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غدار کون ہے؟ وزیر اعلی پنجاب شہباز شریف یا ماما قدیر بلوچ – از عائشہ صدیقہ: Source: http://dunya.com.pk/index.php/author/dr.-ayesha-sadique/2015-03-12/10504/88820328#.VQKk8qPLfcR
Osama bin Laden’s Files: Saudi backed Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif wanted to cut deal with Al Qaeda: Quote by C. Christine Fair A few things to note:1. The interlocutors between Al Qaeda (AQ) and the State is NOT Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) or JuD; rather, the Deobandis (ASWJ, LeJ and Taliban). I make this point because some folks
BBC: Pakistan’s Deobandi cleric says Osama Bin Laden was hero: A hardline cleric in Pakistan is teaching the ideas of Osama Bin Laden in religious schools for about 5,000 children. Even while the Pakistani government fights the Taliban in the north-west of the country, it has no plans to
In Pakistan, the Deobandi cult celebrates death anniversary of Osama Bin Laden: According to reports published in Pakistani and international media, thousands of Deobandi Muslims (a semi-Wahabi sect known for violent ideology, mainly adhered by Taliban TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ) in Pakistan paid tribute to Osama bin Ladin on his death
Analyst: Pakistan knows where al-Zawahiri is: Fareed speaks with Carlotta Gall, ‘New York Times’ reporter and author of ‘The Wrong Enemy:  America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014’, about the future of Afghanistan.Watch the full interview this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN. What
LUBP appreciates Marvi Sirmed’s clear condemnation of Deobandi terrorists: This clear identification of Deobandi terrorists of TTP-ASWJ by Marvi Sirmed deserves appreciation. “Once Ulema and Mashaikh meant scholars from all sects of Islam. In this Saturday’s Mulla moot – the Ulema and Mashaikh Conference – only clerics from
A Tale of Nine Wives! the OBL Abbotabad Commission Report – by Shoaib Mir: I strongly recommend that the 337-page (including the missing #197) Abbottabad Commission Report should be included in our relevant curriculum, appropriately titled: “A Tale of Nine Wives!” For the record, they are 3 of Osama, 2 of the Kuwaiti
Osama Bin Laden Inquiry Leads to a Scathing Report – by A Z: The leaked accounts of Osama Bin Laden Commissions’ report reveal a scolding that the ISI spooks will not be proud to show Mom. The report is particularly critical of the failure of Pakistan intelligence and security agencies to know
Findings of Abbottabad Commission: How US reached Osama – by Malik Asad: ISLAMABAD: The Abbottabad Commission Report, which is yet to be made public, contains a treasure trove of information on the hunt for the world’s most wanted man – Osama Bin Laden. Its findings reveal that the arrest of Khalid
Senior Pakistani journalist reveals that ex-PM Nawaz Sharif received financial support from Osama bin Laden: Summary: In the following Urdu column published in daily Dunya, senior pro-ISI Pakistani journalist Haroon-ur-Rasheed reveals that Pakistan’s ex-PM Nawaz Sharif received financial support from Osama bin Laden.
