We condemn attack on the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter by Saudi sponsored terrorists

Syrians clean debris at the Sayyida Zainab shrine. (Youssef Badawi, EPA / June 14, 2012)

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LUBP Editor’s note: While Pakistan’s mainstream (electronic and print, Urdu and English) media is busy in baiting, trapping and mud-slinging one another, we are surprised that the bombing of the Shrine of Hazrat Zainab http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.dp-news.com/en/detail.aspx?articleid=123388, grand-daughter of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), barely recieved any attention in our media.Vast sections of the media and the ghairat brigade media thump their chests whenever drone attacks target Al Qaeda bigots and foreign mercenaries. This same section of the media remains muted when Ahmadiya Muslims’ graves are being desecrated or when shrines of important Sunni and Shia Muslim personages are attacked by Deobandi-Wahhabi terrorists in Pakistan. While we fundementally disagree with the police state of Syria, we also do not support the Al Qaeda militias that are being funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Turkey to overthrow the Assad regime. (End note)


It is shocking to hear the news of attack on the Holy Shrine of beloved Grand Daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. On the behalf of Muslim communities in the UK, we strongly protest the involvement of Saudi-US backed involvements in Syria.

A bomb-laden car driven by a Salafi-Wahhabi suicide attacker (of Al Qaeda) exploded Thursday (14 June) near a major Muslim shrine (revered by both Sunnis and Shias) outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, injuring 14 people and damaging part of the shrine.

It is condemnable that the US-Saudi Arabia and some western powers are who have previously played a disastrous role in destabilizing Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain and currently Pakistan are now united against Syria to destabilize it enabling its takeover by Salafi-Wahhabi militants.

We would like to draw your attention to the current situation of Syria, which is in no way comparable with the situation of other Arab revolutions/protests.

The current Syrian government is a strategic ally of Iran due to a number of reasons. The US wants to cut down all of the relations of Iran with any of its neighbour. The ultimate target is to make Turkey and Syria against Iran.

The most sorrowful news is the support of Al-qaida to destablize Syria which clearly states that all of them are following the same agenda under the pretext of “Freedom”, “Liberty” and “Human Rights”. What “Freedom” you are giving to the people through Bomb Blasts and Suicidal Attacks?

Reference of Al-Qaida Support for Rebels in Syria: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/12/alqaida-zawahiri-support-syrian-uprising

Do Saudia and other Arab countries really support democracy?

Why is Saudia impeding and suppressing pro-democracy movement in Bahrain? Why are US and other Western powers playing a double role in Bahrain and Syria?

Look at the double standards, Saudis are crushing the most peaceful protesters in Bahrain who have even never threw a pebble on Police or Army despite being extremely deprived of their Basic Human Rights. It is reported many times government forces in Bahrain martyred innocent people and even killed the doctors/nurses who cure the injured. Unfortunately not any American and European country have ever condemned this genocide in Bahrain. This is the most open and clear double standard.

Further, regarding attacking the Holy Shrines by the Salafi Terrorists.

I could never understand, WHAT WRONG did the Prophet do to the so called “Muslims” that they are so angry with him that after killing his whole progeny, they are attacking their Graves as well ?

Saudi Kings attacked the Grave of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH), bulldozed it.

Then they bulldozed the graves of the Parents and Grand Fathers of the Prophet.

Many times, they attempted to destroy the Shrine of of Imam Hussain in Karbala throughout the History as recently as early twentieth century.

Only the Shrine of Syeda Zainab was left and now they are attacking again the shrine of the very part of the Pure Heart of the Holy Prophet pbuh.

All the Muslims all over the world, irrespective of location or Sect, Sunni or Shia, condemn it unanimously, and condole to the Holy Prophet pbuh.

We hope that this time the media will show the real face of Saudi Arabia and also the Saudi-driven lobbyists in US in destabilizing Syria.

Ahsan Shah

17 responses to “We condemn attack on the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter by Saudi sponsored terrorists”

  1. Authorities have blamed Al Qaeda-linked Islamic militants from Syria and other nations, including neighboring Iraq and Jordan, for previous suicide bombings.

    The intended target of Thursday’s strike was the golden-domed Sayyida Zainab shrine, one of Islam’s holiest and most magnificent sites and a favored destination of Shiite and Sunni pilgrims. The shrine is said to be the burial place of a revered grand-daughter of the prophet Mohammed, Sayyida Zainab.

    The blast Thursday shattered shrine windows, knocked down chandeliers and ceiling fans, and cracked mosaic walls inside the religious site, AP reported.

    Official Syrian state media said 14 people were injured in Thursday’s explosion , which occurred inside a parking lot. State media displayed photos from the scene showing destroyed vehicles, a shattered cement building and a crater where the bomb car apparently detonated.

  2. May Allah curse those who attacked her shrine. May Allah curse those who heard of the attack on her shrine but remained silent, did not utter a single word to condemn the attack on Prophet’s grand daughter’s grave.

  3. Those Terriorisrs are not Muslims and they will be in forever. Inshallah

  4. What the hell laanat on those people who did this, if given me a gun i will shoot them and also to that person who ordered the destruction of Shrine. For this if i am sentenced to death am ready for it…..

    Brothers in Islam lets join hand together and protest we need maximum people to stop this.

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  6. lanaat on who orderd who did that who support that and kept silent. and bro we all know better they are muslims they are doing soside attacks and hit the hoiest places in all over the world. be cause they are commited with dajals loby and they are thinking that they can mad a new religion. shame shame

  7. slam i live in Syria and seeing there how the wahabiasm spreding their black laws there.How they targetting innocent shia people.This wahabi thought working what the isralies wants………

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