Saudi Arabia paying UK trained terrorists up to $3,000/Month for jihad against Syria – by Alexander Higgins

Exclusive rebel interviews detailing Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihad operations reveal details Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know and the media won’t tell you.

First hand accounts of rebel operations reveal Saudi Arabia is funding terrorists recruited from Salafi schools who are answering an open call from the Saudi Prince’s anointed Prophet’s to wage Jihad against Syria.

These terrorists aren’t afraid to brag that they are answering Prophet’s call to Jihad revealing how volunteers inside Saudi Arabia’s Salifi schools are being to be flown to military garrisons inside Turkey where they are given weapons and explosives training by UK special forces.

Once their training is complete they are provide weapons by the UK Commandos who in turn smuggle them inside Syria were they meet up with their commanders to receive further orders.

The article also takes a detailed looked into these western supported Al Qaeda aligned terrorists by examining their ideology and history while reporting on providing details on the life of the Saudi Jihadists living inside the war zone.

Story Highlights:

  • Saudi Arabia Paying Terrorists Up To $3,000/Mo To Jihad Against Syria
  • UK commandos are training the Jihadi terrorists in Turkey military garrisons, supplying them with weapons and then smuggling them into Syria where they await further command.
  • The Terrorist are responding to an open call for Jihad issued to all Saudi’s by the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan anointed Prophet Sheik Ahmad Al Qaseer.
  • The rebels being trained in Turkey are Saudi Salafi Jihadists are the minority sect of fundamentalist Islam extremists that includes Al Qaeda and many Islamic Jihad groups.
  • The Prophet’s Jihad targets all “infidels” including not only Christians but the Shiite and Sunni Muslims that together make up nearly 95% of all Muslims who don’t follow their strict fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.
  • The Saudi Arabia government directly recruiting Jihadists from their Salafi schools paying Jihadists $5,000 to join and a monthly salaries of $1,500-$3,000 a month.
  • Additional bonuses are paid for each infidel killed. $750 for the murder of a Shiite, $500 for a Sunni and $350 for all others.
  • Those who kill 5 infidels are promised entry to Paradise and reportedly earn an actual Passport To Paradise issue by the Saudi Prince and forwarded to the terrorists for the Good Deeds.
  • Saudi Arabia is providing full support for family members left at home including housing and schooling.
  • Terrorists who volunteer to Jihad in Saudi Arabia are flown to the Turkey military for weapons and bomb training.
  • Similar recruiting, training, and smuggling operations are being ran out of Lebanon where the Prince’s Prophet has separate training camps set up.
  • Salafi Jihadists from Libya, Qatar and other Arabic nations also being paid to answer the Prophets call to Jihad.

The video above shows Salafi terrorists in Libya destroying a holy Muslim shrine using rocket-propelled grenades and other incendiary devices.

Prior to the scenes shown in the video several people inside the shrine were brutally murdered by the terrorists and more shockingly the attack took place under the order, participation and full protection of the Libya government.

Salafi Jihadism extends to includes the Al Qaeda ideology and its followers.

Salafi Jihadists make up less than 1% of the world’s nearly 2 billion Muslims but due to covert backing by the US and the UK they are now the fastest growing Islamic movement in the world.

Most notably the US and its NATO allies supported the Salafi Jihad to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then handed the Jihadists control over Libya once Gaddafi fell.

These are the same terrorists the United States declared to be the enemy of the War on Terror and used as a pretext to invade Iraq in 2003.

After the successful sacking of Libya, the United States is now backing these terrorists to overthrow the Syrian government.

Now you know that the terrorists commonly called Al Qaeda are formally known as Salafi Jihadists.

They are being trained, funded and armed by the United States and the United Kingdom directly and via proxy throw nations such as Libya, Lebanon, NATO member Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among others.

As PBS Frontline notes:

The Salafist Movement

An examination of the ideology that has inspired the global jihad and the emergence of its most dangerous incarnation.

When Gilles Kepel was researching a book about the origins of the global jihad movement back in the 1980s, he recalls rarely coming across Muslim fundamentalists known as “Salafists” living in Europe. “The ones who were prevalent … were totally apolitical and they didn’t deliver theoretically or in terms of doctrine,” he says.

