Kudos to Islamabad’s Airport Security Force (ASF): Saudi military officer should be thrown in jail

Saudi Arabian embassy must apologize to Pakistan for the misconduct of one of its staff members

We pay tribute to the honourable ASF officers who sought to implement standard security procedures notwithstanding one’s nationality or higher status. We urge the government of Pakistan to award a commendation certificate and medal to the ASF officers who upheld the rule of law and were in pursuit of their duty abused and attacked by the Saudi official. We also urge Pakistan’s Chief Justice to take suo moto notice of this incident and place the said Saudi official’s name in the Exit Control List until an independent inquiry is conducted and due punishment awarded to him.

Names of honourbale Pakistanis:

Idris Ahmed (ASF)
Abdul Rehman (ASF)
Abid Ali (ASF)
Zafar Iqbal
Mohammad Saleem

Names of rude and violent Saudis and those who supported their violence:

Group Captain Saeed Al-Shehri (Saudi Air Force)
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador in Pakistan Abdul Aziz Ibrahim al-Ghadeer
Director General ASF
Minister Defence Ahmed Mukhtar
Minister Interior Rehman Malik
Secretary Defense Nargis Sethi
Muhammad Saleh Zaafir (Jang Group)

Video clip (Geo News)

According to news reports, a Saudi military official (name: Saeed Al-Shehri) shoved a Pakistani airport security official at the Islamabad and they in turn gave him a reasonable amount of thrashing.

After getting slapped, ASF (Airport Security Force) officials handled the Saudi Army Officer in Pakistani style – and now the Saudi dude is in a local hospital

ASF personnel at Benazir Bhutto International Airport (Islamabad) were assaulted and abused by a Saudi military officer who refused to be searched and refused to follow the standard security procedures of the ASF. In return, the said Saudi national was allegedly thrashed by the ASF officers.

The scuffle took place when airport security officials stopped Al-Shehri for routine security check.

Following the incident the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan reached the airport.

ASF sources say, the man was not an official of the Saudi embassy, adding he was here for a military course. His seat was also not confirmed, the sources added that a high-level inquiry has been launched into the incident.

On the other hand, sources in the Saudi Airline claimed that the military man is a member of the Saudi embassy and he was to leave for Riyadh via flight SV 732.

Airport sources told that Saeed Alshehri bound for Riyadh via Flight 732 was asked for security clearance by the Airport Security Force (ASF) but the Saudi military officer used offensive language against Pakistani security official and abused him. Saudi military official also attacked and injured Pakistani staff physically and as a result a serious clash was reported between them.

Saudi Military official claimed he received at least nine injuries as a violent clash between security officials of two brotherly Muslim countries.

Secretary Defense Nargis Sethi also took the notice and ordered the DG ASF to submit report within 24 hours. Minister Defence Ahmed Mukhtar and Minister Interior Rehman Malik also expressed concern on the incident.

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador in Pakistan Abdul Aziz Ibrahim al-Ghadeer visited the injured at the hospital.

FIR of the incident has also been registered at the Airport Police Station, said police sources.

The injured Saudi man had been shifted to Benazir Hospital of Rawalpindi for treatment.

News report:

A Saudi military officer assaulted Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel at Islamabad Airport when he argued with an official over the stopping of his son during the security check-in of passengers for a Saudi Arabian Airline flight on Thursday. In turn, ASF personnel thrashed the Saudi military office who is reportedly to have been mildly injured.

Pressurized by their Saudi masters, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi sought reports about the incident from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to security sources, Group Captain Al Ashri Shukri Saeed of Saudi Air Force, who was attending a professional course at the National Defence University, reached the airport along with his son and a nephew at around 5pm for the 6.15pm flight SV-723 to Riyadh.

His nephew had cleared the security check, while his son bypassed the walk-though gate thus breaking the standard security procedures. When the boy was spotted heading towards the lounge, a security official called him to return and follow the security check-in procedure.

Mr Saeed, used to the servant like attitude of Pakistan army and government, was annoyed when he saw his son being called back by the security staff for regular security screening. He started abusing the security officer and physically assaulted and injured them.

Argument between security official Idris Ahmed and Mr Seed, the sources said, turned into a brawl. When ASF’s Abdul Rehman saw the man (Mr Saeed) quarrelling with his colleague and beating him, he came to help his colleague and got involved in the fight. ASF officer Abid Ali and Inspector Zafar Iqbal and Mohammad Saleem rushed to the place and rescued his colleague and tried to restrain the extremely violent Saudi passenger, who suffered minor injuries in this entire incident.

Senior officials of the ASF and airport management immediately intervened and settled the matter, at least for the time being.

Police took Mr Saeed to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital. “Multiple X-rays of the victim were taken and a medico-legal report was prepared, although the radiologist’s final report is awaited,” the hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Asif Qadir said.

Soon after Mr Saeed had been taken to the BBH, senior officials of the Saudi embassy arrived there.

“Doctors tried to clean an injury he had suffered on his left eyebrow, but a Saudi diplomat stopped them and said he would be taken to Islamabad for treatment,” Dr Qadir said.

He was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in the federal capital and admitted to a VVIP room.






