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Imagine if that had happened in Syria, or with a visiting US diplomat to Iran, Pentagon-based revenge already would be in effect: MENA (Middle East/North Africa) is on fire. The diffuse rage – even if manifested by a tiny minority, Saudi-funded Salafists in particular – is distinctly anti-American. Protests in Cairo have reached Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, and even Bangladesh and Indonesia.
How should Muslims respond to the hateful movie “Innocence of Muslims”? – by Mahdi Baloch: Related post: Quilliam and other analysts are downplaying Saudi-funded Salafists’ role in US Ambassador’s murder in Libya The Quran states explicitly that no soul shall be responsible for the sins or the crimes of another. And while this film
Saudi Arabia paying UK trained terrorists up to $3,000/Month for jihad against Syria – by Alexander Higgins: Exclusive rebel interviews detailing Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihad operations reveal details Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know and the media won’t tell you. First hand accounts of rebel operations reveal Saudi Arabia is funding terrorists recruited from Salafi
Quilliam and other analysts are downplaying Saudi-funded Salafists’ role in US Ambassador’s murder in Libya: Related post: How should Muslims respond to the hateful movie “Innocence of Muslims”? – by Mahdi Baloch Imagine if that had happened in Syria, or with a visiting US diplomat to Iran, Pentagon-based revenge already would be in effect
Imran Khan explains the reason for foreign-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan at the hands of Takfiri footsoldiers: Related post: Sleeping with the Enemy: US Partnership with Saudi-Wahhabis – by Rusty Walker Comparing Imran Khan’s and President Zardari’s statements on Shia massacre at Babusar Pass I have now had a chance to review two most recent statements
The Wahhabi Republic of Pakistan – Deutsche Welle report: There are many people in Pakistan who oppose the Taliban and their militant activities; however, ironically, not all of them question the Saudi-Wahabi ideology that provides impetus to militant Islamists. It is not so difficult to find people in
Are the Saudi Wahhabi clerics waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Prophet’s mosque in Medina?- by Ali Taj: This is a mini documentary which shows a systematic destruction of the holy and historic sites of the Muslim world in Mecca and Medina. Sami Angawi, the founder and former director of Mecca’s Hajj Research Center and opponent of
It’s all about power: Al-Quds Day a celebration of hatred and racism – by Michael Coren: Related post: Why Al-Quds rallies by Pakistani Shias are anything but productive – by Fatima Rajput Beyond the hatred, the racism and the anger, there’s a certain irony surrounding Al-Quds Day (Youm-Al-Quds), commemorated this weekend internationally (Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon
Zardari performs hajj and umras around anti-Shia Islamofascists at OIC meeting in Makkah: Ikhtiar Hussain Related posts: Comparing Imran Khan’s and President Zardari’s statements on Shia massacre at Babusar Pass President Zardari must break his silence on Shia genocide In Makkah, President Zardari set new records of his love and verbal opulence
Is Shia genocide in Pakistan an outcome of Saudi-Iran proxy war?: Editor’s Note: The following debate took place on a facebook forum that highlights the nature and reasons of Shia genocide in Pakistan. The conversation was initiated by a repetition of oft-repeated theories that are deeply insensitive to the victims in
Saudi Arabia forcing Wahhabi faith on Hajis and exporting fundamentalism – by Ali Taj: The Sunni cleric is complaining about the Saudi regime distributing hateful literature to radicalize people at Hajj. The so called religious gifts for Hajjis are books in Urdu, Bangla, Hindi, Malay, Indonesian and other languages, promote the intolerant and
Breaking the Arab News: Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera have lowered their journalistic standards in their coverage of Syria – by Sultan Al Qassemi: While civil war rages on the Syrian battlefield between regime loyalists and myriad rebel factions, another battle is taking place in the media world. Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera, the two Gulf-based channels that dominate the Arabic news business, have moved