Salafism is an ideology that posits that Islam has strayed from its origins. The word “salaf” is Arabic for “ancient one” and refers to the companions of the Prophet Mohammed. Arguing that the faith has become decadent over the centuries, Salafists call for the restoration of authentic Islam as expressed by an adherence to its original teachings and texts. “Salafists originally are supposedly not violent,” Kepel explains. “They are not advocating the revolt against one who holds power, against the powers that be. They are calling for re-Islamization at the daily level.”

By the mid-’90s, Kepel saw an alarming change among Europe’s Muslims. Increasingly he was coming across Salafists who had embraced jihad — in other words, who felt violence and terrorism were justified to realize their political objectives. Kepel explains that when Salafists, who tend to be alienated from mainstream European society, meet and mingle with jihadists, it fuses into a volatile mixture. “When you’re in the state of such alienation you become easy prey to the jihadi guys who will feed you more savory propaganda than the old propaganda of the Salafists who tell you to pray, fast and who are not taking action,” he says. “And this is why the [Islamist terrorists] who had been arrested were often good Salafists in the beginning.”

Kepel labeled these Muslim fundamentalists “Salafist jihadists”, a term that he extends to include the followers of Al Qaeda. Salafist jihadists are now a burgeoning presence in Europe, having attempted more than 30 terrorist attacks among E.U. countries since 2001.

While European counterterrorism experts recognize that Salafist jihadism is an ideological movement with deep religious and historical roots, they feel that their counterparts at the FBI and American intelligence agencies don’t share this understanding. “I began using the word Salafi and Salafists in 1997 in meetings in Washington and nobody raised the word and asked what does it mean,” says Xavier Raufer, a Paris-based expert on Islamic terrorism who has close ties to France’s intelligence community. “And I used it and wrote it many times, and the first response they had was when Ahmed Ressam [who planned to attack Los Angeles International airport] was arrested in 1999. I had a friend in Washington who called me and said, ‘What is that word you were using, “Salafist?”‘ They didn’t know that such a thing existed.”


Read Entire Article

Who are the terrorists? Now you know.

Like clockwork the western media went into damage control following this attack and a string of attacks against several Muslim Holy sites over the weekend.

For example, the Associated Press report on the string of attacks on Huffington Post reports that ‘It was not immediately know who was responsible for the attacks’ and while only hinting the Salafi Jihadists may be behind the attack.

The article also points out that the Police blocked of the road to the shrine while the attacks were occurring and instead of try to stop the attacks were seen protecting a nearby hotel because those are the orders they were given.

Then in a fit of cognitive dissonance the author contradicts himself misleading readers into believing there were no police to stop the attack.

“Following the civil war, Libya has been largely without a military or police force and has relied on disparate militias to provide security and protect government installations.”

It mentions the government has officially condemned the attack and a journalist has called for a complete investigation.

However the Huffington Post article intentionally leaves out many shocking details while paying more attention to justifications of the attacks by trying to imply that these were some satanic worship sites.

“The campaign appears to be aimed mainly at shrines revered by Sufis, a mystical order whose members often pray over the tombs of revered saints and ask for blessings or intervention to bring success, marriage or other desired outcomes. Hard-line Salafi Muslims deem the practice offensive because they consider worshipping over graves to be idolatry.”

To be clear, the Salafis do consider such practices as paganism and satanic however the AP article clear distorts the facts by claiming this is a mystical practice.

To put this in a western perspective it is no different from the way Catholic worship of the saints and such practice is not only widespread in Catholicism but throughout many branches of Islam.

Instead of watering down what happened the Associated Press should have devoted more attention to some of the horrendous details of the attacks.

For example even Al-Jazeera, a notoriously pro-Salafi news outlet, even admits that not only did the Salafis carry out the attack but that the killed several people inside the shrine before the shrine was razed to the grounds.

Of course, Al-Jazeera spins the story by claiming the people worshiping inside the fired on the Salafis in an attempt to defend the shrine and were killed by the ‘revolutionaries’

A little critical thinking puts serious doubts to such claims.

For example are we really supposed to believe that people go to pray over their Saints graves while armed?

In any case this a big detail that the Associated Press leaves out.

Another huge detail is Libya’s Interior minister resigned in protest over the attack due to reports that the government ordered the attacks and then security forces surrounded the area and prevent anyone from intervening.

The Libyan interim interior minister has resigned, after members of the newly elected parliament accused his ministry of not doing enough to stop attackers who bulldozed a mosque and the shrine housing the grave of the great Malaiki Scholar Sheik Ahmed Zarooq.