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Umar Cheema ‏@UmarCheema1
Saudi army official beat Pak officail at IBD airport when asked for body search. Saudi ambassador also reached at airport. Inquiry ordered.

Nadir El-Edroos ‏@needroos
lets see how much they prostrate before their masters

Nadeem F. Paracha ‏@NadeemfParacha
Saudi official thrashed at Isbd airport … Oil spill.

Faisal Qureshi ‏@faisalqureshi
Ahaaaaa *clapping hands* “@Maria_Memon: Violent brawl b/w Saudi military officer and ASF officer at ISB airport.

Maria Memon ‏@Maria_Memon
Violent brawl b/w Saudi military officer and ASF officer at ISB airport. Defence Secretary Sethi intervenes. Saudi Ambassador already by Saudi citizens side at the hospital. Diplomatic nuisance.

Asad Munir ‏@asadmunir38
Saudi Military person misbehaved and trashed ASF staff at Airport.Ghairat Brigade,DPC and IK may hold a protest rally against this insult.

Hafsa Khawaja ‏@Hafsa_Khawaja
– True sadly. RT @Usamaakhwaja: @Hafsa_Khawaja DG Airport Security ki hazri ho gai hay! Ofcourse we are a Saudi Colony.

Hafsa Khawaja ‏@Hafsa_Khawaja
– Reportedly there’s been a fight between a Saudi Army Officer and ASF Officers at Islamabad Airport, because they searched the Saudi.

Murtaza Solangi ‏@murtazasolangi
After mishandling of Col Shikri of Saudi Embassy at Benazir Bhutto airport, Sec Defence summons DG ASF and asks for report in 24 hours.

Saudi citizen, tortured and beaten at Islamabad airport, identified as Colonel Shikri, military attache in Saudi Embassy (Full Diplomat)


Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi citizen, tortured and beaten at Islamabad airport, identified as Colonel Shikri, military attache in Saudi Embassy

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
A Saudi citizen has allegedly been beaten by airport security staff Islamabad, admitted to hospital, Saudi Ambassador currently visiting him

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi diplomat says i was already searched at two earlier points, and ASF tortured not only me but my son also, my son has left for Riyadh

3h Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi diplomat tells media he just asked ASF to behave nicely, on which ASF got infuriated and started scuffle, ASF misbehaved with my son

Karrar Hussain ‏@KarrarrHussain
@khalidkhan787 The end result be?The ASF officer has to render unconditional Tauba for having dared to manhandle the Saudi officer brother

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
few details about Saudi diplomat story here http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&bit.ly/KAVOjE and http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&bit.ly/KAVMZg

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi official was accompanied by his two sons, asked by ASF to pass through scanner, which he took as his insult, and later scuffle started

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Breaking: CCTV footage shows Saudi diplomat was the first to hit ASF official, and then his son also joined the fight against ASF Islamabad

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Breaking: CCTV footage reveals all at Islamabad airport, Saudi diplomat was first to push ASF official to the extent that he fell on scanner

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi diplomat is undergoing nose surgery after continuous bleeding, allegedly from injury inflicted by ASF beating #Islamabad

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
and Saudi diplomat has finally been shifted to PIMS Islamabad

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Islamabad airport security force tells media Saudi diplomat was asked to pass through walk-through scanner, which he refused

ASF officials at Islamabad airport were doing routine security checks but it is said that the Saudi official refused to cooperate with them.

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
@saamia_khan: I think Saudi diplomat must have said something bad about Pakistan otherwise no one in their right mind would do it

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
and it seems injured Saudi diplomat will be shifted to PIMS, though no official words on that #Islamabad #Pakistan

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Pakistan Defence and Home ministers both in touch with Saudi Ambassador Aziz, assuring him of ‘justice’ over case of torture on Diplomat

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Medical Superintendent Benazir Hospital confirms Saudi diplomat has 9 injuries marks on his face and body parts #Islamabad #Pakistan

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi Airlines Islamabd says Col, Shikri, diplomat beaten by Islamabad ASF, was due to leave for Riyadh via SV 732

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Another version !RT @SHMKAZMI: @khalidkhan787 they should have beaten him more. May be u have not endured the saudi airports

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
update. Pakistan secretary defence Nargis Sethi has immediately summoned Director General ASF over reports of torture on Saudi colonel

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
@afiasalam look, ASF says Saudi diplomat first slapped their worker when he was being searched. Yet, so much torture is not understandable

4h Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
ASF Islamabad ki to band bajjj gaiiii

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Saudi citizen, tortured and beaten at Islamabad airport, identified as Colonel Shikri, military attache in Saudi Embassy (Full Diplomat)

4h Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
Pakistan Secretary Defence Nargis Sethi has take notice of torture on Saudi Citizen at Islamabad Airport, asks DG ASF to submit report

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
and the Saudi citizen, beaten by Airport security staff Islamabad is said to be Embassy employee, Ambassador Aziz looking after him

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
A Saudi citizen has allegedly been beaten by airport security staff Islamabad, admitted to hospital, Saudi Ambassador currently visiting him


Abdul Mutakabbir ‏@mutakabir
@khalidkhan787 ohh “behave nicely!” Just ask him to travel back to Saudi as a Non-Saudi and observe their own Officer’s behavior for a chng!