Imperialism, old and new – by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar: Editor’s Note: In this article, Aasim Sajjad Akhtar attempts to cut through an apparent ethical and theoretical dilemma for Pakistani progressives: the place occupied by anti-imperialism in their worldview. Pakistani progressives are torn apart by an intellectual environment where
Did Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Shia killer, die of AIDS?: Prince Nayef who won great notoriety by killing thousands of innocent Saudi Shias, has mysteriously died. No serious illness was reported. In fact, he was shown only 3 days ago greeting his guests in Geneva where he had been
We condemn attack on the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter by Saudi sponsored terrorists: Related post: SOS from Damascus: Save the Lives of Shia and Sunni Sufi Muslims and Shrines in Syria LUBP Editor’s note: While Pakistan’s mainstream (electronic and print, Urdu and English) media is busy in baiting, trapping and mud-slinging one
This is how Saudi citizens treat South Asian expat workers in Saudi Arabia: This brief post describes horrible treatment of an expat worker (a Bangladeshi Taxi driver) in Saudi Arabia. The poor taxi driver is being humiliated and physically abused by a racist Saudi citizen, who seems to be a loyalist to
The annexation of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia? The plan of the Saudi-Bahrain merger -by Kourosh Ziabari: The recently declared plan by the members of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council to annex the soil of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and form a greater Arab union has attested to the fact that the tyrannical and merciless rulers of
Kudos to Islamabad’s Airport Security Force (ASF): Saudi military officer should be thrown in jail: We pay tribute to the honourable ASF officers who sought to implement standard security procedures notwithstanding one’s nationality or higher status. We urge the government of Pakistan to award a commendation certificate and medal to the ASF officers who
We condemn Saudi Arabian ambassador’s meddling in International Islamic University, Islamabad: صدر پاکستان جناب آصف علی زرداری، وزیراعظم پاکستان جناب یوسف رضا گیلانی کے نام آج ہم میں سے ہر پاکستانی اس تشویش میں مبتلا ہے کہ کیا واقعی ہم ایک آزاد ملک کے آزاد شہری ہیں۔ کیا ہمیں اپنی
The Saudi fifth column on our nation’s campuses -by Lee Kaplan: From Riyadh to Ramallah to the Ivy League, Saudi Arabia’s “Wahhabi Lobby” is funding the goals of radical Islam and undermining America’s War On Terror. The press has reported the Department of Justice’s closures of Saudi “charitable” fronts like
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan are the Middle East Axis of Evil: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan are the Axis of Evil in the Middle East. U.S. President George W. Bush coined the term “Axis of Evil” when refering to North Korea, Iran, and Iraq in his 2002 State of the
Massive pro-democracy protest rocks Bahrain: Related post: Shouting in the dark: Al Jazeera’s documentary on Bahrain Tens of thousands of Bahrainis demonstrated on Friday (9 March 2012) to demand democratic reforms, stepping up pressure on the U.S.-allied, Saudi-backed Bahrain’s government with the biggest protest
Dammaj: Zaydi Shias vs Al Qaeda – the story behind a siege in Yemen – by Theo Padnos: Related posts: A war that remains unreported: The Saudi Arabian war against the Houthis of Yemen How Saudi Arabia has corrupted Yemen to spread Wahabism Editor’s note: Apparently, not unlike Pakistan’s Shia Muslims (in Parachinar and Balochistan) and Afghanistan’s
Saudi Arabia, UAE financing radical Deobandi-Wahhabi organizations in Pakistan: Related post: SSP-LeJ-JUI and the Libyan connection: In the light of WikiLeaks A US official in a cable sent to the State Department stated that “financial support estimated at nearly 100 million USD annually was making its way to
Sleeping with the Enemy: US Partnership with Saudi-Wahhabis – by Rusty Walker: If I may ask the reader, would you conduct business with a country where Human Rights Watch list multiple egregious acts against its own society? HRW, travelers and oppressed citizens there (using fake identity or risk imprisonment) confirm the
Blasphemy: Australian Shia sentenced to 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia: The 45 year old man was arrested in Medina while making the annual pilgrimage, and sentenced to lashes and a year in prison because he has insulted “the companions of the Prophet.” The result is a diplomatic incident between
