only hope we had.

Unfortunately the evil Zia has done so much damage to the country. The worst thing is that the generation grown under or after his brutal regime are extremly brain washed by the propaganda campaign. His propaganda victims are mostly TV watcher city dwellers mostly from well-to-do house holds.


Ignorance is a bliss, at least for few Ziaists. PPP never used ISI for political purposes in all of its 3 elected tenures. In fact ISI was used against PPP either by its own elements or Zia and Prodege regimes like GI Khan, NS, Mush. Here are few example that are just tip of the iceberg.

1. Bhutto appointed General Gilani as ISI chief who later conspired with Zia to topple his elected government. Gilani was later appointed by Zia as Punjab’s governor. It was Gilani wo introduces Nawaz Sharif to Zia and included him in his cabinet as Finance Minister.

2. Zia used ISI to crush PPP by a) creating internal strife in the party b) keeping strong intelligence on its activities c) to introduce criminal cases against its members

3. Zia used ISI to create MQM in order to create Sindhi – Mohajir strife

4. After Zia’s death, ISI created IJI as an alliance to counter hugely popular PPP. ISI funded IJI with stealing money from Mehran bank. Main beneficiaries of this money were ‘the most pious’ NS and Qazi of Jamaat. General Hameed Gul as ISI chief shamelessly accepts that he created ISI, funded it and even chaired its first meeting. Next 10 years ISI continued its conspiracies against PPP that includes:

a. Propaganda against Zardari through ISI agents in local and international press

b. Creating internal strife in PPP

c. Buying PPP MNAs in no-trust move against BB. Some horse trading sessions were recorded by PPP government and ISI officers Birg Imtiaz and Major Amir were fired by Aslam Beg on BB’s orders. Both these officers were immediately accommodated by NS in Punjab government.

d. Helping GIK and NS in building cases against PPP leaders

Asghar Khan lodged a petition in SC that was never heard by the honourable judges since 1988. Following column by Mr. Cawasji, a known columnist in Dawn, shows just the tip of iceberg

Interview of ISI operative Khalid Khawaja:

5. NS used ISI for political purposes in both of his tenures. He appointed Gen. Nasir, Zia Butt to the post because they were deadly Bhutto haters and sworn Ziaists.

6. Mush took ISI’s involvement in politics to an extreme end. ISI distributed money among Qazi, Tahi Qadri, Imran Khan and some Q-leagures during infamous refrandum and later in 2002 elections. Confessions by General Ehtesham Zamir should be enough for proof.

7. There are strong indications that Imran and Qazi decided to boycott elections on orders from ISI:

8. Some even suspect Imran to be introduced in politics by Ziaists in ISI:

Having another military coup against Zardari is the only dream left for Ziaists. ISI has been castrated by Gen. Kiyani otherwise Mush and Q-League would have been still ruling the country with help from ISI. Inviting Army in politics again is a wishful thinking of losers. No political party of any standing will support it. Of-course few losers who have no role left in politics like IK, Qazi, Q etc will try to organize another Tehrek-e-Nijat on the pattern of what they did before Zia and Mush’s coup.

I hope Army and ISI will stay out of politics the way they did in elections and Mush’s impeachment. ISI reports to PM as per law and it must obey the direction given by the current government.

I hope the dreams of Ziaists will never fulfill and Pakistan will thrive as democratic republic. Any military intervention will be nothing less than disaster.

Anyhow, the talks of frustrated losers for a new coup should not be taken lightly. On hand it exposes them by proving that all their talk of democracy, rule of law, justice etc is nothing but a lip service, on the other hand it reminds us that danger from Ziaists is not over yet.

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