Khalid Khan ‏@khalidkhan787
ask @saamia_khan she knows Saudi behavior very well

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Rehman Malik and Former Minister for Defence Ahmed Mukhtar already apologising to Saudi embassy for Incident at Islamabad with ASF! #WTF

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Secretary of Defence Nargis Sethi get inolved in ASF & Saudi Military Man incident at #Islamabad. She wants action of Saudi ignored!

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
CCTV footage shows Saudi diplomat was the first to hit ASF official, and then his son also joined the fight against ASF officer at Islamabad

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
@mawaispk it may have come across slightly wrong, it is Islam but it is the interpretation of the teachings of Wahab

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
@h4hach you are aware that what KSA follows may not be the Islam , it is more of what A person from Najad propagated! You know the rest!

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
@mahrukhjabeen they have reverted to the pre Islam Mindset , & as a result they have the same social issues pre 1400 yrs

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
@mahrukhjabeen 🙂 i have lot if interaction withe the Saudis, they are walking talking Pharoas

M Kashif ‏@M_Kashiff
@AnjumKiani sir airforce b ASF k hawalay kar dain shayad 1, 2 drone hi gira dain.

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
We Should aim for equal terms & relations with all! & if the other side shows arrogance then we want NO relations at all! #Pakistan ASF

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
@mahrukhjabeen Mahrukh we need relations & ties with all on equal basis, & its opportunites like this that we can attempt to create awarenes

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Dear Saudia! When we come to The Holy sites in Makkah & Madina, You dont allow us to pay our respect to our Beloved Prophet & AileBait! ASF

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
#US agents #CIA operatives,Terrorists be Warned! ASF officers will slap the living daylights out of you, if you try to sneak in to #Pakistan

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Rehman Malik , what are you going to do? Are you going to hide the CCTV footage of Saudi Colonel & his son attacking our ASF officer?

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Saudi embassy says Shicri was on military course whilst Saudi Airline are saying that the military man is member of Saudi embassy. ASF

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Rehman Malik and Former Minister for Defence Ahmed Mukhtar already apologising to Saudi embassy for Incident at Islamabad with ASF! #WTF

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Secretary of Defence Nargis Sethi get inolved in ASF & Saudi Military Man incident at #Islamabad. She wants action of Saudi ignored!

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
#Breaking : Rehman Malik has ordered that action will be taken against ASF officers , in order to Protect Pak Saudi relations ! #Islamabad

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Saudi diplomat is undergoing nose surgery after continuous bleeding, allegedly from injury inflicted by ASF beating ! Respect to u ASF!

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
CCTV footage shows Saudi diplomat was the first to hit ASF official, and then his son also joined the fight against ASF officer at Islamabad

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Saudi diplomat Col, Shikri, should be put on the next flight back! #Pakistan ASF Islamabad

anjum kiani ‏@AnjumKiani
Unconfirmed : ASF officer stopped Saudi Diplomat for routine search, Saudi Diplomat pushed ASF officer, an altercation occured. #Islamabad


Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
@SheenaK_ A Saudi security official shoved a Pakistani airport security official and they in turn gave him a good enough thrashing.

Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
If it was a Pakistani official who had done the same in KSA, he’d get hell for it. ASF did good here.

Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
RT @khalidkhan787: CCTV reveals, at Islamabad airport, Saudi diplomat was first to push ASF official to the extent that he fell on scanner

Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
Good work ASF! The Saudi ‘councellor’ had declined to go through security and slapped the ASF inspector.

Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
@shakirhusain Our FM has already asked for an inquiry. But I’m still mighty glad the councellor got a taste of their own med.

shakir husain ‏@shakirhusain
@kursed the Soddie should be thrown in jail and dealt with according to the law. Anyone from the right willing to expend political capital?

Abdullah Saad ‏@kursed
Wish Pakistan would show some balls here, ASF is very right at dishing out the treatment – given coucellor’s conduct.

Saudi Embassy’s official, Saeed Al-Shehri talks to media persons at Benazir Bhutto Hospital after he assaulted was in turn beaten by Airport Security Force Personnel at Benazir Bhutto International Airport. – Online Photo by Raees Khan.

44 responses to “Kudos to Islamabad’s Airport Security Force (ASF): Saudi military officer should be thrown in jail”

  1. He deserves a Nishan-e-Haider.

    At least, his services are much more valuable and honourbale than the ghus-bethia Captain Colonel Sher Khan etc.

  2. To saudi ambassador Your majesty the matter is very simple.Any pakistani places even an ordinary saudi at high esteem what to speak of an official.One has to b totally mad to just start beating body for nothing .the officer must have refused to b searched more over he must have abused and man handled asf official on duty , whose sole duty is to ensure 100 pc search of allthe passengers .It is unimaginable to believe a Pakistani officer to misbehave with asaudi officer just with outany provocation . the whole nation is sad on this incidence.

  3. To his Excellency The Ambassador of SA , It must b remembered that Pakistanis place the Saudis at avery esteem.What to speak of an officer even an ordinary saudi is so much respected in Pakistan .One has to b totally MAD to just start hitting a saudi official with out provocation . Saudi gentleman must have drastically insulted and manhandled ASF officer to earn this treatment. The Pakistai nation is very sad and ashamed on this incidence.