Clearly for the interior minister to resign given such desecration is all but routine in Libya because is a fundamental tenet to Salafism means we are not talking about just anyone old grave and as such the attack has even made a buzz among Muslim blogs:

Zarruq’s grave has been desecrated In Libya

On Sunday 26th August 2012 The Salafis came at night 3 AM while people were sleeping and dug out the blessed resting place of Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma.


We Have Just Been Informed By Brothers In Libya that The Salafis Have Taken The Blessed Body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and They Have Dumped It At An Unknown Location and the Salafis are on their way to destroy the tomb of the Sahabi, Ruwayfi’ b. Thabit al-Ansari in Libya.

Why would the Associated Press leave out such a detail?

Al-Jazeera goes on to quote the President of Libya’s Congress who states that not only did government security forces protect the attack as reported by the AP but they also participated in the attack alongside the ‘revolutionaries’.

Al-Jazeera downplays the incident by claiming the government has condemned the attacks which were carried out by a lawless minority.

The truth is however, the lawless minority are the Salafi Jihadists and that lawless minority is now in control of Libya and comprise much of the Libya government.

Al-Jazeera also notes that Reuters reporter watched the Bulldozer leveling another shrine noting that police their also did nothing beside provide a security perimeter for the Salafi Jihadists.

If hadn’t read the blog post I quoted above then you also wouldn’t know from either the Al-Jazeera report or the Associated Press report that the terrorist actually stole the bodies of the saints from the tomb.

Instead Al-Jazeera does nothing more than mention the Reuters reporter stating “Inside the mosque, empty graves lay open in the rubble.”

Reuters quotes a Libyan government officials as saying the interior ministry authorized the attacks after discovering that ‘black magic’ was being practices by worshiping over the graves of the saints.

Al-Jazeera also takes up the same line as the Huffington post to attack the victims.

Al-Jazeera prints the terrorists propaganda that worshiping the graves, dancing, and building shrines commemorate important figures are part of an ‘idolatrous’ and ‘mysterious tradition’ and that other branches of Islam ‘should return to the simple ways followed by Islam’s Prophet Muhammad’ .

Al-Jazeera (again being pro-Salafi) goes on to note:

Libyan minister quits over Sufi shrine attack


The official Libyan news agency LANA reported that Fawzi Abdel-Al submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib on Sunday.

[…]The attackers destroyed the mosque, which contained Sufi Muslim graves in the centre of Tripoli, a day after Sufi shrines in the city of Zlitan were wrecked and a mosque library was burned.


In Zlitan, witnesses said that an armed group, claiming to be Salafis, carried out the assault on the Sufi shrine, the tomb of Abdel Salam al-Asmar, a 15th-century Muslim scholar.

The president of Libya’s newly elected National Congress, Mohamed al-Magariaf, called the prime minister to an emergency meeting on Sunday.

“What is truly regrettable and suspicious is that some of those who took part in these destruction activities are supposed to be of the security forces and from the revolutionaries,” Magariaf told reporters on Saturday night.

He did not elaborate on how security forces took part.


A Reuters reporter saw the bulldozer level the Sha’ab mosque as police surrounded the site and prevented people from approaching and did not stop the demolition. Inside the mosque, empty graves lay open in the rubble.

“A large number of armed militias carrying medium and heavy weapons arrived at the al-Sha’ab mosque with the intention to destroy the mosque because of their belief graves are anti-Islamic,” a government official said.

He told Reuters that authorities tried to stop them but, after a small clash, decided to seal off the area while the demolition took place to prevent any violence spreading.

Sectarian attack


A man who appeared to be overseeing the demolition told Reuters the interior ministry had authorized the operation after discovering people had been worshiping the graves and practicing “black magic”. The ministry was not available for comment.

“A group of criminals who have committed crimes against people inside and outside Zliten, entered and took cover in the mosque and fired at the revolutionaries,” Mohamed al-Teer, a witness, said.

“The revolutionaries fired back. They killed and captured some of them and the others escaped.”

The attackers also set fire to a historic library, reducing years of academic and religious writing to ash. […]

One of Libya’s highest-profile cultural clashes since the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi has been between followers of the mystical Sufi tradition and ultra-conservative Salafis, who say Islam should return to the simple ways followed by its prophet.

Salafis have formed a number of armed brigades in Libya. They reject as idolatrous many Sufi devotions – which include dancing and the building of shrines to venerated figures.