An Expedient Alliance? The Muslim Right and the Anglo-American Left – by Meredith Tax: I was recently in London to launch my book Double Bind: the Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left, and Universal Human Rights, published by a new transnational think tank, the Centre for Secular Space. (The New York City launch is
Ethan Casey all praise to you for protecting the killers, ASWJ-LEJ-TTP, by not naming them – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji:   I must commend Good Liberal Ethan Casey for not mentioned ASWJ-LeJ-TTP even once in his article on Pakistani Christains. As for muslims in America, everyone knows how fearful they are of their lives there. In New York City
Dr Shakil Afridi claims ISI regards US as worst enemy, Pakistan’s fight against militancy is bogus: PESHAWAR, Pakistan –  Pakistan’s powerful spy agency regards America as its “worst enemy,” and the government’s claims that it is cooperating with the US are a sham to extract billions of dollars in American aid, according to the CIA
Dangerous duffers: ISI’s interface with terror – by Khaled Ahmed: On July 12, 2012, ex-ISI chief General (retd) Asad Durrani appeared on PTV and expressed his views in his characteristic reductive manner. Durrani cultivates gruffness as his trademark. In this, he is like a predecessor of his, General Mahmood Ahmad: the
Dr. Shakil Afridi and our confusion: ہم ایک مکمل طور پر کنیفوږڈ قوم بن چکے ہیںٴ اس کنیفوږن میں ہم نہ صرف درست سمت سے بھٹک کر دائروں میں سفر کررہے ہیں بلکہ اس کا دائرہ ہم نے اس قدر بڑھادیا ہے کہ پوری دنیا
Arshad Mahmood’s article on Dr Shakil Afridi: ڈاکٹر شکیل آفریدی اسامہ بن لادن کا خاتمہ کرنے کے لئے امریکہ کے ایبٹ آباد والے آپریشن کا ایک اہم کردار ہے۔ یہ شخص خیبر پختوخواہ صوبے میں ایک سرکاری ڈاکٹر تھا۔ نائن الیون والے واقعے کے وقت پاکستان
State institutions fostering the extremism: انتہا پسندی اور ریاستی ادارے پاکستان اور امریکہ کے درمیان جو ڈیڈ لاک سلالہ چیک پوسٹ پر حملہ کے ردعمل میں نیٹو سپلائی کے بند کرنے سے پیدا ہوا تھاٴ وہ بظاہر ختم ہوتا نظر آرہا ہےٴ وزیراعظم یوسف
How Pakistan lets terrorism fester – by Husain Haqqani: ON the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death last week, Pakistanwas the only Muslim country in which hundreds of demonstrators gathered to show solidarity with the dead terrorist figurehead. Yet rather than asking tough questions about how Bin Laden had managed to live
Darogh-bafi: Praising Osama bin Laden? – by Naseer Ahmed:
Dr. Shakeel Afridi is a benefactor, not a traitor: The Pashtun land on both sides of the Durand Line has been devastated by Jihadi-sectarian militants including foreign terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, in collusion with Pakistani military establishment. Dr. Shakeel Afridi did a great service to the world
Pakistan’s slow-motion coup – by C. Christine Fair: Islamabad’s generals are out to destroy Pakistani democracy. Obama should try to stop them. Pakistan’s civilian government, led by the Pakistan People’s Party, has long been an irritant to the country’s generals. President Asif Ali Zardari runs a corrupt
AHRC appeal: DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha must be prosecuted for hatching conspiracy against democracy: ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION – URGENT APPEALS PROGRAMME Related post: Jang Group must refrain from harassing Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-248-2011 Send an Appeal Letter PAKISTAN: The head of the ISI must be
Nusrat Javeed’s article on Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Osama bin Laden: Source: Daily Express
The Myth of National Sovereignty: On May 2nd U.S. special forces entered deep inside Pakistan’s territory, effectively killing world’s most wanted terrorist, and leaving undetected. This raid by some is considered a breach of Pakistan’s national sovereignty. Although there are arguments which suggest that
Sophistry of our policy elites: Unicode version   افغانستان اور پالیسی ساز اشرافیہ کے تصوّرات تحریر؛  علی ارقم پاکستان میں سول اور عسکری ہیئت مقتدرہ کے غالب کردار اور سرد جنگ کے دور کے زیر اثر چلے آرہنے والے قومی سلامتی کے تصوّرات اور
Osama bin Laden ‘protected by Pakistan in return for Saudi cash’ – by Rob Crilly: Osama bin Laden was protected by elements of Pakistan’s security apparatus in return for millions of dollars of Saudi cash, according to a controversial new account of the operation to kill the world’s most wanted man. Raelynn Hillhouse, an