  4. Amazed to know and i congratulate the Pakistani Nation on initiating against Most Powerful OmniMuslim first time in world and from Pakistan. I salute the ASF officers. Someone can get names and identities of the officers. Really leading ASF officer deserves Pakistani Nation’s prays.

  5. Muhammad Saleh Zaafir of Jang Group is as usual doing duty for his Saudi Masters:


    Saudi Arabia to formally protest abuse of citizen at airport

    Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
    Friday, June 01, 2012 From Print Edition

    ISLAMABAD: In a rare expression of displeasure, Saudi Arabia will lodge an official protest about the incident on Thursday evening at the Islamabad Airport where a Saudi national was badly thrashed by Airport Security Force (ASF) officials without any plausible reason in the presence of his two teenage sons and a number of other people.

    Shukri Saeed Al-Shehri, a Saudi citizen who arrived at the airport to see off his two sons who had to board a Saudi-bound flight, and who was carrying genuine documents with him, became a victim of ASF personnel at the entrance of the main building of the airport. The ASF personnel first started a quarrel with him, profusely abused him and then beat him with fists, rifle-butts and rods in the presence of dozens of people.

    Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan Dr Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Saleh Al-Ghadeer, who was unwell, rushed to the airport. He was also denied due protocol at the airport but he managed to reach his fellow national with the help of his own security personnel. Shukri, who was copiously bleeding, was shifted to a hospital in Rawalpindi where doctors advised to take him to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad. The ambassador travelled with Shukri to PIMS where a brief surgery was performed on his fractured nose. He was later admitted in the VIP ward of the hospital.

    Federal Secretary Defence and Cabinet Nargis Sethi was the first high level official who took notice of the incident and ordered an immediate high level inquiry into it. She sought a report within four hours after reporting the matter to Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani.

    Later, federal ministers Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar and Rehman Malik also established contact with the ambassador to express their sympathy and regret about the incident. Meanwhile, Airport Manager Muhammad Ashfaq has conceded that ASF personnel have committed a blatantly excessive act and acted in the manner for which no justification could be given.

    Shukri Saeed Al-Shehri is reportedly an officer working for the defence division of the embassy in Islamabad and his one son left for Riyadh on his way to home town Khamees Mashait. The information reached the Saudi capital immediately and Ambassador Dr Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Saleh Al-Ghadeer received several calls from his capital to ascertain the facts about the incident.

    Chief Commissioner Islamabad Syed Tariq Peerzada and IG Police Bani Amin were the first to reach the PIMS to receive the ambassador and helped in shifting the injured Shukri. Talking to The News, Saudi Ambassador Dr Abdul Aziz said he has failed to understand the reasons for this harsh and unjustifiable action by people in uniform at the airport for a citizen of a brotherly country. He said a formal protest would be conveyed today (Friday).

  6. Comment by Syed Abida Hussain at another thread:

    I sincerely hope that Govt of Pakistan does not turn MISKEEN,in the face of Saudi arrogance, and stands by the ASF personnel who,in my opinion, deserve appreciation for mounting resistance towards a foreigner with an attitude of entitlement.

  7. آفرین اسلام آباد ائرپورٹ کے غیرت مند سیکیورٹی سٹاف پر جنہوں نے سعودی بادشاہ کے مغرور درباری کو عبرت ناک سبق سکھا ڈالا

    اسلام آباد کے بے نظیر انٹرنیشنل ائرپورٹ پر جب مشکوک باشندے کو سیکیورٹی واک تھرو گیٹ سے گزرنے کو کہا گیا تو اس نے ناگواری سے سائیڈ سے گزرنا چاہا اور اپنی شناخت کرانے کی بجائے ائرپورٹ سیکیورٹی فورس کے ساتھ جھگڑا شروع کردیا۔ عینی شاہدین کے مطابق اسکا رویہ نہایت ہی ہتک آمیز تھا اور انھوں نے اسکو عربی میں اونچی اونچی آواز میں بولتے سنا اور جو لفظ انہیں سمجھ آیا وہ ‘مسکین’ تھا جسکا مطلب بھکاری ہے، اسی سے سیکیورٹی سٹاف طیش میں آگیا اور انہوں نے اسکی دھنائی شروع کردی اور اسکو لہولہان کردیا۔