The Sha’ab mosque in Tripoli housed close to 50 Sufi graves inside and, outside, the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholar Abdullah al-Sha’ab and a martyr who fought Spanish colonialists.

The Terrorist In A Christian Context

For many western’s the only way to put the absurdity into context use the analogy of Christianity.

These Salafi jihadists can be compared to Christian fundamentalists sect, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, from which a small group of people decide that they needed to turn to violence and terrorism to cleanse all other branches of Christianity of the satanic and pagan ways they followed.

Catholics are analogous to the Shiite Muslims, for example in Iran.

Catholics followed the scriptures and religious traditions not contained within the scripture.

Catholics for example worship the saints , follow the Pope and his subordinates, and participate in other customs such as Hail Mary’s and taking the Body of Christ.

These are all considered outright pagan or idolatrous mystical and even satanic black magic satanic traditions to Christian fundamentalists who argue such are the teaching of man not contained within the scripture and hence a sin against god.

The fundamentalists Christians are the non-catholic denominations of Christianity and analogous to the Sunni Muslim, for example in Saudi Arabia.

These branches of Christianity, such as Protestant, Baptist, and Lutheran branches, which following the text in their scriptures more closely and believe it is a sin to follow customs not explicitly in their scripture.

These fundamentalists vary widely in their interpretations of the scriptures ranging from some more catholic schools of thought.

These interpretations range from full believing in Trinity, to only believing that Jesus was the Savior and Son of God, all the way to believing that Jesus was not the son of God but an ordinary man and worshiping or even praying to him is a sin.

On the extreme end of the fundamentalists would be a sect very similar to the Jehovah’s Witness.

If you took the most extreme fundamentalists in this sect and agitated them into using violence and terrorism as part of Holy War in the name of God to purge the rest of Christianity of their ‘sins’ to restore Christianity to its original roots then you would have the Christian version of the Salafis.

These Christian Holy Warriors would kill other Christians they found wearing a Cross because the Cross and other symbols are considered idols.

They would burn down any Church that contains statues or paintings of historical religious figures such as the Mother Mary or The Saints because not only are these considered idols but worshiping in such places would by considered back magic satanic paganism.

Such places would be burned to the ground after the worshipers inside were systematically executed and their bodies were hung in public to send messages to others.

Places such as the Vatican would be destroyed as would the religious relics including and all of the ancient writings inside the Vatican’s vault.

The pope himself would be executed and if the killer did so in a suicide bombing he we be promised eternal life for giving his life for God.

In fact even worshiping Christ would be considered paganism a crime punishable by to serve the cause of purging impure Christians from the religion.

Declaring Christ is the Son of God would be blasphemy against the Church and again would punishable by death.

Not only would murder be conducted for such crimes but this would be the fate of your children.

A Victim of Islamic Jihad violence – This boy’s brain has entirely leaked from his severed skull

The Roots Of Salafi Jihadism

Scholars will argue that the roots of Salafism extend back to the time of Mohammed and the immediate generations that follow him.

In Islam, as with Judaism and Christianity, there has always been movements to return to the religion that has veered of its course to its roots.

The modern-day Salafi Jihadist however has much more recent roots.

Back during the time United States was fighting its revolution the America’s were not the only place the colonialist British Empire had it sites on.

The British also had their eyes set on the Middle East but at that time it under complete control of the Muslim Ottoman empire.

Map of the Ottoman Empire

Britain realized that Muslims would not fight one another because it was against their religion so they conjured up a plan to divide and conquer empire.

The British sent 9 spies into the empire to create a new interpretation of Islam that would pit the Muslims against one another under the guise of Jihad.

Under this new interpretation those who did not follow a strict fundamentalist interpretation of Islam were not considered Muslims.

This new interpretation not only allowed, but required, its followers to take up Jihad against the impure infidels to bring a pure Islam to entire world.

The founder of this new sect of Islam was Mohammed Abdul Wahhab and was done so under the influence of the British named Hempher.

With assistance from Hempher Wahhab was able to popularize his Islam purification ideologies and eventually made an alliance with the rich and powerful House of Ibn Saud, which is known today as the Saudi Royal family.

It was through Wahhab’s movement the House of Ibn Saud was able to quickly conquer much of Saudi Arabia using brutal tactics of terrorism.