Hizb al-Tahrir: A New Threat to the Pakistan Army? – By Arif Jamal: First published at CTC On May 6, 2011, Pakistani authorities arrested Brigadier Ali Khan on charges of ties to Hizb al-Tahrir (HT), an Islamist group that is banned in Pakistan. Shortly after, authorities revealed that four majors in the
How long will we stay in denial? By Ahmed Iqbalabadi:   I met a family friend over the weekend who recently visited Abbottabad for a wedding. She thoroughly enjoyed the visit because of cooler climate there. She had to because she was coming from Lahore. Imagine Lahore to Abbottabad
U.S. officials believe al-Qaeda on brink of collapse: By Greg Miller U.S. counterterrorism officials are increasingly convinced that the killing of Osama bin Laden and the toll of seven years of CIA drone strikes have pushed al-Qaeda to the brink of collapse. The assessment reflects a widespread
Why the military is the problem in Pakistan —by Fahd Ali: In some ways the military follows the same occupant/conqueror mindset that was followed before 1947 and the British concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’ is still followed — only now it has been replaced with the ‘civilian and non-civilian’ binary
Pakistan will be suspect until evil in its midst is rooted out: The Mumbai attacks will be linked to Islamabad regardless of who perpetrated them. By Con Coughlin A fresh wave of terrorist attacks are launched at the heart of the Indian city of Mumbai, and immediately the finger of suspicion
Why Pakistan wants to keep that $800 million in aid, after all: A day after Pakistani military officials shrugged off news that the US was cutting $800 million of aid for materiel and expelled military trainers, Pakistan’s prime minister expresses ‘concerns’ and its spy chief visits Washington. By Howard LaFranchi In
Asma Jahangir urges civilians to challenge army: Pakistan’s civilian leaders should capitalize on public anger with the military and try to ease its grip on power, a leading human rights activist and lawyer Asma Jahangir said. The army’s image has been dented by a number of
Dysfunctional, incapable or extra clever?: The Pakistani Army and it’s leadership is facing worst sort of credibility crises and increasing criticism of poor administrative and defense practices, and right now practically it finds itself in the midst of a inferno, particularly after Osama Bin
‘Where is bin Laden?’ Asked Benazir Bhutto—by Shiraz Paracha: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had enemies in the Pakistani military, Saudi Arabian ruling classes and the U.S government.  Benazir had equipped the Pakistani military with missile technology, which she had successfully obtained from North Korea, and supported
What an egomaniac our CJP is! Appoints same judges as Commission heads!: To say our Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry is an egomaniac would be an understatement. While he remains trigger happy to humiliate the sitting government over one thing after another, either through his suo-moto notices or through his “spokesmen” in
Saleem Shahzad, Al Qaeda and ISI: Murdered journalist’s findings show Al Qaeda is winning in nuclear Pakistan more effectively than in Somalia and Yemen By Khaled Ahmed Anyone who has read Inside Al Qaeda and the Taliban: Beyond Bin Laden and 9/11 by Saleem Shahzad
America’s Friendship and Pakistan’s Limited Options for Survival – by Ammar Kazmi: Quite recently, Hillary Clinton has visited to revamp the bonds of friendship between Pakistan and America, but the fact of the matter is that this so called friendship is based on lust, power hunger and conspiracies. Subsequently, bears no
Dangerous Duffers downsizing: Democracy is the best revenge – by Ali Sher Mussali: Just after OBL’s killing in Pakistan by USA forces Dangerous Duffers’ (DD’s) paid anchor Mr. Kamran Khan was pushed back to support right wing’s mourning over killing of a world class Islamist terrorist by USA forces in Pakistan. Tonight
Pakistan’s spy agency and terrorism -by Mansoor Ijaz: Mansoor Ijaz says the real danger inside Pakistan is its powerful spy organization, Inter-Services Intelligence—and that an even more notorious outfit is an ISI-affiliate called S-Wing. The murder of a prominent Pakistani journalist, Syed Saleem Shahzad, who was kidnapped