    بعد میں شناخت پر معلوم ہوا کہ موصوف کا تعلق سعودی عرب سے ہے جو پرواز 732 سے ریاض جانا چاہتا تھا اور اسکی سیٹ بھی کنفرم نہیں تھی، مزید معلوم ہوا کہ وہ سعودی ایمبیسی میں ملٹری اتاشی ہے جسکے بناء پر وہ پاکستان کو بھی سعودیہ ہی سمجھ بیٹھا اور جس طرح کا توہین آمیز سلوک سعودیہ میں عام پاکستانیوں کے ساتھ کیا جاتا ہے، وہی پاکستان میں کرنا چاہا جسکا خمیازہ اسکو ایسا عبرت ناک بھگتنا پڑا کہ سعودی سفیر کو نہ صرف بھاگے بھاگے اسلام آباد ائرپورٹ آنا پڑا بلکہ اسکو ہسپتال بھی لے جانا پڑا۔ ڈاکٹرز نے بتایا ہے کہ سعودی ملٹری آفیسر کو کم از کم نو زخم لگے ہیں۔ دوسری طرف سعودی باشندے نے تردید کی ہے کہ اس نے پاکستانی سیکیورٹی سٹاف کے ساتھ تعاون سے انکار کیا تھا لیکن یہ بتانے سے گریز کیا کہ پھر آخر ایسی کیا وجوہات ہوئی جنہوں نے پاکستانی سیکیورٹی سٹاف کو طیش دلا دیا۔ روزانہ کی بنیاد پر ہزاروں مسافر اسلام آباد ائرپورٹ کا استعمال کرتے ہیں اور سیکیورٹی سٹاف نہایت ہی پروفیشنل ہے اور آج تک کبھی ایسا افسوسناک واقعہ سامنے نہیں آیا۔ آخر برداشت کی بھی حد ہوتی ہے، کب تک مقدس سرزمین حرمین شریفین پر ناجائز قابض بادشاہ اور اسکے درباری پاکستان کے عوام اور سیکیورٹی اداروں کو مسکین کا درجہ دیتے رہے گیں؟ اگر پاکستانی بھکاری ہیں تو سعودی عیاش ڈاکو لٹیرے ہیں جو سرزمیں حرمین شریفین پر ناجائز قابض ہیں، جو مقدس مذہبی فریضے حج عمرے کو کاروباری فیسٹیول سمجھتے ہیں، جسکی حاصل شدہ آمدنی سے عیاشی کرتے ہیں، اہل کتاب سے نفرتوں کو فروغ دیتے ہیں، خطے کی واحد جمہوری مملکت اسرائیل کو تسلیم کرنے سے انکاری ہیں، اللہ تعالیٰ کی عطا کردہ تیل کے بل بوتے پر ذاتی حرم آباد کرتے ہیں، دنیا بھر کی مظلوم خواتین کو کنیز لونڈیاں بنا کر
    رکھتے ہیں۔

    سیکٹری دفاع نرگس سیٹھی نے 24 گھنٹے میں واقعے کی رپورٹ طلب کرلی ہے جبکہ وزیر دفاع احمد مختار اور وزیر داخلہ رحمان ملک نے بجائے اسکے خوشی کا اظہار کریں کہ پاکستان وہ پہلا عجمی مسلمان ملک بننے میں کامیاب ہوگیا جس نے سعودی رعونیت کو سرعام تار تار کرڈالا، واقعے پر افسوس کا اظہار کیا ہے۔


  8. Very good reporting by Express Tribune. Other reporters must learn from this correspondent

    According to officials from the ASF, Colonel Sukhari, who was meant to fly out to Riyadh, refused to get a routine body check and started quarrelling with the security personnel at the airport. The ASF officials said that the military attaché insisted that he was not subject to a body search because he was a diplomat.
    The Saudi embassy official became abusive and attacked the ASF officials, say eye witnesses. He also abused Pakistanis in general and called them “servant class,” said eyewitnesses.
    An official from the Airport Police said the Saudi official started the fight by slapping an ASF official, identified as Idrees.
    Following this, the ASF staff started tried to restrain Sukhari.
    While speaking to the media at the airport after being medically examined, the colonel denied starting the fight and claimed that the security staff misbehaved with him and his son.
    The embassy official added that he would initiate criminal proceedings against the ASF security staff.
    The Saudi Embassy, refused to comment on the incident.
    Medical Superintendent BBH Dr Asif Qadir Mir informed the media that a medical examination of Colonel Sukhari had been carried out, which showed that he was bruised. ASF officials also received injuries.
    Sukhari was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences by Saudi ambassador Abdul Aziz Bin Ibrahim for treatment. But no such relief was accorded to ASF officials, said sources.
    No FIR has been registered.


  9. Sonya

    It will never be known to public whether the Saudi man was a diplomat or a military trainee as the regime in Saudi works and want others to work untransparantly. ASF is a trained force even to handle the royal visitors – but when it comes to Saudi Arabia everyone is a royal and people from Pakistan are slaves always hungry for jobs, money and favors. The men performing their duties at airports aren’t crazy as plenty of passengers pass through the security checks every hour and no such incident has ever taken place or reported, I am proud of ASF more than Pakistan Navy who have been protecting us and the planes from this highest times of terrorism. Everyone must respect laws no matter how frustrating that is – Let’s work for a new Pakistan and let’s NOT allow any person to treat us or our country like this Saudi man has.

    I Can bet this angry looking Diplomat started by slapping ASF guy. If ASF personnel is fired, I wonder anyone would dare checking Refusing diplomatic staff.


    Hats Off to the ASF guys.We salute your bravery.Ask this “diplomat” to refuse body search in USA then he will get proper treatment there too.


