Hujjaji’s wisdom dump: Save the Burmese Ummah, love Kashmir and thank the ban on Shia website

The author: Riaz Malik Hujjaji

Dear Ghairatmand (honourable) Bakistanis as well as the liberal fascist scum,

Please note that Rafzi (Shia) are crying bloody murder these days. They are playing the victim card and wanting us to cry for them.  Don’t they know that we only cry for Ummah and for real Bakistani drone victims like Baitullah, Tahir Yashuldev, Osama Bin Laden and Abu Mustaba Yazid and comrade Libbi. As educated to us by great philosopher, Ejaz Haider, we all know that Shias are Iranian-German-Peruvian fifth columnists.

Come on Shias, get with it! Don’t expect us to be upset about you. You should be protesting the situation in Burma, Al Quds and Papua New Guinea. Just because 10 of you are being whacked every day doesn’t make you worthy of our attention. These things happen. The real tragedy is the drones that got Baitullah. And the short supply of Hazrat Imran Khan’s Collagen treatments.

I request all ghairatmand to do the following:

1. Google the pictures of any disaster and massacre that you can find

2. Even if it happened in Rwanda or Tibet, change the caption to Burma (Myanmar)

This is a great tactic and liberal fascists who show sympathy for Shias are crying hoarse about this tactic (Muslim killings in Burma: Islamist parties spread fake pictures – by Faraz Ahmed )

However this tactic is necessary. I must give the Devil his due and thank Interior Minister under comrade Rehman Malik for banning, a website with a lot of “objectionable material”. Refer to Pakistan bans Shia genocide watch website too close to the truth – by Rusty Walker to see how our ghairatmands acheived victory.

We do not need to hurt the religious sentiments of peace loving Sipah-e-Sahaba and Jamaat ud Dawa. should learn from the SSP/LeJ/ASWJ and JuD-DPC websites about peace and brotherly love and tolerance and good scholarship. If became the same as these brilliant websites, then it would also have the appreciation and support of Senator Rehman Malik Minister. Just like Sipah Sahaba website which has his support and continues to guide the spiritual thirst of proper peace loving and tolerant muslims.

Any hows, please make sure that this great act of condoning Shia killing and banning is not in vain.  Please highlight Burma killings and talk of love for Kashmir.  If at any time the Ummah needs diversionary tactics, it is now. Also, it is principled thing to do to portray the Earthquake victims of Tibet and Rwandan massacres as Burma killing of Ummah.  Please also post articles about Kashmir; especially those that have been vetted by Uncles From the ISPR.

Dear Ghairatmand muslimeen, I must also bring to your attention two sad developments. Last week, one of the most popular and handsome Pakistani politician, Ya Sheikh Rashid (sometimes also called the Clint Eastwood of Pakistan), was detained for over five hours at the Houston Airport in the United States of America.This is too much. How dare they detain a man as intelligent, as good looking and as naturally blessed with a crown of heroic locks as Hazrat Imran Khan himself! I have heard legends about Ya Sheikh Rashid’s Jihadi training camps and weep with joy every time my Jamaat-e-Islami comrades emulate an iconic line that he allegedly utters to new Jihadi recruits certified by Aabpara:

“Gaw ahead, make my Jihad!”

Also, liberal fascists have launched a media campaign against Pakistan’s Herodutus, its Plutarch and its Samuel Pepys. I am talking of none other than Hazrat Dr. Ph.d Safdar Mehmood.

Fiction and omissions in Safdar Mehmood’s ‘dil phaink’ – by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Fake historian Dr Safdar Mehmood caught lying once again – by Ali Taj

As keeper and official mascot of the Two Nation theory, it was my duty to bring this to your attention so that you be guided. Verily, this reveals the minds of liberal fascists and their use of Zionist tactics such as counter arguements and facts. Tauba!

I leave you all with the Durood of the Ghairatmands:

Blessed is His Holiness Highness Hazrat Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary (RA)

Blessed are the Uncle-Judges of Arsalan who support his Father’s every Farman and Verdict

For Truly Dissent Among Judges is Against our Sovereignty!

Special Blessings for the Archangels of Chaudhary

Justice Khilji, Justice Jan, Justice Ramday, Justice Khosa et all

And Blessings to the beneficiaries of Chief Justice

Hafiz Saeed, Mullah Aziz, Petition-e-PTI, Petition-e-PML N, Malik Ishaq, Mian Mithu, Mansoor Ejaz

May the Spirit and Jaws of General Zia ul Haq continue to provide you with political guidance.

Syed Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hujjaji

Constitutional Expert, historian, Epicurean and the extroverted spirit of Pakistan’s educated urbanites



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