Is the U.S. on the wrong side of history in Bahrain?: By Josh Rogin President Barack Obama’s administration has sided with Bahrain’s ruling regime over its domestic protest movement more clearly than in any other country affected by the Arab Spring. But that position is unwise and unsustainable, according to
For Shia Muslims worldwide, Karbala is not over, Ashura has not finished yet – by Maisam Ali: Karbala is infinite, eternal and ever-encompassing. This is not only the Euphrates (A river flows through Syria and Iraq) that has beheld atrociousness incarnated by Karbala, but the Nile, the Oxus, the Helmand and the Indus are also among
Saudi-funded TV channels continue to radicalize Muslim youth: With billions of petro dollars to fund their global clout, the Saudi lobbies have simply brought off opposition to their continued efforts to spread Wahabism worldwide.  In failing to confront Wahabism, North America and Europe remain paralysed by a combination
War with NATO, suicide for Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: A low-intensity military conflict between Pakistan and the United States is going on in Afghanistan and along the Pak-Afghan border since the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Both sides have been using proxies and guerrilla war tactics
House of Saud mistreats Hajjis: Related posts: Mecca for the rich: Islam’s holiest site ‘turning into Vegas Imam-e-Kaaba ka khutba-e-hajj – by Aamir Hussaini Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a thought-provoking article by Dr. Abbas Zaidi on a much ignored topic, i.e., persecution of
Mecca for the rich: Islam’s holiest site ‘turning into Vegas’ – by Jerome Taylor: Editor’s note: The Saudi-Salafi-Wahhabi empire in Hijaz is implementing its on-going goal of destruction of early Islamic heritage, and their current target is Makkah, Islam’s holiest site. The destruction of sites associated with early Islam is a phenomenon that
Imam-e-Kaaba ka khutba-e-hajj – by Aamir Hussaini: Aamir Hussaini offers a critical analysis of the Hajj sermon on 5 November 2011 by Abd al-‘Aziz Aal Ash-Shaikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Hussaini highlights the lopsided criticism of the media, silence on discrimination and persecution
What Arab Spring? This is Saudi Winter! – by Abdul Basit: Related post: Saudi winter in the Middle East and Hamas militants’ attack on Shia Muslims in Gaza The public lynching and gruesome murder of Libyan dictator Maumar Qaddafi is not a matter to be celebrated; rather it represents another victory for
Sufi clerics issue call to reject hardline Wahabis: NEW DELHI: A prominent organization of Sunni clerics has urged Muslims to reject hardline Wahabi Islam, which it said was giving the community a bad name, and called for limiting the influence of Saudi Arabia, which it blamed for
Alleged Iranian plot to murder Saudi ambassador: A new diversion tactic by the Saudi-Ikhwan lobby: There are a number of serious questions about the whole episode, i.e, the alleged Iranian plot to murder Saudi ambassador to the USA. Timing of the alleged plot or expose is quite meaningful. Saudi Arabia is currently facing a
Osama bin Laden ‘protected by Pakistan in return for Saudi cash’ – by Rob Crilly: Osama bin Laden was protected by elements of Pakistan’s security apparatus in return for millions of dollars of Saudi cash, according to a controversial new account of the operation to kill the world’s most wanted man. Raelynn Hillhouse, an
Instead of blindly following Saudi Arabia, use scientific method for moon-sighting: Can we put a stop to the self-created Deobandi-Barelvi, Shia-Sunni, Pashtun-Punjabi conflict in the name of moon-sighting in Pakistan, UK, USA and other countries? Can we put a stop to the Saudi-ization of Eid and Ramazan in Pakistan and
Pakistani troops aid Bahrain’s crackdown: Foundation linked to the Pakistani army has been providing Bahrain thousands of soldiers for its crackdown on protests. In March, as a government crackdown on pro-democracy protestors intensified in Bahrain, curious advertisements started appearing in Pakistani media. “Urgent requirement
Playing the bogus card of ‘sovereignty’ —by M Husain Sadar: The Saudis as well as their Gulf Arab cousins are arming the Taliban. This influx of foreign money and religious ideology is causing irreparable damage to the national identity and integrity as well as the centuries old cultural heritage