    ASF is one of the most professional department of Pakistan. The ASF staff is always courteous and dutiful but they are doing a thankless job. Only ambassador of a country is exempt from body search but it is a common practice that any body belong to an embassy considers him/her exempt from routine search. They all require ASF staff to treat all employees od embassy as VIPs. Every single day there are incidents like this at airports in pakistan, but ASF personnel diplomatically handle it and the incident do not become news. I am 100% sure that the fight was started by the Saudi Colonel because firstly Saudies are very arrogant and rude, secondly ASF staff is around the clock under strict observation of their own Field Intelligence Unit plus so many other intelligence agencies that starting any wrongdoing by them is almost impossible.

    N Salim
    Why didnt they check the video footage? That should clarify who attacked first. Whether the guy is diplomat or student, u cant talk to employees doing their jobs in a loud voice, let alone slap!! In other countries he’d be arrested!!

    well done ASF
    thats the way to deal with these arrogant saudis,, its not saudia where they look down at us and beat us
    ,, i,m 1005 sure this saudi said all these things(al masakeen etc) thats the way these shiekhs roll
    somebody must teach them a lesson
    and i,m happy the ASF staf fought back instead of bowing down,, no matter what action the govt takes against him,, this saudi wil always remmeber this lesson from ghairtamand pakistani


  10. Tariq Qayum:

    Unfortunately, officials of Saudi Embassy are trying to give it a sectarian twist. Unannounced but within their private circle, they are alleging that the security official who beat up al-shehri, the saudi trainee in NDU, belongs to Shia’a sect. Disgustingly, typical Saudi

  11. Assalam allium all brothers who addressed comment there it’s aminoer accident that take all of these hatered we r all Muslims and we r brothers why Muslim people we r very emotionally and didn’t take easy there is a justice and it will taken place , look to us we look like a mountain of hate ring for what and why I don’t know he is a guest man here in Pakistan at least arrest him don’t humiliate home like that and I don’t believe one who is lonely in a brother country can made this action against ASF in airport in front of people and under the camera that it should be work and the realty is there aim forengher and am from other country not saudia Arabia ,where is the wisdome how that happen in international airport ,this is the realty that we just smiling to each other and our hearts is full of this rubbish wake up we r Muslims and don’t let this incidents hurt our brotherly relationship
    Thanks and may Allah bless all of us from our enemy who fuel us against each others
    Allah hafiz and assalamualikum

  12. first ,(saeed ) was not his name. second,his not an official of the Saudi embassy, his a pilot colonel (Saudi Air Forces) and his there for a military course.
    the way ASF dealing show there retardation and lack of respect (barbarism).
    all Saudi show a great respect to pakistan military officers in Saudi Arabia , but these act is Infringement on Saudi Arabia

  13. its a shame for all pakistani. the asf officer is a bane of pakistan. shame on asf pakistan. and remember that the asf official who beat the saudi citizen has screwed up his career.
    i wish the asf official all the hell he’ll go through in some time. lol just a case of overall mentality of grossly ignorant pakistani people.

  14. After reading all reporting and comments, I can say with reasonable certainity that Saudi guy made the whole fuss and recieved what he deserved, I salut the poor but brave ASF guy, you deserve Nishan e Pakistan

  15. I feel sorry for some of the people whose coments are just shameless, coward, unjustifiable, and of typical slave mentality for example see Aftab Ahmed’s coments above, I am happy with some comments, e.g sayed Abida hussain, who atleast dared to speak the truth, I wonder when we as a bloody nation would come out of Ghulam Zehniyat and say and do things like our heroes, instead of praising and saluting that guy who tried to break the damn chain of slavery we r tied, a chain tied to the neck of dog, begging got good, money and oil, to make the bloody elit of Pakistan enjoy luxuries, have farm houses, latest cars, and designer suites, BUT at the cost of selling their respect huh!! And because of these beghairat elit, an American lawyer said that Pakistan could sell their mothers for money!!! SHAME!!!!!!

  16. Dr Sheffield says:
    June 2, 2012 at 2:35 am
    I feel sorry for some of the people whose coments are just shameless, coward, unjustifiable, and of typical slave mentality for example see Aftab Ahmed’s coments above, I am happy with some comments, e.g sayed Abida hussain, who atleast dared to speak the truth, I wonder when we as a bloody nation would come out of Ghulam Zehniyat and say and do things like our heroes. Instead of praising and saluting that guy who tried to break the damn chain of slavery tied to our necks since creation of Pakistan, like a chain tied to the neck of dog, begging for food, money and oil, to make the bloody elit of Pakistan enjoy luxuries, have farm houses, latest cars, and designer suites, our defence cowrd minister mukhtar and rehman malik the mother fuckers and sethi the whore of PM house are faking action against the chain breaker of slavery, HUH. They are doing it withshamless Deedpan at the cost of selling their respect huh!! And because of these beghairat elit, an American lawyer said that Pakistan could sell their mothers for money!!! SHAME!!!!!!

  17. Main us Azeem Maa ko salam paish karta hoon jinhn ne aise ghairat mand baiton ko janam diya aur beshak ASF ke in tamam officers Pakistan ka sab se bara aizaz dena chahiye.

    Ye ghazi ye tere purasrar bande jinhein tu ne bakhsha hai zoqe khudai Simat kar pahar jin ki haibat se rai

  18. ماذا يكون رد كم لوكان امريكي
    What is the response of the man U.S. citizen.

  19. @فهد

    The US citizen will never break the rules of airport security and slap the security forces like the saudi did.

