Attack on Sheikh Rashid: the other side of the story

By Omar Khattab in Rawalpindi

There is a lot of confusion in Rawalpindi and elsewhere in Pakistan about who would have wanted to kill Shiekh Rashid.

This is what happened: Yesterday as he was coming out of his election office, two gunmen allegedly shot at him while two more gunmen were covering the shooters. As a result four persons walking along Sheikh Rashid were killed. He was injured and was taken to a hospital where it was discovered that his “injury” was not a result of a bullet, but of a fall. Technically he was not injured but had a bruised thigh.

Now a few points to ponder: Who wants to kill Shiekh Rashid? But before we answer this question, we must ask another question: Who kills civilians in Pakistan?

The answer is: the jihadis. In other words, the killers are the Taliban who belong to different sectarian-terrorist organizations but have the same ideology of Islamo-fascism. Shiekh Rashid has been one of the guardian angels of the jihadis as he, by his own confession, has run jihadi camps in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Another point to note is that the jihadis in Pakistan are handled, trained, and protected by the Inter-Services Intelligence (the ISI), which regularly kidnaps and kills mostly non-Punjabi liberals, progressives, and nationalists. Shiekh Rashid, a Punjabi, has been a civilian-political asset of the ISI. He is known to be an Islamist who openly supports Islamo-fascsim and terrorist activities in India. He is so subservient to the Army that he has been proudly claiming the superiority of the Army over all other institutions in Pakistan.

Thus, why would the jihadis or their godfathers, the generals, want Shiekh Rashid to be killed?

If you try to read between the lines, you will find some clever stuff built into the so-called attack on Shiekh Rashid. How come two gunmen shoot straight at the man and miss him completely, but kill four persons beside him? We must remember that no one was in front of Shiekh Rashid, and yet no bullet even brushed past him! Four violent deaths and one man, the supposed target, with a bruise! Can common sense accept this?

This is what lies beneath the headlines and journalistic reporting: It was a well-planned attack to infuse life into the moribund career of a pro-Taliban politician who was defeated at the polls. The ISI wants its man to return to parliament and no can serve it with more servility than the ever-faithful and time-tested Shiekh Rashid. Now he will ride on the sympathy vote and the ruling People’s Party will be arm-twisted (by the ISI) to ask its voters to vote for him. A victory of this constant supporter of martial law (first General Zia and then General Musharraf) will be yet another piece of evidence that even if you are dead, the gods of the ISI can bring you to life.



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