The Saudi Royal Family provided the funding and the Wahhabi movement provided the foot soldiers with the extremist ideology that carry out the attacks

Wahhab’s alliance with the Saudi Royal family marked the start of 140 years of Saudi attacks on the Ottoman empire. and his movement became known as Wahhabism which the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia and is alternately referred to as the revival of the Salafi revival movement .

Salafism, Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda

Modern day Salafist Jihadism was born from the writings of the Muslim Brother’s Hoods Sayyid Qutb who was imprisoned after the Muslim Brother Hood attempt to assassinate the Egyptian leader in 1954.

The Saudi Royal Prince

Those writings have become the intellectual underpinnings of the modern day Salafi Jihadists by glorify the teachings of the ideology of Wahhabi.

Through Jihad the Salafists want to spread their strict fundamentalists interpretation to the Islam to the entire world.

Al Qaeda adopted the Wahhabi teachings with Sayyid Qutb having a major influence on Bin Laden and his disciples.

The arrangement between the Wahhabis and the Saudi Royal Family haven’t changed since the Wahhabism started first started.

The tactics today are still the same employed by Wahhabi during the first Saudi Dynasty.

This is clearly seen in the first video in this article and as described by the corporate media reports..

Today however Salafi Jihadist groups include Al Qaeda and many Islamic Jihadist fronts .

Those familiar with Islam realize the many different names given to the various factions of Salafism serves only to obscure the fact the groups are all one in the same.

The many different names simply hide the truth from the West that they are all trying to accomplish the same goal of fulfilling Saudi Arabia’s Jihadi mission to impose Islam on the entire world’s population.

What the west is clearly aware of is Saudi Arabia spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year across the globe to promote the violent Salafism ideology that is predominant in Saudi Arabia and Quatar.

It is also clear that Saudi Royal family anoints the prophets who lead the Islamic Holy Wars the west is fighting against while the Saudi government directly provides the extremists with necessary funding to wage Jihad.

The Saudi Royal Family even funded the 9/11 terrorist attacks and just like the Prince anointed Bin Laden a prophet much the same way Sheik Qaseer has been anointed.

The Saudi Prince’s Prophet Calls For Jihad In Syria

In Syria, the Saudi Prince’s anointed Prophet Sheik Aahmad Al Qaseer continues in Bin Laden’s footsteps by openly declared Jihad.

The Prophet Al Qaseer has called upon all Salafists Muslims to join answer the call of Jihad in Syria.

One Saudi Jihadists tells me those recruited in Saudi Arabia are being paid $5000 to join the Jihad and other terrorist in Syria say they have been paid up to $10,000 to answer the call.

Jihadists recruited from within Saudi Arabia are being paid additional $1500 to $3000 per month and I am told those recruited from other nation’s are paid less.

This source tells me Saudi Arabia also provides full housing, welfare payments and schooling to family members the Jihadists leave behind to go kill the infidels in Syria.

Another source familiar with the Saudi Jihad tells me those who kill 5 or more infidels in Syria are promised admission to paradise.

Salafi Jihadist Passport To Paradise Issued By Saudi Prince

This source tells me that the Saudi Prince prints literally prints out Passports to Paradise.

The Passports to Paradise are then shipped to the Prophet who distributes them to those who earn them.

I was forwarded a link a photo to what is said to be one of the Passports to Paradise.

Sources say Saudi Arabia is also paying an additional $700 bounty for each Shiite killed.

Saudi Arabia also pays a $500 bounty for the murder of a Sunni Muslims that has refused to take up the Salafists cause.

A lesser bounty of $350 bounty is paid for each non-muslim that is killed.

Several sources have confirm that these Salafist terrorists are being paid for a monthly salary as well as additional bounties for each murder they commit.

I asked one source about the discrepancy between these quoted bounties these sources give and the bounties reported by Iran’s Press TV.

I am told that Press TV provides a simplified version of the bounty simply in as it applies to the context of Syria because many would simply not believe these bounties extend to targets beyond the Syrian forces or that these ‘bonuses’ are being paid by Saudi Arabia to kill Christians.

To be clear, Press TV reports do not conflict with what prices the quote above.

Press TV reports a bounty of $750 for each government soldier who are indeed Shiites and the lesser bounty of $350 for members of pro-government militias who sources tell are often nothing more than pro-Assad civilians.

I am told reports that these Salafis are targeting Christians and other less conservative and less fundamental Islamists are immediately dismissed as ‘Iranian propaganda’ and the story is not reported on.