  20. not like that we deal with you when you visit Makkah or anywhere in Saudi , hope there is will be an attention in this time . Shukran

  21. @ فهد

    The US citizen will never do that rather he will have a remote to control the drone which is flying across the Pakistani sky launching hundreds of bombs & missile on the Pakistani civilian targets. And yes they are civilized and Saudis are bad. 🙂

  22. Saudi deserve such treatment…everyone should respect law of other country or nation and no one is above security and Law.
    Saudi a slave of America and really racist to other nation people who live,work or visit Saudi Arabia.
    This is not your motherland where you can abuse, or slap pakistani specially a on duty official…

  23. Again this is sentiments and hatred not facts , Why the ASF guys did not arrested him instead of fighting him ? this is not professional . there should be proper training insted of punching some one on the face there should be ways to handle violence

  24. welcome ASF we also need a brave man in Pakistan,same like this that you have seen several days before.Because pakistan is a independent country.Saudi is slave of America.

  25. im a canadian of paki origin and i swear by god if this happened in a western country such as here in canada or US or UK, that arrogant bastard saudi diplomat wud had been shot by airport security rite there and then—-this fucking saudi bastard thought that just becuz his govt. gives aid and gives work visas to paki citizens, he can walk all over pakistan like napolean bonaparte—-if govt. of pakistan has even a scintilla of self respekt and national pride, they will award those paki security forces with da higest award and will keep that saudi bastard, regardless whether he has diplomatic passport or not, in detention until a final complete investigation by both saudi and paki investigators is not complete…however, i have heard through my sources that this saudi officer didnt have any diplomatic passport and had a regular saudi passport—even if he had a diplomatic one, he had no rite 2 shout out and curse out da ASF personnel who r highly professional and r doing their job—-i say high time 2 tell da saudi govt. 2 fuck off and keep its prick in its pants otherwise pakistanis dont have 2 tolerate it anymore and v will chop it off if they dont keep it in their pants.

  26. Repeated U.S. air strikes of Pakistani territory and die numbers of Pakistanis during the year, what is your response?
    The answer you are too weak to Trdo

  27. What an absurdity and lack of literature that came in some of the comments I wanted to be with the logic of Comments And the content of the comments contain literature and respect But I found hatred of the State of Saudi Arabia more than the size of the situation that occurred I sense from some people they do not have any culture in the dialogue It hurts when you find people do not understand something Comments and come with a slope rating

  28. يالها من سخافة وقلة ادب التى جاءت فى بعض التعليقات
    كنت اريد ان تكون التعليقات ذات منطق
    ويكون مضمون التعليقات يحتوى على الادب والاحترام
    لكن انا وجدت كراهية لدولة السعودية اكثر من حجم الموقف الذى حدث
    انا اشعر من بعض الناس انهم ليس عندهم اى ثقافة فى الحوار
    انه مؤلم عندما تجد الافراد لا يفهمون شئ
    وتأتى التعليقات ذات التقييم المنحدر

  29. at commenter no. 31#
    try acting like this once in US or UK—have a saudi officer or diplomat curse out, spit at and/or push and shove an airport security official—guns will b drawn out first and questions later—i know da ASF ppl as i have sum relatives and family friends working in them—unlike regular paki police which is indeed incompetent and corrupt, ASF ppl r highly trained and professional ppl and many of them r well paid as well and they r strictly monitored 2 make sure they r not corrupt—sum of their high ranking officers r sent 4 training 2 UK and malaysia—-so u cant accuse them of being unprofessional or corrupt, unlike regular paki police.
    i remember a distant uncle who was flying from jeddah to lahore in 92 and when he went thru airport security, da alarms went off—immediately da officers mishandled him and a few of them had their guns and rifles pointed at da poor frightened unaramed man—and they were saying in arabic “kalb”(dog) and “ibn sharmootah”(son of whore) and told da “miskeen baakistani”(pakistani pauper/beggar) 2 go thru da fucking metal detectors again and when he did, it again beeped—he was slapped two or three times and handcuffed and badly thrown on da ground(he was scared 2 death as he thought that this time one of da police wud pull da trigger and shoot him) and a senior saudi police colonel at da airport cursed him while smoking cigarette and told that poor guy if he had any weapons which he swore by mr. allah he didnt—he was stripped 2 his underwear and eventually it was a few saudi halalas in coins which was really deep down hidden in da seems of his jacket pocket (which he didnt know) that caused it—da officers attitude softned only a bit but they still cursed him out 4 wasting “their valuable time” and “causing a public commotion”—he missed his flite and had 2 b kept 4 another 2 days in detention in jail (not a hotel room, mind u)until they got him on da next flite 2 pakistan(and despite his protests that he had a direct PIA bizness class ticket 2 lahore they put him on a saudi economy class flight to karachi—he didnt care about da change in airlines or that he was being thrown in ecomony despite paying money 4 bizness as he was relieved 2 get out of that hellhole but he wanted a flight directly 2 lahore as he paid 4 that rather than being flown to karachi and having 2 pay again 4 da flite 2 lahore). but da rude saudi officer told him 2 shut up unless he wanted 2 spend another few dayz in a saudi prison—and this is not an exception, many ppl from poor third world countries r treated in this shitty fashion as is da norm in saudi. mind u, this distant relative of mine was a chartered accountant at a respectable bank, not sum sweeper or janitor and yet he was treated like this—-even in western countries, even after 9/11, while a few foreign muslims have indeed been mistreated at customs and immigration, but those r just exceptions, not da norm and they were able 2 sue and get sum fair financial compensation.
    so dont ever fucking talk about being cultured becuz ur saudi culture is very barbaric and inhumane—teach ur own fucking saudis 2 have “culture in dialogue” as well as in actions and then may b most ppl will begin 2 stop hating da fucking backwards and repressive “state” (as in condition not nation state as its a kingdom, mind u) of saudi and its arrogant and conceited officials.

  30. sameer khan
    You are not polite Ozh vocabulary does not come from a person is afraid of God and follow the Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and his family.
    I hope you respond to the bombing of Pakistani territory by air and kill Pakistanis.

  31. Slam to all,
    Unfortunate this should not be happen in but thousands of pakistani are staying in KSA as we are obeying roules they should ve’ must do the same any way he is our brother just finish that

  32. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last strongholds of Islam.
    Mecca in Saudi Arabia
    Medina in Saudi Arabia
    Hajj in Saudi Arabia
    Muslims like Saudi Arabia for that

  33. The number of non-citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more than 9 million of the different nationalities, some of whom work in the Kingdom for periods increased over twenty years and they are getting recognition and respect

  34. at commenter no. 33#

    You are a donkey votes issued repugnant and unsavory, such as words that you say
    You are an insect does not understand what you say
    You are boring speaks frequently
    You are very ignorant
    You need to learn the literature
    Black hearts live in the dark
    You are arrogant:
    Should go to defend the Pakistani border
    Of course you can not
    Because you are a coward
    More than anything you can do to live in shame

    انت حمار تصدر صوتا بغيض وتافه مثل الكلمات التى تقولها
    انت حشرة لا تفهم ما تقوله
    انت ممل فتتحدث كثيرا
    انت جاهل جدا
    تحتاج ان تتعلم الادب
    القلوب السوداء تعيش فى الظلام
    انت المغرور :
    يجب ان تذهب لتدافع عن الباكستانيين على الحدود
    بالطبع لن تستطيع
    لانك جبان
    اكثر شئ انت تستطيع فعله ان تعيش بالعار

  35. it was a very sad incident, our military not civil government should investigate this incident, Mr. shukri was our guest and the way he was reated by the (ASF) does not reflect pakistani people semtiments, we love saudies, Mr.shukri we apology for what some black sheep did, these black sheeps do not digest the good relationship between pakistan and saudi arabia, so, let them burn in their fire of hate and jalesy. May pak saudi relation be long and forever.

  36. The ASF who rendered this Arab are my heroes.

    This impudent Arab wanted access to security area which was off limits to him. Instead of living upto high ideals of his military, he exhibited behaviour typical of a malapert Arab: accosted the ASF who were merely doing their job. I guess this is what they teach in Saudi Military. The Saudis should have ordered the court martial of this Arab rather than accuse the ASF whom I have the greatest respect as they keep the airports safe and protect passengers. Three cheers for ASF.

    This Arab should be grateful that we do not chop off people’s heads in our country for minor offences like they do in his kingdom.

    The Arabs treat Pakistanis like trash at their airports. The only people the Arabs respect are their White Western masters.

  37. Today it was a Saudi tomorrow it will be a Pakistani.one thing no one has questioned so far is that is ASF allowed to take law into their hands?What is the Police meant for? if the ASF resorted to manhandling a foreign individual did the Police register any FIR?
    The Lawyers beat up the Police, Rangers shoot an unarmed person,Policemen are involved in extrajudicial kilings, what is all this leading us to? The Government is only concerned of its own survival and you never see the President who hides behind the walls of the Presidency and along with him criminals take refuge in the President house.
    In any house where the parents are involved in illegal activity the children take to lawlessness.
    The ASF is a security force responsible for the Security of the Airport only it is never mandated to discipline the public. The Saudis resorted to forgiving otherwise this was an international incident and the perpetrators could have been taken to task and rest assure Malik Riaz or the President would never pitched themselves against the Saudis.
    Islam teaches us courtesy the ASF seriously lacks courtesy. why do they wear camouflaged uniform? only to seem more forceful ( similar to the Army) which they are NOT!
    The Army Officers at the Helm of Affairs in the ASF should have been taken to Task for such poor discipline.

  38. To His Excellency The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan,

    Your dog just had a crash course in Pakistani Military Etiquette.

    We are very effective teachers.

    Your dog will remember this lesson for life, so will entire family and any other highly esteemed Saudi officials including yourself

    Salam alaikum

    Pakistan Awwal

  39. Shame! Hot arguments spoil the affairs.
    But What if ASF treat the Americans like this way then R-Malik will be very angry and will terminate all ASF employees! HE HAS RELEASED AN AMERICAN WHO KILLED PAKISTANIS IN LAHORE AND GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN HANDED OVER MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE TO AMERICAN.
    Enjoy the God Dam democracy which brings most corrupt people in power.