My source tells me this is why Press TV does not mention attacks against these groups by the Salafi’s but assures me that Salafi Jihadists target all non Salafists, Muslim, Christian or otherwise.

A Salafi Jihadists tells me the Saudi Prince’s Prophet has set up his own recruiting and training camps in Lebanon.

Similar operations are in place in Libya which has already been placed under the control of the Salafist Jihadists by NATO.

Saudi Salifi Jihadists Trained By UK Commandos In Turkey

In country of NATO member Turkey a slightly different scenario is in place.

Once source has given me a complete detailed description of joining the Jihad from a school in Saudi Arabia.

This source tells me the Saudi people are all being told that “missioners” are needed in Syria.

I am told the Prophet’s call to Jihad is common knowledge and even “the scholars say to go.”

I asked if this source was asked to join or just decided to volunteer.

“The prophets say to go to war for the holy. Kill the infidel. There was no question.”

The school then gave the each that volunteered $5,000 and told them to will receive commands from their commanders once in Syria.

“Find them in mosques” this source was told.

This source then says the Jihadists were flown into Turkey.

Once in Turkey the new were greeted by UK commandos the source assumed to be from the Air force and cared not to ask.

This source stated the training occurred with about 30 other Jihadists at a Turkish garrison near an Air Force base in Turkey who were given weapons and bomb making training.

Once training was complete the Jihadists were all issued standard weapons to take into source.

This source was issued a Browning 45 mm pistol, a Barret sniper rifle and an MP5.

The Jihadists were blind-folded and put on a caravan of mules along with additional weapons, again at an undisclosed location near a Turkish airport.

In the middle of the night they UK commandos snuck them approximately 5 miles inside the border were met rendezvous with vehicles that picked them up.

Additional weapons and ammunition were carried in on other mules and transported separately away from the rendezvous location in a truck

This source tells me she was sent to a location that had about 10 other people from the school this source was recruited from.

Upon meeting up with other Jihadists brought in from other locations including Lebanon and Libya.

They talk about the Prophets open call for Jihad and people being discussing the pay for joining Jihad.

Thus source insists they all joined for the Holy cause of Allah and goes onto tell of others inside Syria being paid up to $10,000 to join.

These Salafist Wahhabi terrorists do not try to hide their motives.

They even record themselves chanting in the streets of Syria so the words of their Prophets can be made true and the Sheik can be brought to power.

The western media at the same time plays these videos without audio telling the viewers these are peaceful protestors demanding basic human rights.

But the actual audio shows them chanting ‘Death to the infidels’ for the glory of their prophet.

Their prophet has even declared when he is put in power every last infidel remaining will have their bodies chopped up into pieces and fed to the dogs.

All these things clearly indicate the level censorship the secret place are placing on the corporate media and the information that is entering the United States.

Life As A Jihadist In Syria

According to sources, life as a Jihadist in Syria is much more pleasant and comforting than life inside Saudi Arabia.

The monthly salaries go a long way to obtain comfortable living spaces.

The Jihadists on the ground are not left without the comforts of woman either as Woman are also being paid to join the cause.

Often they are used as messengers to communicate between different Jihadi factors.

The companionship of a woman also helps the Jihadists move about with less scrutiny from Syrian government security forces.

Foreign forces are collecting intelligence for the jihadists and there is often much time in between communications and actual orders which are issued from command and control.

An Iraqi woman who joined the Jihad from Saudi Arabia tells on night she say one of the rebel commanders “naked with his pants on.”

She continues, “The veil was removed from the head, my belt as not undone and I closed my legs”.

What do you mean by “closed your legs,” I asked, “Did he rape you?”

“No,” she replied, “I liked him. We made love softly. But, it was not complete”.

“He was young and a symbol of the Glory War” says insisting she was read to war, but he said he needed her fFor the Jihad because she is a Glory woman.

She fell and love with him and thought they would marry but that didn’t happen.

“I was thinking it is a love and that will marry” but after sometime “I became pregnant with [the rebel commander]” (named removed to protect this Woman’s identity).

She then says she was sent to other rebels continuing to work as a messenger.

Additional Sources:

The Salafi Movement – PBS Frontline

Who or what is a Salafi? Is their approach valid?– Mas’ud Ahmed Khan

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Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq’s grave has been desecrated In Libya – Seeker Of The Sacred Knowledge

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Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East – Spiegel, German Newspaper

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Source: Alexander Higgins Blog



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